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Title: Pomegranate - can i hard-prune to graft ?
Post by: greenman62 on November 13, 2018, 02:35:40 PM
i have a couple of POM i grew from seed.
1 tree acatually produces rather well, but the seeds are hard,
and while sweet and fairly tasty, the juice-sac is rather small.
the other tree is taller, 12ft + and doesnt produce at all.
both are seedlings from "wonderful" variety.

i have a cutting grown out to about 3ft which i think is Parafinaka.
i am wondering if i can take 2 cuttings from it and graft them to the large tree ?
and how hard can i top-work it ?
it would be nice to cut it back to 3ft or so to graft to

also, should i graft them in Spring ?
and if anyone has a couple of cuttings from a tasty soft-seeded variety, i would appreciate it.

taller POM
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fruiting POm
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