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Title: Differences In Mangoes Year To Year
Post by: Oncorhynchus on August 20, 2020, 12:53:06 PM
It sounds like 2020 was a weird year for mangoes across Florida; early blooms, multiple blooms, early fruit, and an early end to the season.  Has anyone noticed any other differences in mangoes this year? From what I bought at multiple places on Pine Island it seemed like coconutty mangoes like CC and Pickering  were extra coconutty. Citrusy mangoes were less citrusy, spicy mangoes were less spicy (except one weird Lemon Zest I had that was very spicy and fibrous) and everything seemed to have a little more fiber than usual. Has anyone noticed anything like this?
Title: Re: Differences In Mangoes Year To Year
Post by: palmcity on August 20, 2020, 01:08:55 PM
My main difference this year.... Trees were a year older with larger root systems and everything tasted better here that bore last year & this year with sweetness better than the previous bearing season. A few like cotton candy & M4 were first year bearing and they tasted like first year bearing trees and I expect the flavor to improve with tree growth next year...
Title: Re: Differences In Mangoes Year To Year
Post by: TonyinCC on August 21, 2020, 10:43:45 AM
I agree with Oncorhynchus. Some of the mangos I tasted that normally have just a hint of citrus had more this year though.
 Pickering was extra coconutty this year. Maha Chanok were better with a more concentrated classical mango flavor than they usually have.
 Cotton Candy was very coconutty the second half of the season.
Dot was not up to its standard this year just judging by the one bag I bought. I missed out on M4 was hoping to try it this year. Also missed out on Spirit of 76 that I wanted to try.
 Florigon from John Painter's place actually shocked me with its quality late in the season, it cracked my top 10 this year. I went back for more.Not a flavor bomb but they were perfectly balanced.
I got some of the last of the season Jean Ellens and they were similar to Cac in flavor. Better than expected but small and fibrous.
Edgar had 3 blooms that all set fruit and was very good this year, I noticed more citrus flavor than before in that variety. Edgar was my earliest this year, started picking about May 10,last one was about 2 weeks ago. In previous years it just had a hint of citrus.
Nancy was actually very good this year and had an orange juice flavor component that was stronger than last year. It normally is somewhat acidic but the last couple years pineapple dominated and the citrus was more subdued. It is like its Keitt parent in a lot of ways but is a little sweeter and fruitier with that extra citrus hint and the fruit and tree seem almost bulletproof at least in my location. I cut it way back to move it so I can expand my driveway so I did not get to see how late they would hang this year. It is flushing now a few weeks after transplanting. One of my Mahas that is 6 yrs old and has not fruited before will be in full bloom in about a week, I will make a separate post about that soon. Little Gem is in my top 10 this year and still has about a half dozen fruit hanging. I will try to get some last of the season Keitts ,there are a good number still on local trees.