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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Best P fertiliser
« on: January 26, 2020, 11:22:26 PM »
Pollution caused by phosphorus acumulated in the water of the Lake Erie in N America.
The Nitrogen being a gas ,leaves the water and goes into the atmosphere but phosphorus is a solid wich doesnt leave the lake.
The algae are verry good at taking the Nitrogen from the air and putting it in the lake if they have phosphorus.
Basically increasing level of phosphorus is drawing nitrogen from the air each year until the algae dies off in autumn and kills everything that breathes oxigen in that lake.
In order to stop this eutrophication the phosphorus needs to be locked by bonding it to calcium = calcium phosphate( bones).
There is the silver carp ( most hated chinese carp) wich its a filter feeder that eats planctonic algae and has big bone to weight ratio.
This carp is the only solution to fix this lake but unfortunatedly ,north american people dont have a ,,carp coulture,, to know this fish and respect it for its enviromental protection role .
This is an example of damage to the enviroment because of ignorance.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Ladybugs wanted
« on: January 26, 2020, 10:43:07 PM »
Instead of neem oil wich kills all insects ,you could have tryed dishwashimg detergent and water spray.
It works great by removing the protective layer of the aphids and they dry afterwards and die.
Cheap and effective solution that doesnt kill the ladybugs or the beneficial insects .
To make a stronger solution to kill any insect pest you can add 2 spoons of cooking oil to the dishwashing detergent first.But test the oil solutiin first on just a branch ,becauseuse in somme cases the trees dont like it and their leaves fall depending on the specie of plant( ex mimosa trees dont like oil on their leaves but almonds do just fine with it).

anyone hunt them for food?  Looks like you can BBQ it or chop it up and make it into a pot of hot  delicious pho soup.

Wild Hogs in Florida wreak havoc on land in just about every area of the state.

This is what they done to my small stretch of land,big holes.
Funny that they ignored the neighbours land and digged only mein but thats my fault because ive didnt cut the weeds on my land and they grew tall enough so that the wild porks could hide in it.
Picture from 2 days ago and they are native animals here but people consider them big pests altough they cant do anything to them since they are protected and if you kill one even on your land you get a vacation in jail here.
In childhood when i was hunting a lot ,ive dreamed to to hunt one but they were soo rare and soo skared by the hunters that i could never get close enough.
Now as the old generation hunters have died of old age or got too old to hunt ,they did a comeback.
I like to eat them verry much but it needs a lot of skill to prepare the meat,needs to be prepared with a special treatment and aged for at least 2 weeks after soaking it in a special spice and herbs juice, or else its too tough to eat .
If its a male then it will have a certain taste wich manny people dislike.
Wealthy people hunt them only for their tusks here and we atempted to ban sports hunting since this is not a sport.
Hunting for food its ok.
In USA ,because manny hunters dont know how to prepare the meat they just shot them and then throw them away without eating them.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Greenhouse heating invention
« on: January 26, 2020, 07:32:10 AM »
An old lady had a wood stove she gave me for free and i took it home,installed it in the greenhouse and im quite amazed how good it works.It is old ,a comunist era relict but has gasification ( secondary burn of the gasses) wich would probably pass even todays emission tests.
Soo well made with thick cast iron thats chromed and interior of fire bricks.A really heavy stove compared to the new ones that are buit to light enough for courier shipping.
I will keep it in the greenhouse and i will have 2 stoves,the one i will build outdoor and this small one indoor.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 10:29:33 PM »
Those scientists were a lot smarter than todays  politicians.
There is zero harmfull impact from the silver carp.
This practice is used world wide to clean water dxcept in North America and Australia wich have the biggest eutrophisation related problems in the world.

And chemicals can not save such giant water bodyes like the ocean where the Great Barrier Reef is or Lake Erie.
Chemicals are only good to treat your swimming pool at home with LaCl.
There is no solution that could come even close to the power of the silver carps at cleaning water.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 08:38:24 PM »
The bones of the carp are made of calcium phosphate wich means that while this fish eats algae it uses somme of the phosphorus to build its skeleton.Thats why its a phosphorus sink and it is the most advanced freshwater animal that does this.
Its logical and farmers even buy and pay the most on the asian carp heads because they have the most bone weight of the fish and contain the most phosphorus( it is used as a phosphorus fertiliser).
Also look up phosphorus fertiliser made of bones.Its verry common and farmers know it.

There is no negative interaction with the organisms in the lake because this magnificent fish eats only algae ,phytoplancton wich its in excess because of the sewage created eutrophisation.

Now ,since you know this you might realise that the chinese carp could have saved the Great Barrier Reef to die from eutrophisation?
You can find manny more references but usually in otther languages as english speaking americans are totally clueless about this .They dont eat carps,dont have a ,,carp coulture,, wich aids to their loss of native ecosystems.

All this panic because a chinese ate a sick bat.
If we ask Botanicus about this he will say they got what they deserved  ;D.
Joke asside ,when i got AH1N1 flu thogh ,it was no joke.I survived with just paracetamol at home but elderly and kids can be devastated by it.That was the most brutal flu i had and the only one i still remember .At somme point i wasnt sure il wake up in the morning.
I got it while traveling with the bus.
Since i got the AH1N1 i never got any flu again.Its possible that it strengthened my immune system.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: unusually warm this time of the year
« on: January 25, 2020, 06:32:27 PM »
Here in Romania zone 6-7 i think it will probably be the firssst year with no snow.In Moscov,Russia it snowed just a week ago.
Global warming .It develops verry fast in just a few years then ,the climate will restore itself in also just a few years.
Be prepared to see extremes ,cold and heat just like in the 30s when something similar happened.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 12:27:49 PM »
The article on bees its stupid because the honney bees dont just extract the nectar from nature and give nothing back.They extract somme nectar and give back pollination wich means more fruits for wild native birds and animals to eat ,more seeds from wich the wild ,native plants to grow and make more flowers that will produce more nectar for the  honney bees themselves and the native pollinators.
Also ,the native polinators are a lot more suited than honney bees for their enviroment and there is no competition the native polinators can not win.
Native pollinators like bumble bees are more adapted to cold and visit flowers first ,before the bees wake up or they have longer tongues like butterflyes,etc.
The only downside of having honney bees is the beekeeper that could plant exotic invasive specie of flowering plants but not the bees themselves.
Bees collect that honney dew from aphids and make a dark honney called forrest honney wich is expensive because it doesnt contains pollen grains and its the only honney that people with pollen allergies can eat.
As for the carps i allready pointed you to read wikipedia at least about eutrophisation.
They dont compete with native species for plancton because there is too much plancton because of the sewage that causes the eutrophisation/ death of a lake or of the GBR.
That article basically says that asian carps eat a lot of plancton wich is good,means they clean the water well.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 11:40:51 AM »
Sorry sea walnut, your opinion is baseless without support. That's the problem nowadays, people spew their opinion like it's a fact all over the internet but have no actual support. I see so many holes in your argument but you ignore them completely. You keep saying the same thing but ignore the greater ecology of the ecosystems you speak of.

Also, honeybees are actually displacing native bees! They forage and obtain resources that native bees would otherwise use. It's not something most people know about because we treasure the honey bee so much. Plant native species and create habitats that support native bee populations!
You are wrong even about the honney bees because they collect at max 15-20 percent of the pollen and nectar from the flowers and they increase pollination by a lot  wich means there will be more fruits and seeds and future plants with flowers for them and the native pollinators to enjoy.
There is soo much nectar in nature that where i go at fishing and im sitting under somme big willow trees infested with aphids ,it literally rains with droplets of nectar and everything gets sticky from it.There are tens of thousands of beehives there side by side for kilometers.
Somme plants have evolved to put nectar in the soil to atract bacteria and get Nitrogen( the nitrogen fixers).
You can never have enough bees.
But i like the most the example with the silver carps because that clearly shows how people are manipulated into the wrong direction.
You say i have no support but i think i have since i can use these carps to restore the most degraded lakes here and they are used all over the world ,even in USA .You basically can have no argument against this carp and i know it because i am a professional enviromentalist( i apply the enviromental laws here).
With the knowledge you can ,,steal,,from me you can troll any fake or misguided enviromentalist scientist at the highest level thats against the carps and you win.

The sad part its that these countryes that ,,protect themselves,, from invasive species ( wich its not a bad thing to do) ,have created the most polluted waters and possibly ,in the case of Great Barrier Reef killed with sewage,the biggest destruction of the enviroment on Terra in history and biggest mass extinction of species made by man.
All of that because they didnt cared to learn the phosphorus cycle.

Nobody mentioned the tree of heaven,ailanthus.
For a plant,i think this is the most world wide spread.

Ambrosia beetle death to avocado:

Psyllid borne Huangbinglong death to citrus:

A cautionary tale-
My father was old enough to recall to me some of the 4 billion American Chestnuts which once majestically covered (1 of every 4 trees) across 200 million acres, much of the Eastern US. This species which had existed 40 million years was totally wiped out, perhaps one of the biggest forest losses of modern history:

Next on the list is the butternut ( walnut).
Appalachia flora its ,,made in China,, but evolved separatedly .Because of that ,pests from China are verry dangerous for it.
But the salvation also comes from China by hibridising almost identical species and make resistant hibrids as it is in the case of the butternut.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 08:51:59 AM »
Stony corals bleaching its mainly triggered by phosphates.
Corals are photosynthetic.They host  zooxanthelae wich are like algae.Give them phosphorus and they take the nitrogen from air and ,,bloom,,inside the ckrals wich make them to spit them out and become transparent but still alive thogh they will die of starvation afterwards.
Coral bleaching when you see dead coral skeletons that look white from hot enviroment its just a dead coral not a bleached coral.
First they become brown from too much zooxanthelae then they spit them out and the coral polips look like transparent glass.
Ask any reefer if corals like phosphorus and youl see.
Somme lagoon type corals are more resistant to dirrty water and higher P,but those do not build reefs ( they are soft corals) or somme that do,they grow extremely slow and are not a big carbon sink like the fast growing sensitive corals (SPS,mainly Acropora and Montipora sp).
The silver carps do reduce the phosphorus from the water by a lot so its easy to understand that keeping the fish on wate water ponds would reduce the P from sewage that goes into the ocean.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 02:04:47 AM »
Well, I think you are glossing over major parts and focusing only on one small piece of the cycle. Do you have any sources or papers to support your claims of jumping asian carpet being harmless to other wildlife? Or any sources?
That you can google yourself.I know well the biology of the fish and i am not even thinking where i could find references since this would be like asking me about references on why 2+2 =4.
But if you are indeed an enviromentalist and care for references it should be easy for you to find them in english language.
And im not focusing on just one enviromental issue.My job its to take samples or water,soil and air and measure them in the lab and i also asses ecosistems and take actions to restore them.
Off course on certain issues like the asian carp,im more qualifyed than otthers.
Basically if you google youl see this carp has somme sponges,no stomack and it eats while it breathe by filtering the water with those sponges.Doesnt eat otther fish or animals eggs or plants and has a big skeleton wich stores a lot of phosphorus.
This fish could have saved the Great Barrier Reef wich in turn could have saved the whole planet from global warming.
Because stony corals skeleton are a carbon sink ( calcium carbonate).
A dead GBR its like having a dead Amazon forest and it died because of human ignorance not even for profit or to benefit the civilisation.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 01:37:23 AM »
I read through them but those statements are focusing on a single aspect but ignore the ecology of the lake. Yeah eutrophication is bad, but it is seasonal and in large part leaves the ecological dynamics that have been long established intact.  It sounds like you are talking about "permaculture" solutions to "ecological" problems. 

What do ecologists or politicians have to gain from not having this exotic carp species in lake Michigan that makes it so political?
Im not talking about permaculture because these carps its not necesarely to be harvested .
It will be fine if the silver carps die of old age in the lake.Their skeleton sinks to the bottom and the phosphorus they colected troughout their life into the bones its not soluble in water and stays locked.Their skeleton its a phosphorus sink ,verry efficient and they have zero negative impact on native wildlife because they eat only planctonic algae wich are in excess.
You think eutrophisation its not big deal but eutrophisation killed The Great Barrier Reef.corals are verry sensitive to phosphorus .They need cristal clear water and even the slightest eutrophisation wipes them out .
Nature can recover but manny endemic species have vanished due to eutrophisation .
After a lake dies because of the pgosphorus,its repopulated again with wildlife but that original ecosystem had vanished.
Basically lake Erie fauna its just a few years old while in lake Ohrid in Europe,lake Baikal, ,that fauna its probably milions of years old .

I dont know what do politicians gain ( its absurd to include ecologists here because an ecologist knows at least the phosphorus cycle and that the asian jumping carp its harmless) but its probably what they dont gain wich led them to ignore it.
I think they teach people to hate these animals because of ,,invasive,, word .Its like hating immigrants,otther religions or races.Politicians use hate to bring people together.But their hate has nothing to do with the most basic science or ecology.
This manipulation is used by both,leftists and right wingers politicians and scientists are ignored or they have to become biased to suit their politician boss agenda.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 25, 2020, 12:30:51 AM »
Oh nice, well then maybe you can educate me with some evidence to support your stance?
I allready said all i had to say but probably because of my bad language people skip my rambling messages.
For instance the most hated silver carps( asian carps) eat algae that feed on phosphorus ( algae because they are not plants they need only phosphorus because they can take the nitrogen directly from air likr bacteria).
Most peacefull fish the jumping carp its a harmless filter feeder that eats algae and traps phosphorus into its skeleton  thus locking the phosphorus because bones are not soluble in water.
Phosphorus its mostly found in nature as calcium phosphate ( like the bones of the carp).
Phosphorus acumulation has caused the Lake Erie to die of eutrophisation wich led to the establishment of EPA and clear water act( all of these because Lake Erie crashed).
Now a days Lake Erie has 3 times more phosphorus in it than it had when EPA was created and its a time bomb ,dies every autumn from eutrophisation.
If you had jumping silver carps in that lake it would have reduced the phosphate and the lake wouldnt have died from eutrophisation .
Silver carps could have been protecting that native ecosystem without causing any harm ( they eat only algae that are in excess from polution from sewage,detergents ,etc).
You can google eutrophisation and phosphorus cycle and see for yourself how the asian carps can stop it.

Its logical that an ecksystem is better without even the beneficial ,,invasive,, animals or plants ,but once people got there and pour sewage water in the lake for decades and phosphorus builds up ,it becomes an altered enviroment and its much better to protect it than to let it die and all the ecosystem to die from eutrophisation.
Silver carps can heal the lakes and clean the water for free but its not what politicians want.They want monney and if the silver carps dont bring monney they dont care about the enviroment.
They teach you to hate this humble iet magnificent fish and instead they come up with useless wasted monney projects like using harmfull chemicals to clean the phosphate ( LaCl) because selling ( verry inneficient compared to these carps)chemicals fills their pockets  with monney.

This is the predator of the sea walnut.I like the predators .

I like these soo much that i want to keep them at home  ;D.
Been building a special pelagic aquarium like a fridge ,double glass isolated.Cold and dark .Its called ,,the nuclear winter deep sea aquarium,, and i presented it on Reefcentral but i got banned for life because of ecology debates about phosphorus .
Il also keep deep sea fish, bioluminscent at home ( Photobleparon Palpebratus or/and Anomalops Katoptron if i find them in small sizes).

The sea walnut  ;D.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 24, 2020, 10:33:38 PM »
Nattyfroootz, i am a professional ecologist like you have those from EPA in the US.
Trying to teach me ecology would be like trying to teach your father how to make kids.

That's a very cool looking tree for sure. Have you ever tried the seeds as a nut? Wondering if they are as good as commercial pine nuts.
They take 50 years to produce first nuts .

I think 50 years is an exaggeration, in reality trees can start producing at around 12-15 years old. The seeds are quite popular in parts of Brazil.
Good to know it doesnt take 50 years to produce the cones.
50 years its what people that grow Araucaria Arucana here say but in a cold place like Romania.
Its verry popular among collectors here as an ornamental.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 24, 2020, 11:06:14 AM »
Living in Florida for the last 4 decades or so, I've seen tilapia & oscars nearly wipe-out native bluegill & bass, hydrilla and hyacinth takeover freshwater bodies, Brazilian pepper claim acres upon acres of land, and that's just the first three that come to mind. Keeping this as respectful as possible, this talk of uncontrollable invasives benefiting a native ecology is madness. The introduction of rats to New Zealand helped control their flightless bird population, but arguing there was any benefit in those rats with a Kiwi would not go well.

Fossil records can prove a species once existed in a region, but it has little relevance to current ecology. There's a balance crafted over eons, a delicate state of order. A species that hasn't existed natively for millennia is no longer part of that order.
Im not starting to hijack this forum again,but there are beneficial invasives like the invasive earthworms,the non native honney bee and my favorite the silver carp ( most hated asian carp,the one that jumps).
You must know the Florida red tides that wipe out whole ecosistems.Its caused by eutrophisation wich only the siver carp can stop effectivelly.
Same for the lake Erie,the most poluted lake in the world and its giant in size,the silver carp could have stopped that eutrophisation.
In Florida now you have snake heads that eat Tilapia and oscars and they will wipe them out with otther native species.This fish even comes on land to hunt and would kill a great white shark of the same size or even slightly bigger( just fora metaphoric comparison as these do not live in the same enviroment ).

But the most mind blowing calculation i made its that silver carps could have saved The Great Barrier Reef and that would probably have stopped global warming because the coral skeleton contains 50% carbonate.
Corals are verry sensitive to the slightest eutrophisation( ie ,too much ,,fertiliser,, in the water.
Basically the Great Barrier Reef was killed with sewage water   by a nation that has the toughest anti invasive life forms policies.
Hating ,,invasives,, through politics and not using the most basic science like understanding the phosphorus cycle in nature and eutrophisation hits back.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 23, 2020, 08:35:42 PM »
Iguanas are most likely native to Florida since they are native  to Cuba( a few species).
There are even iguana fossils found in somme Florida shales.
If your affraid of Salmonella,then never eat ducks or duck eggs and hope that a duck wont poo in your pool while flying.
This hype about ,,invasive,,specie its political and has nothing to do with ecology.I think its just people that are manipulated by politicians to hate something so that it unites them,like hating immigrants or certain religious or semitic comunityes.
Funny its that the hate hits back as you can see these ,, rioters ecologists,, wreak havoc their own country land and do more harm than good because its politics not science at the base of their ideology.

I am sure I have posted it in response to a similar comment in the past but here  goes again.

The green Iguana is not native to Florida.

Regarding invasives, what can I say in response to your statement, sometimes it is best to shut up and shake your head.  But it is not this time.  I live in Florida and see the damage from invasives, even plants, can do.  When some species are released into places where they have no predators and especially can reproduce is large numbers, they cause havoc.
The pythons in South Florida significantly reduced the population of fur-bearing animals in a most un-natural way  - read this if you care ( Snakes made it to Guam and they did a non-political number - read if you care (

If you were just trolling for a reaction, OK, you got me.  .. but you contribute such interesting and mostly factual info that I couldn't ignore this.  People may believe it based your creds.
I apologise if it looked like trolling.And no,im not trolling.
Green iguana its not native to Florida until you find a green iguana fossil that will change everything.
We did it here recently with jackals that are considered invasive until somewhone found somme jackal fossil ( not even a fossil but like just 3000 years old remains) and now its a native animal.
What im saying its that science not politics should be used to asses the ecological role of an invasive specie.
Sadly its the politics that rule the science.
Off course there are bad invasive species too but not all should be considered the same.
Invasive earth worms are a blessing for the enviroment while the snake head fish in Florida i think its the worst invader a country can get.
Iguanas can be good to the native ecosystems in Florida because they spread native flora seeds.Its the opposite of the snakes examples in the links youve posted.
Maybe iguanas eat those endangered Florida paw paws and spread their seeds.This could be important because the giant sloth that used to ate the pawpaws and disperse their seeds is extinct.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 23, 2020, 07:57:25 PM »
Quite a lot of ,,invasive,, species are extremely beneficial for the enviroment.One such example its the eart worm thats not native to North America.Another example its the honney bee and manny otthers.
But the most beneficial ,,invasive alien,, in my opinion its the asian carp thogh i will stop here since this is a post about iguanas  :D .

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Iguana removal opportunity with the cold
« on: January 23, 2020, 07:23:10 PM »
Iguanas are most likely native to Florida since they are native  to Cuba( a few species).
There are even iguana fossils found in somme Florida shales.
If your affraid of Salmonella,then never eat ducks or duck eggs and hope that a duck wont poo in your pool while flying.
This hype about ,,invasive,,specie its political and has nothing to do with ecology.I think its just people that are manipulated by politicians to hate something so that it unites them,like hating immigrants or certain religious or semitic comunityes.
Funny its that the hate hits back as you can see these ,, rioters ecologists,, wreak havoc their own country land and do more harm than good because its politics not science at the base of their ideology.

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