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 Hi, This is Louise King, horticulturist at the Fruit & Spice Park. Adam, I saw your post. We'd be happy to have the group come down for a visit in November. You are welcome to pick fruit while you are here but I'm afraid it will be slim pickings as the trees are still in recovery mode. From what I see today, there might be some bilimbi, canistel, maybe a jackfruit. Irma did quite a bit of damage to the collection, but we feel pretty optimistic that almost all the trees that fell over will recover. I will start a new thread on the status of the Fruit & Spice park to keep you all posted on how the Park is doing.
But Adam give me a call (305) 242-7934, when you finalize the date and know how many will be in your group. FYI: the cafe is back open and serving lunch if you all get hungry. See you then!

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