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Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Fingerlime
« on: August 14, 2018, 02:24:12 PM »
Try Agrumi Lenzi, they ship in Europe I think:

The web shop is not complete, you need to email them.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Plant ID -. Are these Canistels
« on: August 12, 2018, 08:50:44 AM »
Look like some anacardium species or anyway some anacardiacee

Looks like the local volcanic eruption has probably ended after 95 days non stop. I have put my seed page back up. Will slowly build up my inventory again.

Woa, I thought you were closed due to the damage. Didn't know it was still going, crazy.
Hope you didn't have too much damage.

Sapote de Mico (Pouteria torta subsp. gallifructa)

Restarting with a bang! Was looking for this for quite some time. Ordered.

Hello my friend. No they didn't fruit yet because due cold weather on winter they die back to the ground for two years. So last winter i dig them up and plant them in big pots. They are growing well now and i will let them on pots untill i can. Regarding banana plants to buy i can tell you some:

The problem with these is that it seem almost nobody in Europe has fruiting plants from these nurseries, so I can't find feedbacks.
I bought a Velutina 2 years ago and it's now 2 meter tall and not flowering(it's supposed to flower at 1.5 max, usually 1 meter).
Two raja puri bought from a single nursery looked totally different and with a different growing habit.
So I was looking for some confirmation. Many times the nursery is in good faith and the fault is who supplied them.

My 3 new banana plants:




Hi Luis,
Have your banana produced yet? Was any mislabeled?
I would like to buy several banana pups but when buying from nursery I have the feeling they send you whatever they have in stock unless it has very prominent features since young.

PM send
What  top tier means? Thanks

It means higher quality than the common Olosapo, which is more fibrous and more plain tasting.


Potatoes! I've tried to grow the store-bought yellow potatoes for years.

Very strange, for me they sprout even from some small peel in the compost.
If you let the potato sit at room temperature without soil it will start to sprout by itself, they really need no care.

Where did you get your Hodgsonia? I have some seeds coming from Roy-Ind.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Cerrado Cashew (Anacardium humile)
« on: August 06, 2018, 01:07:18 PM »
I have 1 seedling of a big nut Anacardium from cerrado, don't know the species name.
I had 2 but lost due to some collar rot, they really don't like being watered. I had gifted one to my sister which was keeping it inside on her cafe and she's the type which will probably remember to water it every 3 weeks.
Mine was watered more regularly and did die.
It also doesn't seem to mind growing indoor, was always dark green except recently which I guess was just some missing nutrients. I took it back and fertilized and the new leaves are green again.
I don't care particularly for the plant, cause it seem to process the nut it develops very dangerous smokes which doesn't bode well with me.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Olosapo ( Coupeia Polyandra)
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:31:45 PM »
Awesome looking! Are the seeds available already?
If yes book me 10 seeds.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Black/purple Guava
« on: August 05, 2018, 02:02:48 PM »
Strange, other than here everywhere else I read very positive comments about the taste.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Black/purple Guava
« on: August 04, 2018, 09:06:39 PM »
I just got this tree too.
Mine was called "Malaysian purple". It come with some wilted flowers in the box. Does it flower more than one time like strawberry guava or I need to wait next year?

Anybody in zone 9 has tried growing them?

If you are looking for the African Dioscorea Bulbifera I found it from Stephward nursery :

You need to send him a whatsapp message, cause they are not on the website(mobile number is on the bottom).
I paid 31 usd for 5 small bulbils and 1 big sent in 2 packages. Sent in one package was around 20 usd, but the big one is going to attract more attention so I preferred to ship it separately.

Cempejack is a natural cross between Cempedak and Jackfruit. It is super rare and always different. This fruit was harvested the day before it was perfectly ripe to eat. Our one year old son was super excited as he saw it and wanted to taste it immediately. We waited one day and it totally worth it. I saw people to squeze lemon or lime on their Cempedak to balance its concentrated sweetness. This Cempejack tasted exactly like that: a natural lemonade made from Cempedak, Jackfruit and Lime. It was super refreshing, juicy and fulfilling. We have very limited seeds as almost all the seeds already grew roots in the fruit.

5 seeds for 20 USD

Order in our iOS app:
Order Online:

Available Seeds:
Instagram: seedpirates

Hi Nimfa,
First time purchasing from the website.
After the order it says I should receive an email, but I didn't get one.
Is the email automated or you are sending them manually?

Christian, if it gets delivered, you can probably harvest some fruits!! ;D
Haha, envelope is the best substrate

Yearling vines always put out small bulbils. Only from the second year onwards are they supposed to consistently produce the larger bulbils.

This is a bad news. How cold hardy are these for the aerial part and for the ryzhome?
If the aerial part die every year it won't ever grow big aerial tubers?


The angled varieties are all of African descent. I call the African ones "D. latifolia" to distinguish them, but that's an old non-valid botanical name for them; they truly are D. bulbifera. According to the link I posted for TYATP, the Asian bulbiferas are superior in taste to the African types, and far exceed them in productivity as well. I still think the African ones are worthwhile, and am seeking them out; I haven't found any so far, though. Las Caņadas has them, but they don't ship outside of Mexico (if any forum member from Mexico is able and willing to obtain and ship them, pm me please).

But are there asian varieties as big as the african? The african seem much bigger in all the pictures I saw.
I'd rather have something inferior that I can use easily that something superior but easily become a hassle because I have to peel many small tubers to have a reasonable meal.
I think that's also the main reason you see more in the west, we usually don't have much patience :D

Christian, Yr parcel left Chennai for Italy on 13th June.
I meant Italian customs. The Italian post website say it was in a postal center on 13th july, then nothing.
Usually when they land Italy they bounce between centers for around 2 weeks then they are delivered.
I guess it's either seized or lost. Sometime they just lose the tracking and get delivered anyway much later, let's hope it's the case.

Pineislander is talking to Jim, so if there's material to be shared I expect he'll get it this year and be sending it out from next year's harvest. Though I wouldn't mind talking to Jim myself to see if he knows of additional sources for other varieties.

As for eBay, all the currently available bulbifera growers I've tried are selling theirs as medicinal, not edible, so there's nothing there.

I'm still waiting on a reply from YouTube's Plant Assasin, as well as a guy from India who blogged about seeing (and I think growing) three Asian cultivars (seemingly Suavior, judging from the prominent lenticels). I don't know if I'm expecting too much, considering the date of that post (2015), but I really hope he replies. Blog here. I'm considering contacting the Agricultural University mentioned in the blog post, but I'm not exactly sure how I'd go about it... That said, their variety is an improved Suavior developed by them, so I'd consider it important. I think I'll contact them sooner or later, though I'm not sure they'd be willing to ship to a random overseas grower.

I found out today that Rare Palm Seeds is selling D. bulbifera as a new item. After some trial and error figuring out the proper extensions, I called their office in Germany and confirmed that it is an edible Asian type. I combined it with Chachafruto / Basul (Erythrina edulis) to meet the 30 euro minimum and placed an order. Page link here, ordering link here.

Finally I found it. I remember seeing this dioscorea long ago and put in my wish list but couldn't remember the name, thanks!
Is that price for 1 bulbil or 10? Because they say each packet is 10 seeds, but doesn't say how many bulbils, if same.

Just noticed by searching the forum, that you were the one reviewing the plant. Why are you buying from another source?
Hoping for diversity?

Where can I find one this huge and with this unusual shape? Is it another species?
The video from USA all have this squarish shape:

I think mine have been seized by customs :(
No update on the tracking since around 1 month....

Hi! Yes from the nursery you told. By the way thank you very much, i'm very happy!  ;D
Glad to hear that. Mine is growing very fast again, around 3-4 cm per day.

It looks really well! Congratulations! I ordered two of them... i'm thinking to plant them on one big pot and grow them outside below a corktree.... any sugestions? And regarding watering? Thank's!
I just got my two d. alata plants and they are HUGE! Big pots and very big plants. I'm very impressed, the plants are beautifull and very healthy!  ;D

From Italy?

How is the taste of your pond apple?
Can it tolerate any dryness or it must grow in a swamp/always wet?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Artocarpus ID
« on: July 07, 2018, 02:53:25 PM »
Thanks! I guess no special hybrid for me.

I'm concerned about my own vine. It was pretty enough on arrival, but for its stay in the box it was limp, with slightly yellowed leaves and a worryingly dark growing tip. Well so far it has remained limp, and while the greater tip area has gained a slight coiling curve, the dark tip finally looks dry and dead. I don't know if leaving it alone will yield new growth from another node or from the rootstock, or if the whole thing will end up dead. I might cut the very tip off to encourage branching, but I'm concerned that might hurt it. It occurred to me to cut the vine off at soil level and pray that the rootstock will send up a new vine (because it did have a nice little bulb and seemingly good roots when planted), but I fear that might end up finishing it off. Anybody got any ideas? For the time being, I plan on leaving it alone for a week or two in case the vine bounces back, but if it looks like it's going downhill, I'll probably cut the top growth off entirely.
The aerial part is very delicate. Mine too was half damaged but luckily it resprouted immediately below the damage and now it does roughly 3-5cm per day.
Maybe it doesn't like the substrate or you are watering too much?
Since it's so delicate I guess it doesn't stand wind well too, are you keeping it outdoor with windy days?
I am keeping mine inside in a well lit position until it's large enough.

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