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These are the last two varieties Iím looking to buy. I checked all nurseries near Merritt island and cocoa I could think of and every Loweís and Home Depot in a 25 mile radius of Merritt Island. The only tropic beauty I could find left is in Alachua almost 3 hours away and other than going to every Home Depot or Loweís in Orlando I have no leads on tropic snow. I did find one 15 gallon tropic snow in Loweís Rockledge but it is far too big for me to manage, get home, and plant on my own.  If anyone has any leads in these two varieties preferably without me driving 200 miles each way please let me know. I have already planted Florida prince, Florida belle, and tropic sweet. Thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zone 9b space coast Florida peaches?
« on: October 04, 2019, 08:41:59 PM »
Excellent photos! Thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zone 9b space coast Florida peaches?
« on: October 03, 2019, 02:40:40 AM »
So an update to this thread. Based on the advice and info I received here I have planted Florida Prince, Florida Belle and tropic sweet. I am looking for a tropic snow as well and that will round out the collection. I am hoping to provide updates on which, if any, fruit well. I have no problem replacing a tree that doesnít produce well after a couple years but I like the idea of being able to try several and see which ones I like the most. Thanks everyone for your input.

Iím shedding the ones that werenít the low maintenance or shape or type of fruit I wanted. I have several I want gone. For sure an LSU purple that could honestly be turned into a few trees due to it sprouting from the ground far enough apart you could probably cut it on into separate trees with roots. The Nero 600m is most likely spoken for. A Celeste/TN mountain. Probably want the desert king gone as well and maybe one more I just am not sure about yet. You will need to dig them up and I will not dig and ship. I do have shovels and I will help. I would appreciate a small donation so I can buy some soil/ black cow for what will replace them but if not I wonít complain much either. Trees are all 3-4 feet tall and were started as cuttings in March of 2018. I also have a Brazilian red banana that I would like dug up and taken away also. If possible I would love to trade for a pup from any banana variety I donít have preferably something that makes full size bananas as all mine are minis except for one.

Best option in my opinion, would be Stevenson Landscaping in Cocoa, the best nursery I have found in the area, as their selections are great, and their prices are phenomenal.  I just called them, and they currently have Tropic Snow and Tropic Beauty.

Apart from that, I saw a couple low-chill peach trees, at the Rockledge Lowe's, the other day.  They were Florida Prince, I believe.  I've seen some of the local Walmarts carry a few, also.  Don't recall which stores I saw them at, but a good bet would be the beachside one on Eau Gallie, and the one on Sarno Rd., the ones I usually frequent.

Stevenson Landscaping is the shit! I believe the owners name was Jerry or Jesse. I called after their scheduled closing time and he was still there and told me to come by. He went above and beyond anything he needed to do to help me out and I did get a tropic sweet peach and had a great very positive experience. Highly recommend.

Thanks everyone I will try to get to some of these places and see what they have!

5 hour?  Green jungle is easy to get to from the Coast. Go 95 to 528 and Goldenrod is the exit prior to the airport exit. Go north 2 miles and its on the right. Just call first as he has odd hours during the week.

The 5 hours was referring to Excalibur. 

Green Jungle has a really good selection and unbeatable prices.  He is over on South Golden Rod near the 528. I liked Rockledge Gardens but like Lucas, those prices are insanely high and they didn't have a large selection of fruit trees.

This was my understanding that rockledge gardens didnít have many fruit trees. Green Jungle I am unfamiliar with. I will check that out thank you. We all want the best prices and all but considering the alternative is a 5 hour round trip drive and burning a full tank of gas it evens out quickly if I can stay local.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Space coast/Orlando Florida nurseries please!
« on: September 24, 2019, 05:32:17 PM »
I am looking for another low chill peach, a June plum, and any low chill warm weather plum or apple if possible. I was going to make the 2.5 hour drive to Excalibur but would really prefer to find a place closer. Any chance anyone knows a place on the space coast or Orlando area? Thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zone 9b space coast Florida peaches?
« on: September 14, 2019, 12:18:15 AM »
Thanks everyone for the great info. I bought and planted a Florida prince from a local nursery. I would love to plant another variety with a ripening season of a slightly different time. I can get tropic sweet and tropic snow locally. The rest take a drive. If either of these are good choices please let me know I will plant one. Thanks again you all are excellent and the input is appreciated.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Zone 9b space coast Florida peaches?
« on: September 13, 2019, 11:31:23 AM »
Thanks everyone for the info. The UF link was very informative as well. I would really like to find some of those locally. Anyone know of a place where I could buy UF peach varieties near space coast Florida? Thanks so much!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Zone 9b space coast Florida peaches?
« on: September 13, 2019, 12:44:54 AM »
Rumor has it I can grow peaches here. What varieties and can I still put them in ground now or should I wait?  Thanks so Much!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: What to plant next?
« on: April 28, 2019, 05:17:54 AM »
I'm also in Brevard.  My peaches are doing fine and are manageable.  Just got a loquat and a lychee will see how they do.  Barbados Cherry has been easy so far too. Pomagranite maybe? Star fruit ?

Thanks! All good ideas. I will research them all and report back. Today is the day I drive home so I may end up with a quick decision haha.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: What to plant next?
« on: April 28, 2019, 05:16:42 AM »
Do you like lychee?

I donít know.  Iíve never tried it. Iíve heard good things.

If you visit the area in jul-sept could take a look to Carissa, If you visit the area in october-november Acca or Persimmons can be more useful for you. There is not much point in having fruit in the months when you aren't there, but Citrus are more forgiving in that sense.

Carissa is a low and dense african shrub with "roe-deer like" thorns and leathery shiny dark green leaves. Very nice fragant inmaculate-white flowers in summer. In this sense is a multipurpose shrub, and not just a fruit bearing plant. Great for privacy and flowering. The red fruits have the size of a date, the shape of a plum and are hollow inside. Reminds a plum, sweet with a hint of strawberry taste. Some cultivars need a pollinator to bear fruit so you could want to buy two plants in different places. Very dry tolerant species when stablished in soil and normally keeping a good compact aspect without pruning all the year. Its main fault is that can be a very slow grower the first years. Eventually reaching 2m high or so.

Acca is a silvery shrub with red and green flowers and fruits like green eggs that are sweet inside and gritty and mint-eucaliptus flavored towards outside. Loads of fruit each year without doing anything. The inner part is fine. Just sweet and pleasantly acidic with a hint of pineaple. The flesh around it is like a gritted pear dipped in mint. The thin skin is edible but has a sour and medicinal aftertaste and I discard it. It takes some time to appreciate the fruit and not everybody likes it. Expect 2,5-3,5 meter high after many years. Persimmons grow much taller, but can be pruned.

Thanks. I will look into those.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / What to plant next?
« on: April 26, 2019, 08:09:25 AM »
I had a couple spots open up and now I would like to fill them with something new. I currently have bananas, figs, mangos, Sugar belle citrus, atemoya, wurtz avocado, and a completely unproductive guava. Location is 9b I would like something that is low maintenance and can be kept at a manageable size. I ask now because I donít come to south Florida that often anymore but I will be driving home in a few days and will be going by Excalibur and could bring something home. Thanks!

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Honeybell and HLB
« on: April 05, 2019, 08:35:27 AM »
If your writing about Honeybell, also known as Minneola Tangelo, (a cross between a Dancy Tangerine and Duncan grapefruit) this variety if very sensitive to HLB.  However, if you are actually writing about Sugar Belle (which is a cross between Clementine, and Mineola) than yes it has some resistance to HLB.  Many growers in Florida are indeed planting Sugarbelle.

I was indeed talking about honeybelle sadly. I already have a sugarbelle planted. Waiting for it to mature and grow fruit.

Citrus General Discussion / Honeybell and HLB
« on: April 04, 2019, 08:18:11 PM »
I have been having a talk with another forum member via messenger about HLB resistant/tolerant citrus and one of the types that came up was the Honeybell. I went out and bought a couple Honeybell fruits the following day and was blown away by how good they are and easy to peel and eat. I would love to grow one of these trees but being unsure of how it is affected by citrus greening I am hesitant. This other member suggested that he/she believes that it has some resistance as Florida growers have started to replace their infected trees with the Honeybell. Can anyone comment on this or know if this is working? I did not ask permission to use this individuals screen name hence the anonymity however feel free to chime in here if you like. I would be excited to grow this variety but I would be hesitant to grow something that would just end up dying or not producing down the road. If anyone has any info on this or any other resistant/tolerant varieties please share. I am excited about the prospect of this type or any for that matter that will do well. Iím in Florida space coast 9b. Thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Help me pick my next mango variety
« on: April 04, 2019, 03:36:39 PM »
Last year I spent a lot of time picking up as many different varieties as possible from tropical acres farms on my way him from work on a nearly weekly basis. Far and away my favorite mango was the Duncan which is why I bought one from Excalibur and planted it last summer. The tree is healthy and putting on fruit and I would pull it all off to help it grow but I plan to let some mature to make sure it is the advertised variety.  The St. Maui was a very large fruit but also one of my favorites. Cogshall was excellent and nearly a 10. Of the 40+ I had last year those three were my favorite.

Thanks for the advice.


The sick branch was removed over a year ago. I will try to get some photos.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango grafting/pruning experts please...
« on: March 27, 2019, 10:26:05 AM »
I have a Maha Chanok mango tree I planted a couple years ago. Year one it ended up getting infected with something that almost killed it. Severe damage on one side which resulted in one of the main limbs dying off. I treated it and it didnít look like it would survive but 3 days after spraying the healed damage with pruning seal it took off and put on a lot of growth last year. This year it also looks very healthy but the problem now is that where the one limb died off nothing has grown in its place and one whole side of the tree seems to have almost no growth. I am aware that I could trim back the new growth it has but I want to encourage the tree to grow not cut it back. Is there another way to stimulate growth on the weaker growing side or can I take new growth and graft it on to the main stalk to make it branch out more? I have no experience grafting I just want the tree to balance out. Thanks so much.

Iíve done searches and found mixed results. My NDM died but I have a Peach mango and Thai Everbearing both of which have one fairly tall and one much smaller stem. I would like. To. Trim the not true to type one back and research seems to show most people are of the opinion to trim the smaller one but some disagree. Is there a consensus here? Thanks!

Hello all. From the research I go from all of you here las year I planted a small Sugar Belle tree due to its HLB tolerance and the tree is rowing very well. Finding this tree was very difficult due to the demand. I have some more space in the yard and would like to plant another citrus tree. Are there any other options that have come out as being tolerant of the disease? My understanding is that the sugar belle was a release from UCF research. Perhaps they have had more options released within the last year? I would really love a ruby red grapefruit tree but not willing to risk planting a tree to have it not be able to produce or die if infected. I am on the space coast of Florida in 9b. Thanks everyone for any input possible.

Plant it

Plant it now. Mango trees lay down a lot of root growth over the fall, so planting now sets it up really well for next year's growing season.

PS -- Duncan is a good choice. It's an awesome mango -- both the tree and the fruit.

Thanks! I will get one on my way home from work next week and get it in the ground. Iím very excited about this one. As I said earlier I have been trying a lot of different mangos this year and combining that with their growth habits I think this one is a great choice.

Speaking of Duncan's...Do Florida grown Duncans have an astringent taste near the skin like the ones I tasted which were grown in CA?
Have we been picking these at the wrong time?

I have had about a dozen Duncans this year. While they all have some of that flavor it is more pronounced in some fruit vs others. I notice it less as ripeness increases. To be honest it is nothing more than a minor annoyance. I eat the fruit out of the skin and leave behind most of the fruit that has that flavor but it is only a small part of the fruit to me.

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