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Yeah...this pic is definitely going to be featured on my website!  He needs a sarong to wear with that hat!

Remove from this section. Move it to the hunting/big game section of the TFF.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Can I eat jaboticaba seeds?
« on: Today at 01:57:29 AM »
most are edible/palatable, but they are also medicinal.  I think should probably be eaten in moderation, but depends on variety.  I'm almost certain there is a variety which has seeds that are much more palatable than others.  I wouldn't try eating a cambuca seed...but red jabo isn't all that bad if you get a small one.  To me they are bitter, and I'd rather plant them.

Its not for the tree.Who would shot his own kid?
The lady style hat makes the picture epic.

"lady style hat"   :P :P :P

i laugh so hard when u say that, hahaha!   i thought it was unisex or for men, but now i see they have a woman wearing it in the ad!  :o :P

Remove from this section. Move it to the business/sales section of the TFF.

but I didn't list the cambuca for sale...and i just provided a link to where i got my cool tropical fruit hunter shirt...

i'm sure the admins will be fine with it.

I'm not selling these shirts, but I want more people to wear them, and support Tropical Fruit Hunter's ( Jay Cotterman) cause!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / What every tropical fruit hunter needs!
« on: June 23, 2019, 04:02:35 PM »
A fruiting size cambuca (Plinia edulis), and a Tropical Fruit Hunters T-shirt!!

Happy Hunting!!

Error 404 (Not Found)!!1

i wonder if u had the same issue i had, where the address on the green yellow label the provide for you was an undeliverable address, as it was for me.

the post office wouldn't deliver to the address on the label they made me use, and i lost like $600 worth of myrciaria guaquiea seeds, a few times.

Plinia sp. “Anomaly”, Jabuticaba fruiting abundantly, approx 7y old, now flowering/fruiting nonstop for about 4y...still less than 3ft tall, with one inch caliper trunk, in 5gal pot. Grafted trees are available only on ebay, please search “Plinia Anomaly “ to find the current listing. I’m the only one selling them, because i selected the variety, and just released it

please check the ebay link before the auction ends!!

i've seen a few sell for about $40 bucks!  but usually they are a bit higher, it just depends on who's watching and bidding that day...

i start them all at one penny!!

i got more to list soon too! (maybe another 10-12)

Where to buy available Seeds of Luc's Garcinia? Thanks!

grafted tree with bids at only $5.50 now!

It's now $41, but by near auction's end, it's gonna sell for over $100!

thanks for the update Jay.

maybe it's a blessing that your brasiliensis is growing laterally, otherwise it would end up kissing the roof in your GH.   Don't be afraid to prune, or train the tree...just keep lots of big old branches, because they get lots of flowers, but i do see lots of flowers on 2yr old wood that is thin...

the brasiliesis should start dumping out the fruits soon!

Great to hear Adam.  No Imbe shoots are allowed to live...still have anger issues over the original trees!   :P  There are actually 3 scions on the tree.  The largest and most dominant is the one going up and spreading.  Other two still growing well though and certainly don't seem to have any negative influence on the main scion. 

I've got the two big Imbe's that I cut back.  The second one has all of your improved brasiliensis on it.  It too is growing like a weed and put out a single bloom last year...nothing this year so far.  The branches are aggravating.  They all want to hang down instead of growing up.

Glad to hear yours are producing.  Can't wait to hear your review.

that tree is looking dapper!

are there two scions on the one tree?

and are you letting the imbe grow at all, or knocking off all the suckers?

it looks very close to fruition, and once they start blooming, it seems like they keep going for a while, mine is setting all sort of fruit, and still has blooms coming on....i counted about 8 fruits set so far, although a few had fell off prematurely already

Here is my Luc's.  I grafted scions from Adam onto a cut back Imbe(g. livingstonei) back in June 2017.  It is currently 6' or more and in what seems to be a near-constant flush.  I'm hoping the large Imbe's maturity and root system will push it to bloom sooner rather than later.

Congrats on this!

Any thoughts as to how much growth would speed up if it wasn’t allowed to fruit for a year or so?
thanks Coach,

well, as a grafted tree the growth rate seems to increase by 25-30% or more...the grafted trees grow without fruiting for several years after you graft them...but as seedling tree, they grow very slow, even if not fruiting...they just lack vigor....maybe 1ft per year or less.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Location for Rollinia/Biriba tree
« on: June 16, 2019, 02:21:58 PM »
Im looking to put another Rollinia in Ground. The area im interested in planting the tree acts as drain way for water during the summer rains. The area does not hold water but the ground does get quite saturated. I had a guava tree die from root rot in the same spot and Im wondering if the same will happen if I plant a Rollinia there?

strange because gauva can handle a very wet location, i'd be surprised if it was flooding that killed the Psidium.

If the spot gets eventual drainage, and doesn't stay with a puddle for days on end, I'd say it may work, but there might be a better location....I always plant them out of the wind!  but they do like at least 50% sun for decent fruit production.

picked an epic fruit plate today with Pete Kanaris - Greendreams, it was an honor and a privilege to have him showcase my nursery/farm. Actually 14 different fruits on the plate.

Hopefully the video will be uploaded to his channel within the next 2 weeks or so.

stay tuned, I will post a link in this thread!

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if you are in the area, let me know, because i'm selling freeze dried rare fruit now locally ( I'm not set up to ship yet, but i'm working on it!)

Sounds cool! not to hijack this topic but what kind of equipment and cost is involved in freeze-drying?

I have thought about freeze-drying Asimina triloba. Consuming dehydrated or "leathered" pawpaw can supposedly can lead to intense stomach upset, but I wonder about freeze-drying.

19% brix for Anomaly  :D  Notice fruit still has green coloration, even when it's perfectly ripe!  this one fell of the tree.


sorry i missed u that day!

thanks for the info on the sap, them thingz are damn good, it had the cinnamon taste of makok, but not as intense.

I actually ended up freeze drying some of the morena sapodilla, and it was one of the best things i've tasted so far.

if you are in the area, let me know, because i'm selling freeze dried rare fruit now locally ( I'm not set up to ship yet, but i'm working on it!)

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most recent pic... :-*

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