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Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID Please: Fruit, Nut, Weed?
« on: December 30, 2019, 04:55:59 PM »

I was wondering if anyone can help me ID this fruit or nut?  I found two seedlings growing years ago in a one gallon pot in my yard, but don't really recall if it's something I planted or something that the squirrels might have help plant.

It's been years now, in a 5 gallon pot rooted to the ground, with complete neglect and occasional pruning, just in case I actually planted it. The fruit itself has no aroma.  I haven't opened or tasted it yet, but seems to have a really large seed.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pomegranate - new way to peel?
« on: January 17, 2017, 07:10:54 PM »
I know this isn't a tropical fruit, but has anyone tried opening a pomegranate like this before?  It's pretty amazing, considering how much work it is to typically open and consume.

Sorry... not sure how to embed this video here.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Geffner or African Pride Atemoya?
« on: April 09, 2013, 12:25:05 AM »
I was told that these were Atemoya from Israel.  I naturally assumed Geffner as a possibility.  Can anyone help me identify if these are indeed Geffner or perhaps African Pride by chance?  Also, how do I know if these are ready to eat?  They're naturally on the lighter green side, so it doesn't appear that they have gotten any lighter in color.  These are all from the same tree, so I hope it will be helpful to identify.  Thanks for your assistance.

Here's also one of a supposed Dr. White seedling.  Although the leaves certainly look like a cherimoya (sorry no actual leaves in the picture), the shape of the fruit looks kinda atemoya-ish?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Thai Mangoes.... from Mexico?
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:46:04 PM »
I stopped by a local Asian market and found some Thai Mangoes... so the sign says.  Some are quite green and others look more ripe?  When I got them home, I noticed a label that says they're from Mexico.  Anyone have any ideas what kind of mangoes these might be?

While I was at it... I picked up some Rambutan

and some Cherimoyas

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