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1.Plinia escarlate
1000 seeds for $800

2.Yellow Che
$1.5 each, Minimum 10

3.yellow Kadsura(very rare)
$5 each, Minimum 5

4.Monk fruit
300 times sweetness than sugar
$1.5 each Minimum 10

5. Wild fruit(Unkown ID)
$1.5 each Minimum 10

4. Wild fruit(Annonaceae family)
$2 each Minimum 10

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / looking for ross sapote cuttings
« on: September 18, 2020, 04:19:54 AM »
hi everybody,

i am looking for ross sapote cuttings and would like to take 20.
if you have the source, please contact me, thanks in advance!


dear all,

i am looking for seeds of Casimiroa tetrameria/Wooly White Sapote, if you have or know the source, please let me know, thanks in advance!

Kadsura coccinea

1.Pink: USD 2.5 each,  Minimum order 10 seeds;
2.Green: USD 2.5 each,  Minimum order 10 seeds;
3.Big Red: USD 2.5 each,  Minimum order 10 seeds;
4.Dull red:USD 3 each,  Minimum order 10 seeds;
5.Purple: USD 3 each,  Minimum order 10 seeds.

Black Persimmon
USD 3 each,  Minimum order 10 seeds.

Prunus nepalensis
USD 4 each,  Minimum order 10 seeds.

Minimum order 50USD

if you are intereste, PM me.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Wanted Annona scions
« on: October 15, 2019, 10:08:26 PM »
I am looking for Annona scions, just like Lisa, red hybrid, dream, illama, affican pride, san pabol, geffner....etc
anyone sells the scions please contact me.

thank you

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Variegated Red Hybrid
« on: October 14, 2019, 04:29:20 AM »
very beautiful....

Hello everybody, i am looking for different varieties of mamey sapote, scions or plants, anyone knows the source? Help me, please!  thank you very much!


1.Wild fruit, maybe Uvaria sp
has a good flavor,  sweet and tasty, 5USD per seed, minimun order 10seeds

2.Holboellia latifolia
Sweet and tasty, a pack of 50 seeds for 25 usd

Exclude shipping cost and pay by paypal
if you are interested, PM me


Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some rare varieties(Seeds or Scions depend on which variety), just like Mamey sapote, Green Sapote, White Sapote, Blue Java Banana, Yellow Inga, Orange Abiu, Syzygium Acre, Garcinia, Annona, Araucaria angustifolia or others(you can show to me). I am willing to exchange or buy. The varieties I can get are as below(Not all of them are always available).

Jabuticaba(Sabara, red hybrid, escarlate, white escarlate,  phitrantha branca, Phitrantha Rosa, Esalq, white Esalq,oblongata, Acu paulista, Argentina, grandifolia, Trunciflora.....etc)
Litchi(Many types)
Kadsura coccinea
Sterculia monosperma
Artocarpus lingnanensis Merr.


Jabuticaba(Variegated sabara, variegatied red hybrid, variegated escarlate), Litchi....etc

If you are looking for the varieties from China, maybe I can help you!
PM me if interested.


I am looking for a large quantity of white sapote seeds. If you have the source, please PM me. Thank you very much!


Hello guys, I am back!

Red hybrid, Escarlate, Myrica rubra and Uvaria calamistrata are available now.

Big discount for big order!!!


2.Red Hybrid   

2.5USD/seed, Minimum order: 5seeds

4USD/seed, Minimum order: 5seeds

3USD/seed, Minimum order: 5seeds

6.Phitrantha Branca     
3.5USD/seed, Minimum order: 5seeds

4USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

5.5USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

4USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

10.Argentina(plinia sp)   
4USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

5USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

12.Unknown Phitrantha
5USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

13.Unknown Phitrantha
6USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

14.Unknown Phitrantha
6USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

6USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

16.Giant Red Diamond(Phitrantha)
6USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

17.Giant Red Crystal(Phitrantha)
6USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

18.Red Lantern(Phitrantha)
6USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

6USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

5USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

5USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds

8USD/seed,  Minimum order: 5seeds


#1 Green, $2 each
#2 Big red, $2 each
#5 Pink $2 each
#3 Purple dark, $3 each
#4 Oval,$3 each
#6 G&R hybrid $3 each
#7 Ice white $3 each
Min 5 of each

24.Myrica rubra

Black carbon(the tastiest variety)
$1 each, Min 20

25.Uvaria calamistrata(limited)
this one is very rare and tasty.
$5 each, Min 5

Minimum order: 100USD+ Shipping cost(Only DHL is available)

I will resend if the seeds are not so good when you received!

I also have the plants of variegated sabara, Red Hybrid, Escarlate, Oblongata and Coronata, will update some pictures later!

PM me please!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Who know this Inga Edulis
« on: March 29, 2019, 04:03:48 AM »

Anybody knows this Inga Edulis?? I am very interesting. Please tell me about that. Many thanks!

Hi, I am looking for the seeds of Plinia Coronata and other giant Jabuticaba, if you have them or know anybody have the them, please let me know. I will take a large quantity, if the price is reasonable. Many thanks!!


Hi Everyone,

I am from China. Now I am finding the seeds of Mamey sapote, Ross sapote, Southe American Sapote and different varieties of icecream bean.If you have them, pls PM or send me the email about the price and  postage cost. Many thanks!
My email:

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