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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Annona Atemoya seeds for sale
« on: January 26, 2020, 11:39:21 PM »
Annona Atemoya seeds for sale : 10 seeds 4.50 + 3.50 shipping (all countries, free combined shipping)

other subtropicals :

purchase via Etsy. Shipping worldwide for $4.50 , free combined shipping

Myrica Esculenta / Kaphal - 10 seeds $4

max 2 batch per purchase / address

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Grewia Asiatica seeds for sale
« on: May 18, 2019, 09:08:26 AM »
purchase via Etsy, wordlwide shipping ($4.50) , free combined shipping

Grewia Asiatica : 20 seeds - $3.50

other subtropical and tropical seeds :

Aegle Marmelos / Bael "Stringless Giant" 10 seeds - $7
Streblus Asper 10 seeds - $3.25

$4 Shipping worldwide and Free Combined Shipping
purchase via :

recent Edible Subtropicals :

Bael / Aegle Marmelos "Stringless - Giant" - 10 seeds, rare           $7.50
Streblus Asper / Sahora - 10 seeds, rare           $3.50
Kajari melon - 30 seeds           $3
Balanites Aegyptiaca var Indica / Hingota - 1 seed              $4.50
Allahabad White/Safeda/Shweta Guava - Psidium Guajava - 25 seeds        $ 3
Indian Pink Guava -Psidium Guajava : 20 seeds           $3
Capparis Decidua / Caper tree / Karil, Karir - 15 seeds          $3
Red (Purple) Mulberry / Morus Rubra (fat short) - 30 seeds    $2

8 types of Ziziphus still available (listed on forum in March, 2019) (usa buyer restrict to 50 seeds of ziziphus genre)

besides other herb and non edible subtropicals

(all types are available : 16/3/2019)

8 types of Ziziphus seeds for sale : Z. Mauritiana, Spinosa and others

Price $2-6.50 for 8-10 seeds + $4 shipping internationally (free combined shipping)

Few other types of fruits seeds : “Allahabad White” Guava, Kachari melon, a Pink Guava variety, Diorspyros Monatana Cordifolia --- besides other subtropical seeds :

(USA people only purchase upto one of each type or quantity variations of ABOUT 50 seeds total as is the import regulation)

Phalsa / Grewia Asiatica (fresh) : $5
Balanites Aegyptica :  $6
White Mulberry : $3
2 var Aegle Marmelos : $4.50-9.50
5 varieties of Ziziphus : $3.50 - 9
Diospyros Montana var Cordifolia (fresh) : $6
Kajari melon : $ 3

shipping worldwide : $3.50 + Free Combined Shipping, 1-21 days handling
view - purchase via :

for sale potted plants shipping to Usa Only (and no shipping to CA, LA, TZ, AZ) :
can purshase via

betel nut palm / areca catechu ($17)
Durian ($30)
Allspice / Pimenta Dioica ($10)
Yellow Mangosteen ($10 only - only 2 leaves)
Giant passionfruit ($12)
Bitterless edible Dioscorea Bulbifera (no shipping to FL)
many taro variety on sale (no FL)
Garcinia Humulis 2 feet tall ($20 shipping within big island only)

Local sale - Windward Big Island, Hawaii - pickup at Orchidland. pm or email to schedule pickup and for location. Minimum purchase : $40
((((((cant ship 1 and 2 gallon out of HI, as only peat moss medium is permitted - can see 2.5 inch plants for sale : for plants sold there -all plants are prior inspected but cannot ship to CA, AZ, LA, TX - as they require certified nursery )))))))

Garcinia Intermedia - $16 (2 gallon pot)
Garcinia Humulis - $22 (1 gallon pot), $12 (2.5 inch pot - 1 foot tall)
Grumichama - $15 (2 gallon pot)
Jaboticaba - $15 - (2 gallon pot), $35 (5 gallon pot)
Langsat - $20 (1 gallon pot), $11 (2.5 inch pot upto 1 foot tall)
Wampi - $14 (1 gallon pot)
Miracle berry (Not fully grown) - $35 (3 gallon pot)
Giant passionfruit -$12 (2.5 inch pot)
Alupag / Philippine Longan - $20 (2 gallon pot, not fully grown)
Passiflora laurifolia - $7 (2.5 inch pot or 4.5 inch pot)
Cashew - $12 (2.5 inch pot)
White Mountain Apple – $12 ( 2.5 inch pot / 1-2 foot tall)
Calabash tree - $15 (1 gallon pot), $10 (2.5 inch pot)
Santol – $12 (1 gallon pot)

Variegated Hibiscus Tilecaus - $14 (1 gallon pot), $7 (2.5 inch pot)
Variegated Cassava - $15 (1 gallon pot)
Samoan Gardenia - $19 (1 gallon pot)

Taro / Colocasia (all in 2.5 inch pots)
(all edible varieties except Black Magic, Mojito and Elepaio)
Note that the taro plants may not all be in full form, though visibility of charectaristics is guranteed

$7.00 each : Iliuaua, Ulaula Kumu or Moana, Akado, Lehua Maoli, Black Magic, Mojito
$11 each : Mana Ulu, Manini Owali, Elepaio
$16 each : Eleele Naioea

mango ginger / curcuma amada - $15 (1 gallon pot)
Curry tree (not fully grown) - $10 (1 gallon pot)
Chaya - $ 15 (1 or 2 gallon pot)
galangal ginger - $8 (¼ gallon pot)
sissoo - $7  (4 x 4 pot)

A 2nd plant is flourishing (no more) so reposting this
Plants can only be shipped out of Hawaii if potted in peat moss and most cuttings do not thrive in it. despite that was asked several times by Filipino for it, so when found a tree  gave it a try. Out of 30 ....... 5 grew and out of which only 2 are flourishble enough to sell. = the outrageous price.
can purchse from link below ... Only US shipping - NO Shipping to addresses in the states of CA, TX, LA, AZ

New selling on Etsy :
Tropical Fruit Plants and Seeds. Some of the less common ones (at present) : Achacharu, Lanzones
Some normal things. Some Banana types.
ONLY SHIPPING WITHIN USA, but do NOT Ship Plants to CA, AZ, TX, LA, GU. Can buy from those states if provide an alternate state address.
International shipping is complicated and thus not possible unless ready to spend a 3 digit amount just for shipping.
Some may recognize these listings from ebay - they are the same but with a lower price – Etsy has much lower fees.

I have found some semi wild Purple Air Potatoe/Dioscorea Bulbifera. its specs:
It has only green bulbifera leaves, small to big size air potatoes biggest is several pound, bulbils are smooth and rounded
Now the important part: The bulbils when raw are somewhat bitter and give intoxicating effect, BUT after boiling them they are NOT bitter. I ate a handful of the cooked and only feel a fraction of the intoxication caused by consuming 1/20 that amount of the raw.
In perspective in the past i encounter a bulbifera similar shape dont remember what exact colour, which after cooking was very very bitter and toxic the same as when it was raw.
So question :: are these to be considered edible or not.

 By comparision of the two mentioned = this purple one is EDIBLE.
In a few threads people have said that when a edible air potatoes varieties end up in the wild, they turn bitter and toxic. Can anyone comment on that ? Can the reverse happen ie. a semi bitter variety in cared enviorment loose its bitterneess, and if yes then could anything help to speed/help that reversal???  I believe 100% that this specimen formerly a Edible type (or still is) or it would not have got to this island and be in the type of place where found it.

Please do not send PM for a bulb will, after confirming its edibility status - notify when put on ebay

the attachement button not show or would put the picture

overload will post when ready

have looked thoroughly online of all the theobromas but havent found a match.

hello i have come across a fruit similar to Cupuacu/ theobroma grandiflorum though not the same. trying to find its name. the fruit is the same looking as Cupuacu though from the description i read of Cupuacu the difference with this are Cupuacu is sweet/sour, and strong smell while this one is not sour only very sweet, and no smell, seems more wet then Cupuacu and the leaves are totally different . attached are photo of leaves and fruit. dont know about cupuacu seeds but the seeds of this one have very hard shell need hammer. inside fatless white, taste is unpleasent bitter, seed is not edible

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