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  Hey Guys,

  Im in Texas, and ive been trying to focus on Heavy Fruiting, Sour Fruits, Quick Bearing (around 2 years), or Usually Ignored Fruits (or even flat out avoided)

  As an example.. here is a list of similar ideas. 

im trying to grow Peanut Butter fruit,
Black berry jam fruits,

Im looking for..
Tree Tomato, real Tamarillo,
other Solanums. 
Soh Shang, or bastard oleaster called silver berry.. Elaeagnus.
Pink Wampee

Thanks for your input

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mites? and MIracleberry
« on: October 07, 2019, 03:32:05 PM »
 ihave tiny white balls of webbing on the tips of my miracle berry leaves.

would i be able to wipe down the leaves with alcohol? or will alcohol kill miracle berry?

Hey Guys,

I was perusing and came across several postings there. And it seems a little too good to be true. They have some seeds, in bulk amounts, that are so rare the world cant even agree what Latin Name to use on them.  They have seeds that are available no where else.  And i was just wondering if anyone has done any business with them.

If so.. what did you order, and what was the quality?

In addition, if you have a good story about ordering seeds from another vendor.. please tell us about it below. Who, and what it was.. and what your successes were with it.

thanks guys,

I ordered some Thaumatococcus Danilli ~ Katemfe..  Miracle Plant, African Sweet Prayer Plant etc.

ive put a half dozen of these seeds in dirt. its going on 6 months.  Id forgotten id planted one and start tearing at this pot with my fingernail.

this knot in the center of the pic came up with about 5 half inch roots coming from it and an apparently green knob from one side. 

however, it still hasnt sprouted after  i put it back.  Im concerned ive broken off a taproot.. if they have tap roots.
and im concerned a slug or bug has chewed it off at ground level.

 please, any ideas?

Firstly, Are these LEMBA sprouts? 

THey seem accordion like, like baby palm leaves. I tried to use new potting soil, and there has been some algae and contamination.

Unfortunately i only had 2 sprouts. And  as usual, as soon as i discovered them, one was felled by a bug.

So i ask What are the Growing Requirements for LEMBA?  Are they Self Fertile?  How should i transfer to the next sized pot?

Thanks guys,

Subject says it all.

Finger Limes.. the same image we see over and over.. elongated limes with disconnected vesicles. Like a hollow Citrus Shell full of Tart Beads.

Whats the skinny?  Where are they?  How do you grow them?  Do you have any?

Thanks guys. 

 Looking for "Tango" Tamarillo, Thaumatococcus "Katemfe" sources

Tango Tamarillo, is a special New Zealand variety. That is supposedly sweet and less acidic. if you know Tamarillo.. this is an amazing thing.
Very specific.

  if you have a seed list or website. lay it on us. So people have a sniff around.

Thanks guys

  I live on the Texas Gulf. A little inland. Historically a Pine Forest, Bayou jungle, Salt and Sedge lowlands. 
  My soil is a several layers of acidic (5.5pH in some extreme cases) alluvial clays. Gumbo in some places.

  Its truly a wild mixture of extreme Humidity one day, Dry the next. Wet the following day. But always hot.
  In general our winters can dip into the thirties, they mostly stay in 40's and 50's.. but following our random template, every decade or so we get hard freezes for a night.

  Ive been on the hunt for Rare.. Odd.. Seldom Seen.. Far Flung.. Tropical and Sub-Tropical and Temperate Seed.
  What are your Successes for this area.. (or those similar)

  I have potted and seedling Loquat, and Mango.. Tree-bean, and Mitragyna. Betel Palm, Miracleberry, Kumquat. 
  But im interested in finding viable Annonia, Moringa, Guave and Eugenia, Sapotes and Sapodillas, Jujubes, Blackberry Jam tree, Starfruit, Jackfruit, Durian fruit, Banana!, Tamarillo! Papaya
  Cassabanana, Caffees, Kiwis.. etc etc
  Whatever would grow well here.  What have you grown successfully and what were your methods?


   I have a reoccurring problem. Its comes and goes, but i can not identify what the issue is.. or what im doing (or nature for that matter) to fix it.

   I have Synsapalum Dulcificum, Mango and Mitragyna that are growing Lime Green leaves.. Yellow in some cases. Almost anemic. 
   The leaves look good, perfectly shaped. No warping or crumpling. Possibly dwarfen.

  Here are examples, of my Miracle Berry.. the mango almost has cobweb appearance. Its most noticeably visible with the Mitragyna (its a very ravenous fast growing tree)
  finally here is a Loquat example.. though their leaves begin yellowed. (i remember loquat leaves being richly green like magnolia)

 Is there an easy to use reference for treating nutrient surplus and deficiency by  appearance and color of leaf

  Hey Guys;   ( Texas, zone 9a, Bayou/Pine,Oak,Sweetgum forest, acidic clays - Hot ~ we have periods of drought, and occasionally cold winter spells )

  Ive recently tried to locate Katemfe/Thaumatcoccus Daniellii.  Trade Winds Fruits, and Oscars Fruitlovers offer fresh seed. Oscar has sold out. but TradeWF has sent me a few
  but i havent had much luck getting TradeWinds seed to germinate. (pic below of a possible sprout, or a stray grass seed)

  Does anyone know of another location that sells Katemfe, or other flavor enhancers. Curculigo Latifolia, and similars? (i already have Miracleberry D.Synsapalum)

  A resource for temperature specifications, pH, tolerances.. things to avoid.. container growing, propagation would be greatly appreciated.

  Here are some pics of sprout in a T.Daniellii pot (it could be a grass, some stray seed, but i can find pics of Katemfe sprouts.)

   Thanks Guys..

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