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Tropical Fruit Discussion / What happened to my jackfruit tree?
« on: July 27, 2019, 06:27:56 PM »
Beginner questions again...

I bought this 3 gal mai 3 jackfruit from Excalibur about 2 months ago.
It looked really healthy, lots of leaves.
Now it looks like it is going to die like my previous mai 1 tree.
It started losing leaves probably 1-2 weeks after planting.
I was away this really rainy week and this is what I found after I arrived:

Is it fungus or mold?
Is there any chance for this tree? What should I do?
Jackfruit is my favourite tropical fruit and it looks like I am failing all the time growing it. :'(
Thank you for all advice!

This is my Valencia Pride mango:

It is now about 10 feet tall. Unlike most of you, I want it to be big, it is supposed to be a front yard tree.
But I would like it to grow branches below the current canopy. Is it at all possible? The salesperson at Excalibur said it would grow branches below, but after 3 months I am getting impatient. Should I do some kind of procedure to make it grow branches?

This is my Excalibur mango:

This, on the other hand, I want to keep small. Now the tree is about 5 feet. It is in the backyard and close to electricity lines. But the same thing: it does not look like it is going to grow branches under the current canopy. Any advice?


Citrus General Discussion / Is this asian citrus psyllid? What to do?
« on: June 20, 2019, 01:12:30 PM »
I have just bought 4 citrus bushes + 1 Eureka lemon.

8x zoom.

I found 4 of them on Eureka lemon today. Some more on other bushes.
Is there any hope for the plants? What would you do?
I am a novice and will follow your advice.


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