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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Maprang in ground zone 10A?
« on: March 13, 2020, 02:33:04 PM »
I saw a grafted 7g maprang for $105 is that a good price? the staff said to treat it like a mango. From my understanding maprang is more cold sensitive but maybe I’m wrong? Will maprang do well in zone 10a in ground and does it need a pollinator?

Hi does anyone know why some sweet potatoes I bought from the store won’t sprout? I bought five varieties and two varieties didn’t sprout. I tried the purple sweet potatoes three times from three different stores with no luck. The purple potato had “purple yam” labeled at the store and the other one also had a yam label I think. Has it been treated with something to prevent it from sprouting? if so can I do anything to get it to sprout? The purple one look like HAWAIIAN OKINAWAN SWEET POTATO

If not then what’s the difference? Which taste better? I have both and not sure if I should get rid of one..

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