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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Persimmon Taproot question
« on: August 01, 2020, 06:05:11 PM »
I see where someone has a 15 gallon Persimmon tree for sale. Don't they have a Tap Root and wouldn't it be coiled around the bottom of the pot? So what is the best procedure to handle that.  Cut the taproot or try to uncoil the taproot.Would getting a smaller gallon tree have the best outcome.

Osceola county give out 400,000 sand bags last year. It use to be a very civil community event years ago. Now its more like smash and grap Mania! I've  seen people run out of gas in line. Some cut in line! Then other smash their windows out with shovels even with Deputy's present! >:(  I can only imagine what S.Florida is like 

Other then the size of the fruit are there differences in vigor and production? Most importantly flavor! Is this the same variety with two name's? Can they be easily sourced in S.Fla? 

I had one Phoenix this season. I should of let it ripen a few more days so i do not feel i have good assessment of it. I would like to hear others thoughts since we all taste and describe things a little differently.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Indian Green Thornless Jujube Tree?
« on: July 29, 2020, 06:06:16 AM »
What is the minimum size HxW a Indian Green Thornless Jujube can be maintained with annual pruning and still be fruit productive?  Rate of growth?

 i would really like to get one if i can make it fit in my yard
  Thank you in advance :)


I've noticed a trend every spring the squirrel population explodes in my neighborhood. Then in the summer a hoot owl visit my neighborhood and eliminates the squirrels. Dozens have vanished! I used to have a 60 foot tall Laurel oak tree.  In 2004 hurricane Charley damage the heart of the trunk but it's survived until Irma came to town and split it right in half. That owl or its siblings used to frequent that tree and would keep me up at night and I would curse at the owls.  Now this seems to be it's home hunting ground and even though the tree is gone he still visits.  I have nothing but praise for him because of my mango trees and guavas. I have a whole new perspective :)

California mango Growers have wet Winters and dry Summers which seems to be immensely challenging. My question is are their mangos more intensely flavored than Florida's mangos? A comment was made that the earlier Florida mangoes are more intensely flavored than the later ones which are washed out. So would a LZ from Cali be Sublime!!!

I missed opportunity to taste both. Interested in hearing from others :)

#1 Indo-chinese hybrid Sweet Tart and Cac
#2  Classic acid  Dot and Fruit punch haven't tried Carla
#3 West India's Graham Julie White Piri
#4 Citrus/Melon PPK Millika haven't tried LZ or OS
#5 Alphonso  Only Val-Carrie
#6 Cocoanut Pina Colada Cocoanut Cream very subtle flavor to me

Side note I prefer CAC over Kathy and I enjoy Honey Kiss and Dwarf Hawaiian

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Sophie Frey mango tree
« on: July 18, 2020, 11:22:16 PM »
Sophie Frey was a seedling of Julie selected by the Zill family many decades ago.It is the maternal parent of the ‘Carrie’ mango and few Sophie Fry trees are left in Florida. Does anyone know if it flavor is more similar to Julie or to  Carries Alphonso flavor and some would say medicinal taste? Does it or did it thrive better in Florida's climate then Julie which is know to suffers from poor fruit set and is beset with fungal issues.I would be interest in adding to my collection if it has Julie taste profile and is more fungal resistant. There must of been a reason the Zill family selected it and would not hurt to preserve it.

info pirated from Tropical Acres Farms web site

Quote from: Guanabanus on July 07, 2019, 08:44:37 PM
Personal communications indicate that dwarfing root-stocks found so far, dwarf some varieties well, and others not at all.

Bovine421  Is it know which varieties that piva rootstock will dwarf? Truely Tropical has a beautiful Phoenix on a dwarf rootstock  that looks to be about 6 foot tall and maybe 6 feet wide from what i can guess from youtube. She stated it is about ten years old and she received as a gift.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango tourism
« on: July 12, 2020, 10:47:55 AM »
Are there any designations that are tourist friendly and safe, close to or on the other side of the Equator that one can consume mangoes in December or January? Next season I plan on renting a condo in Deerfield Beach and go into full mango gluttony. Some would call that Christmas in July. Hopefully I get to meet Mango Claus :)

 I live 3 hour drive from mango Central in South Florida so I only order mango when I'm going down to pick up a mango tree variety that is not available up here. With dumb luck I got lucky in the beginning of June around 6:30 at night and got a mixed bag and a drop bag but since then no such luck. I have tried with two different vendors that are fairly close to each other.One i was told started at 4 p.m. after being up before day light working all day at 3:58 pm hit my refresh button every minute till 7 pm at night until my eyeballs fell out and I passed out. Today I took off from work because Saturday tomorrow  I'm going to two different vendors to pick up 15 gallon fruit punch and a 7 gallon dwarf Hawaiian. Waking up at 7:00 am hitting my refresh button till about 10:30 when I got a phone call from a buddy to pick up a live trap or squirrel condominium in the back of his truck. I was gone no more than 30 minutes and while i was gone that I wanted ice cream plus others were completely sold out. So other than posting on this forum and playing with the grandbaby  I have not been productive yet no mangoes. To make it even more maddening a squirrel keeps going in front of my window showing me his backside and waving his tail. So what I am hoping for is a red tail hawk to snatch the squirrel and for me to get lucky before dark and score some mangoes :)

At 2:43 pm had a mix bag of mango in the queue put in all my info and hit purchase and was give message that quantity not available! I only asked for quantity #1

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Can you identify this fruit?
« on: July 10, 2020, 08:48:50 AM »
It's not a pineapple LOL

I watched a YouTube video with a handsome fellow in a painter's suit who made the statement that after heavy rains copper protective fungicides can be washed off so potentially a person might have to apply up to three times in one week. My question is does the same hold true for systemic fungicides? Do they wash off after heavy rains or after asbsorption all is well?  I'm thinking if the systemic fungicide breaks down after 7 days and turns into a nutrient what harm would there be into using that over a long period time say bi weekly during rainy season. Copper predictive fungicide seems more labor-intensive because it rains practically every afternoon in summer.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Aroma?
« on: July 08, 2020, 12:18:07 PM »
The senses of smell and taste combine at the back of the throat. When you taste something before you smell it, the smell lingers internally up to the nose causing you to smell it. Both smell and taste use chemoreceptors, which essentially means they are both sensing the chemical environment.

After reading this i think i understand the statement that mango spice notes are all about the aroma.
I misunderstood that aroma is more then just smell. So my question is are terpenes the compounds that when broken down by chewing create aroma? The spice note!

ps Before entering the mango verse/realm never gave food flavor much thought. Pretty much me like me no like!Lol ;D >:(

​I was researching dwarf sapodilla varieties and after studing this forum i decide on Silas Woods over Makok. I noticed someone posted a video on grafting Butterscotch sapodilla so i decide to look into it. This is about all i could find. Can some one shed some light on this variety :) 

by Pepe's Fruit Trees
​Silas Woods and Butterscotch are dwarf trees producing delicious fruit. They are excellent for container growing.

Zill High Performance Plants
March 2, 2019  · Shared with Public
Butterscotch is the new latest Zill Sapodilla with superior taste.  Grafted plants are xtra small and limited availability.   We are wholesale only.  Ask your local tropical fruit tree nursery.

Zill High Performance Plants
Samuel Constancy we consider butterscotch Sapodilla as a Farrari of the Sapodillas because Tree is semi compact, Large fruit, taste like butterscotch,

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Zill 34-24 Cecilove? Modified version
« on: July 04, 2020, 11:18:31 AM »
What is it growth habit/vigor? Is it or will it ever be propagated by Zill High Performance Plants? How many names does it have. As many as K3 quite confusing for someone new to the mango community. Was this a collaboration between Zill and Cambell?

 Last week i tried Graham and now I know what they mean by spice note. The reason for this is i am contemplating on grafting to Neelam. From what i read about it I was a little apprehensive that i would not like it but I did. Rich flavor with strong spice I do not think i would want more then one per day or a whole tree! What other spice varieties would you suggest i try?What spices do you taste in Graham? :)

I've been wanting to ask this question for a long time. I do not hate Carrie if you handed me one I would take it but I would never ask you for one! I have never tried Val-Carrie

I have an idea for a project and I want to know is it just wacky Nunu or has someone else done this before? In front of my house I have a Planters box which underneath has what I would almost call hardpan loamy clay soil. I have a Phoenix ordered on piva root stock I'm contemplating placing it about four feet maybe five 5 from the house. After placing order 4 Phoenix on piva root stock I noticed and watched video from Truly Tropical where she has a phoenix on dwarf root stock that is 10 years old and looks to be about 6 feet high and 8 feet wide. That made me think that it might be wacky but it's not nunu. My first thoughts were Amrapali but I was told that it would be a long process to get Bud wood. Amrapali is very slow growing

Has anyone tasted Yi Xuan? It is a seedling of Lemon Zest. Is it a Lemon Zest Junior in taste or is it more similar to PPK? :)

 Gary with Pickering mango juice :) ;) :D

For me it is Sonpari  Val-Carrie   White Piri

Very much looking forward to mango season!!! :)

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