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Myrciaria floribunda - Dark Purple Variety. "Guavaberry", "Rumberry"

$5 each.
discount for orders over 20 seeds - message for information

USA first class shipping $5
International shipping $15

Delicious rare tropical fruit. Relative of the Jaboticabas.  The fruits have a unique tropical sweet flavor with a "sweet and sour" taste. Low acidity when fully ripe.  The fruits have been harvested from the island of St. John, USVI in the Caribbean.  Traditionally the fruits are used in desserts, fruit wine, and infused rum. Seeds will be shipped with vermiculite.

Very RARE Myrcia citrifolia “Red Rodwood”
Attention Myrtaceae enthusiasts and rare plant collectors!
Fresh Seeds collected January 2nd in the island of St John, Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.
  An elegant tree with an dense and attractive red hardwood. The leaves display an array of bright colors during its growth stages. Flowers have a good scent. Beautiful pink fruits that turn dark purple when they ripen, flavor is not particularly tasty. Fast germinating seeds. 
Thanks for your interest and support.

Price $3.00 each (limited availability) first come first served
PayPal payments.  Message me with amount , full name and address. 😁

International Shipping + $10  with US Postal Service. Seeds will package in seal plastic bag with Vermiculite to maintain proper moisture content during transit period.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / RARE Eugenia monticola
« on: January 05, 2021, 09:27:52 PM »
Eugenia monticola.  Fresh Seeds for SALE!
My favorite scented Eugenia flowers, potent aromas of vanilla and coconut.  This species seems to bloom intensively at an early stage of maturity (2 years) and has proven to be drought tolerant. The small fruits have a mild sweet flavor with hints of coffee when fully ripened. Found in St John, Virgin Islands
Grows in different soil types and I have found it near coast all the way up to 1000’ elevation

Seeds $3 each (min. order 10 seeds)
Note: for orders over 50 seeds the cost will be $2.50 each.

Shipping and handling: $10 for any amount.
PayPal payment.  PM me for order completion and payment information. thanks for your interest!😁

Rare Eugenia pseudopsidium, aka “Christmas Cherry “ and “Quibrahacha” seeds available for sale $2 each while supply last!  A very attractive and fast growing Eugenia Species to add to your tropical collection. The flowers are large and attractive, the fruits have a bright red color with smooth skin. Fruit flavor is bland with low sweetness. The tree can bloom at early age 1.5 - 2 years in proper conditions. The tree can be kept short and will stimulate more blooming.  Found at 100’ to 1020’ elevation in the Caribbean island of St John.  Shipping world wide. Seeds will be shipped in a plastic sealed bag with vermiculite added to preserve  viability for germination.  Minimum order 10 seeds. PayPal payments only. Thanks for your attention! PM for payment details

Rare Eugenia ligustrina seeds available for sale $3 each.
Delicious sweet cherry flavor, no acidity, juicy with no fiber. These are a rare purple variety fruit, the common E. ligustrina has a red fruit instead.  Collected in the Caribbean from the island of St John, US Virgin Islands. Elegant tree that stays compact with multiple branches developing from the ground. Can grow in different soil types and in different elevations. Can flower in 1.5  to 2.5 years defending on conditions.  Great species to add to your tropical plant collection. Shipping worldwide. Shipping cost will be based on location.  Seeds are shipped in seal plastic bag with vermiculite to preserve moisture content and seeds viability. Minimum order 10 seeds. PayPal payments only. Private message me for payment details . Thanks

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