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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Help with Biew Kiew longan - Pest ID?
« on: August 13, 2020, 06:36:22 PM »
I bought this tree a year ago. Honestly, I did not want to. It was a miserable looking tree (it actually looks "better" in this picture than it does in person) but I had gone to someone's house to get it and did not know how to say no.
The picture below is exactly how the tree looked when I got it except it had 2 more leaves on it. It has not put out even one new leaf in one whole year. I gave up on it a couple of months ago and relegated it to the dig out and discard list.

As a comparison, here is a Sri Chompoo now that I bought the same day from a nursery also as a 3 gal and planted at the same time.

I went to dig out the tree yesterday and saw signs of new growth! I can't believe it just sat there for a year and did nothing. Anyway, long story short, I would like to save the tree if it is going to grow but the few leaves that are on there are covered with small white bugs. I know it's not mealy bugs. Anyone know what they are and what I should use to get rid of them?

New growth

Tiny white bugs.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Need help with Annonas.
« on: August 08, 2020, 04:04:20 PM »
I bought the Phet Pak Chong and Geffner last year and planted them in the ground in September/October.  They seemed to be doing okay but did not come back very well this year. I did not prune any of the branches in the hopes that they were just off to a slow start but it is already August and they barely have any leaves. You can see the branch 'skeletons' from last year. What can I do to help them along? These are planted on the west side of the house and get sun from around 11am to sunset. Too hot, maybe?

Phet Pak Chong

Phet Pak Chong (different angle)


I got this Annona from someone. Not sure what kind it is. It had branches on what would be the left side of the photo. Unfortunately, someone from a tree trimming crew who was working in my back yard was dragging a huge branch to the front yard and got it ensnared with this plant and broke all the branches on that side of the tree. This tree is planted on the east side of my house and only gets morning and early afternoon sun. Need pruning advice so I can get it to branch again.

Mystery annona

Have some sugar apple seeds I want to plant, does anyone know if the 'Big Red' variety comes true from seed. Or is this one, I am better of getting as a grafted tree?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Will my Hasya Sapodilla tree survive?
« on: January 22, 2020, 03:32:16 PM »
I bought this Hasya sapodilla in February last year and planted it in the ground in September. About a month back, I noticed the bark on one section was missing. It is about a foot away from the graft.  Don't know how or when it happened. Is this tree going to survive?

I also have a Nules Clementine with a similar issue, except the bark has peeled almost all around the trunk (looks much worse than this) but it has a bunch of new leaves coming in.

I am trying to figure out which/how many trees to plant in the front right corner of my lot. The front faces south and the right side faces west.  It is a 60' by 60' area from the south (front) fence to the edge of oak tree canopy and the driveway to the west side fence. The picture was taken facing west.

These are the trees I would like to put in this location.

Jackfruit - Excalibur Red,  Amber

Mango - Pickering, Carrie, Coconut Cream, Mahachanok, Edward, Mallika, Orange Sherbet. I plan on getting a Cac, so would like to keep a spot open for it.

Lychee - Sweetheart, Mauritius, Brewster.

Longan - Biew Kiew, Sri Chompoo.

1)  I know I cannot fit all of the trees in that small area but would like to fit as many as I can ( I plan to keep the trees small) and need help figuring out spacing and which ones to plant towards the front and which towards the back.

2)  I would also like to plant these trees on a mound. Should I use just plain sand or can I amend it with top soil and compost.

3)  Most of the mangoes were bought mid-July'18 as my house was supposed to be ready by the end of that month. Some major issues cropped up and I only moved in recently. So, these trees are still in their original 3 gallon pots. They still look healthy but I have no idea how root bound/messed up the roots are by now. Is there anything I should do before/after? I put them in the ground to ensure survival/success?

Any and all help/suggestions are appreciated. TIA.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mulberry and Lychee recommendations.
« on: July 17, 2018, 01:26:20 PM »
I'm looking for suggestions on the best mulberry to grow in Zone 9b/10a.
These are the varieties I have seen mentioned on this forum.
Red/Black Pakistan (Shahtoot)?,  White Pakistan, Everbearing, Tice, ShangriLa.

If you could pick only two of these 3 varieties of Lychees - Brewster, Mauritius and HakIp, which would you choose? I already have a Sweetheart Lychee.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango - What am I doing wrong?
« on: June 03, 2018, 02:45:30 PM »
I bought 3 gallon Carrie mango, Coconut cream mango, Sweetheart lychee and Excalibur Red Jackfruit from Excalibur in February. I repotted them into 7 gallon grow bags. The Lychee and Jackfruit sent out a flush of new growth more than a month ago and are continuing to do well.

The Carrie looks fine (to me) but has not sent out even one new leaf. Neither has the Coconut Cream. Plus, the CC does not look good. What am I doing wrong?
One mistake, I did make with the CC is that I forgot to check the bottom of the pot for roots before I bought it. It was a little root bound and tap root was sticking out the bottom. The tap root got a little damaged during the repot.

I was planning to stop by Excalibur this weekend to buy a few more mango trees but might hold off until I know where I am going wrong. I have never grown mango trees before. Any help/suggestions appreciated.

Coconut Cream - in April.

Coconut Cream - a week ago


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Insect ID?
« on: June 04, 2017, 03:09:36 PM »
Anyone know what kind of insect this is?

About a month ago, I saw a couple on one of my citrus. I haven't been home much since then so my plants have been neglected. This weekend while inspecting all my plants, I found these insects on almost every plant but there are no more than 3-4 per plant. They are almost always on the trunk/stem of the plants, not under the leaves (except for the one in the picture).

I thought they might be whiteflies but these things are 8-9 mm long, not 2 mm like whiteflies.

Don't know why the images are not showing up. Could use some help with that, too!

I am in the process of buying a new home. The builder will be putting in sod and an irrigation system. Does it make sense to go this route if I plan to plant quite a few fruit trees? I feel like it is pointless if all I will be doing is digging holes in all the newly laid sod to plant my trees. Any opinions?

Also, is an irrigation system set up differently for a lawn as opposed to what would mostly be trees? If so, then would it make more sense for me to plant my trees and then put in an irrigation system?

Any and all advice is appreciated.

A forum member from California has mailed me seeds of a Cherimoya and Atemoya cross. He calls it Super sugar.
Unfortunately, I have very limited land and don't want to devote the space or the the time to growing it here.
If anyone is interested in experimenting, I will be glad to pass the seeds on to you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Looking for a Guava 'Barbie pink' plant.
« on: January 21, 2017, 01:29:06 PM »
I have called some of the bigger nurseries but no one seems to have it.

Anyone know where I can buy one?

I am looking to buy a plant and found only two sources for it. One being Flying Fox where it is listed as an atemoya (currently sold out) and the other being Wayne Clifton (recommended to me by a couple of posters here). I emailed him to inquire about availability and got a message back saying he does not know what a 'Dream atemoya' is, he propagates 'Dream cherimoya'.

The posts I have read here refer to it as a Dream atemoya. But, it feels like I insulted Mr Clifton by calling it an atemoya which was certainly not my intention. So, atemoya or cherimoya, which is it?


P.S. - I am not pointing fingers and do not want to start an argument. Just trying to figure out the confusion in the names.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Questions about Sugar apples.
« on: September 12, 2016, 04:32:31 PM »
I bought a very small sugar apple tree from an Asian lady at a farmers market last year. She had no idea what variety it was, only that it was green not red. The tree flowered and set fruit this year. I hand pollinated 8 flowers hoping for two fruits, but got 7. I got rid of one when it was very small because it was deformed and left the others. I realize I probably should have got rid of most of the fruit since the tree is very small/young but I just could not. It is my very first fruit tree to fruit!

One fruit was ready to pick last week but the others are still quite small and do not seem to be growing anymore. Do you think I should get rid of them or wait a little while longer? How long is the sugar apple season in FL?
The ripe sugar apple I picked was very sweet and had a ton of seeds (60!). Any guesses on the variety?
Also, I am thinking of planting the seeds for a few more trees. Do sugar apples come true from seed? Or, do they need to be grafted like Atemoyas?
Speaking of Atemoyas, anyone know where I can buy a Phet Packhong (sp?) Atemoya and also a Big Red sugar apple?


My first fruit!

Smaller sugar apples not growing anymore.

I'm looking for recommendations on orchards I can visit around the Ft Lauderdale area next weekend.
The only one I am aware of is Bender's Grove.

P.S.- Can't do Pine Island and others around Homestead this visit.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Question about Rajapuri banana tree.
« on: June 12, 2015, 03:54:43 PM »
For those of you that grow Rajapuri bananas...I just read that the Rajapuri banana trees have all green leaves but the one I recently bought has reddish-brown markings on the leaves. Did I end up with a mismarked tree?

Thanks for your help!

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