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Hi This is the Vegetable section ,  and tropical So all I can think of Is water melon comes from a tropical place

Anyways there are water melon you couldn't find anywhere else, and other vegetables .
Seeds of water melon can be roasted like Pumpkin seeds (for the really seedy types.)

 Tucson, Arizona

Tropical Fruit Online Library / Botany Dictionary
« on: October 16, 2019, 09:01:57 AM »
See Alphabetical Listing all the way to the right

For above can type
HOLD  CTRL button hold f,

type part word your looking up in find box

(mac uses Not the CTRL button , but command key instead. & hold f )

Getting the first problem out of the way

# 1 Do not Shake pawpaw tree,and look up 3 hard ones almost broke my nose! (eyes teared up)

#2 The pawpaw peduncle borer, Talponia plummeriana, may be the most severe pest (USNM image). 
The larvae, which reach a length of 5 mm, feed in fleshy parts of the flower, causing flowers to drop.
This borer is in Whole fruit (so no opening )
Cliff England (Breeder & associated with selling Jerry Lehman seeds  one of which is 812 grams almost a kilo)
which has many tree's said it is rare so should NOT be a worry in the USA)
The USA may have natural moth predators so shipping fresh fruit could be a concern.

Was freaking out when in the woods opened up a fruit for a taste ,
and found two long skinny  worms .

see Picture Below On next post

 Talponia batesi (Оlethreutidae) was taken in a cherimoya } from Мехico

See also This post
New guanabana disease

#6 like every thing white flies eating roots , and seeds
Using dry sand on new seed bed (I have a propagation method , but that may need a new link to)

#6 North western USA  or (better Known as  Pacific Northwest PNW region )
Blue stain

 pretty sure  carried by a fungus on Pine tree's Native there.)

If I can find good links about it.
(but here for now) KYSU

By the way about grafting
A lot of tree's people Graft if they do not like the Variety when Large

Jerry Lehman (midwest)  said he doesn't (not with PAWPAW), and His tree's where old Big looking
KYSU (college) said tree's decline after 15 years (on web site)
I saw them They look like they graft onto older root stock
 at least the orchard where I searched for fallen old fruit for seeds.

This is KY though (not too far from Jerry's) , I am not certain if they have Hybrids of those Species of pine
or because I read the wood is softer (I know little about grafting so far -- pines soft and grafts well long term ?)

(Sadly Jerry Lehman past away Rest in Peace Jerry Lehman.)

------------------------------------- see link  about BLUE STAIN go to second page ------------------
Fungus from conifer has been associated with Blue stain Ceratocystic & leptographium has been to blame.


Hi I am willing to try anything I can't get at a store (different cultivars )(for cash or trade )

I am not sure if I want anything out of the country if it isn't canned do not want to get into any trouble
also do not want to import any pests -- (well unless there is a way to send to the USDA First,
but I know nothing of that unless it's a plant material (i heard aliitle)

Ifv you have anything in mind let me know

I could mail ginkgo leaves
Prickly ash leaves (tooth ahce tree sorry no fruit I have just a tiny amount , and a tooth may give me problems until it gets pulled)

Lemon quince (tea or fruit maybe)

I can give a larger list if you have anything let me know
I haven't known if the tree near my house has pawpaws , but I can see (Think it's too late at least for that one )
I will see in a day or two if I come up forging
had a bubble gum taste

Persimmon is in season
These are cultivars (breed by Jerry Lehman (some may be from Cliff England )
Jerry Lehman Passed away this spring Pruning his tree's

These do have seeds (some may not )

Jerry Lehman Had one with 36 brix , and dried , but I may take those for the seeds
if I can get my hands on one (i'm not certain yet as I have visited Since He passed, but not a certain thing )

Note I do a lot of forging for wild stuff so if unusual stuff is your thing I can find some of that
Just need to hear what your interested in or have tried in the past.

I also may have Material stuff (I do auctions but it may be food related health food medicinal Herbs etc. nothing Illegal )
I have plantian (Leaf Herb )(not banana ) to get rid of itches as well (but you should be able to find it yourself in your yard)

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Lemon Quince (tastes like Lemonade)
« on: October 07, 2019, 12:59:21 AM »
Hi I found this Quince Inn Illinois At Mortun Arboretum (Lisle)
I never hear anything about it though

I may have seeds available

I DId look up After I started this post , and do not see it listed Anyone know where to find the true lemon quince

I swear this is it though tatsed just like lemonade

(note I have another web site that claims they have it In Michigan but they looked smaller
Will have to dig up the name of it , and email them.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Florida Persimmon 30 chromosomes
« on: October 06, 2019, 11:49:51 PM »
Can someone that understands Genetics explain this to me
I've read the florida keys has a Persimmon with 30 chromosomes

I know if Our northern Persimmon (90) gets pollinated by a Kentucky one (60)
they are seedless (I know alittle about meosis, and that)

but what if a 30 chromosomes gets doubled would that go with a kentucky one.

All I read is the northern ones are better tasting ,  and the florida ones are not as good
(I read that alot about other things , and I usually disagree
Like American persimmons are no good when I love them)

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