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Tropical Fruit Discussion / ants farming?
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:10:23 AM »
Anyone knows what's going on here?  Usually I see different species of ants farming scale or mealy bugs in an activity like this. But no bugs visible with naked eyes apart from ants of course.

Recently traveled from US to Europe, with a whole bunch of Sweet Tart mangoes. Just wanted family and friends to taste arguably world's best mango. Anyone in mango growing areas of Southern Europe want seeds, let me know. Seeds are free, just pay actual shipping. I know people here have hard time accessing newer varieties, simply helping you out. Sweet Tart is poly.

The answer isn't clear from Google searches.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Historic marang
« on: May 13, 2018, 08:17:22 PM »
One of my most anticipated trees finally opened its bank account. This could be historic tree. Almost 100% sure it is first fruiting marang in Sri Lanka and possibly on entire Indian subcontinent. I know there are good number of young trees in Kerala, but to my knowledge none fruited yet.
I heard various time frames for first fruiting anywhere from five to nine years, but this fellow did it in 3.5 years since planting as tiny two footer. It grows at least twice as fast as my other marang trees. Not sure why is that. If this is genetic trait, perhaps offsprings are worth cultivating.
Also, I may have been too aggressive with pruning. Young tree was bushy and crowded, so a lot of new branches drifted downwards trying to make U turn around branches above while seeking the sun. Now I got a bunch of fruits almost touching the ground. Easy night time snack for a wildlife  :)

Edit. Not available anymore

This is wholesale offer only.  Have remaining seeds, don't have time for small orders or USDA paperwork. Make reasonable offer and take everything. EMS only. 18 Musang King seeds and 7 "Ice Cream" also called "Kuching Tidur", translates sleeping cat.  Legitimate five star variety.  Apparently even Lindsey never came across this one. See comments sections:

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Doughnut seeds for sale
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:21:08 AM »

Macapuno has no water. Seems like Kopyor variety from Indonesia is not the same,  but the flesh is similar, very soft. Can you Indonesian friends tells us briefly what are they talking about? Seems like at the end of the video they compare it to Macapuno.

I had these seeds reserved for US forum member with whom I was doing trade. So it happened he mailed his permits too late, I already left Malaysia, next few days are busy, next time I can mail these seeds are on Tuesday. It's not good enough for him because seeds will almost certainly arrive sprouted and thus destroyed by US customs.
So, anyway these seeds for anyone to take. You will receive exactly the same 17 seeds as in picture. $90, EMS express shipping included. Seeds come from several very expensive durians, plus EMS isn't cheap. So this is still reasonable value, despite relatively high cost.

Search comes up only for products in jars.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Advise on mango canopy please
« on: February 25, 2017, 07:40:46 PM »
Could anybody from Florida suggest few very good to exellent rated varieties that have wide spreading, umbrella type growth habit?  Good vigor would be helpful.
I'm familiar with flavors of most top tiers, just not sure about growth habit of half of them.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Premium durian seeds for sale.
« on: February 21, 2017, 07:49:14 AM »
Offering Musang King seeds. This is generally considered king of durians, and it has been the champion so far this year. It's very expensive durian, and usually one fruit will only have about 3 bigger seeds. The rest are too small and shrunken to develop into healthy trees. Only bigger seeds, 6 for $85. The price includes EMS express shipping with tracking number for most of the world.  Also Red Prawn seeds, 7 for $80, EMS included. For USA order will ship directly to the receiver only. Too much hassle shipping to inspection stations. Shipping from Malaysia.
Remote countries like S. America, West Indies or South Pacific maybe have additional shipping charge. Let me know your destination first.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Jackfruit grandchild.
« on: January 07, 2017, 03:37:01 AM »
Let's say a seedling from awesome jackfruit turns out just ok, than can a seedling of a new parent have a good chance to revert to a grandparent greatness?

I'm scraping my plants for certain areas of the farm due to drought flare ups in the last few years and now just want to fill up the area with jackfruit seedlings because it is plant and forget it kind of tree. I'm in need for top quality jackfruit seeds,  and so it happens couple Amber seedling fruits are ripening. If they turn out just so so,  not sure if I should be proceed with seedlings. Don't want to fill up entire area with junk. Any ideas?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Is this tree doomed?
« on: August 13, 2016, 01:54:51 AM »
I was wondering what causes this and see if there is a treatment option? The tree is chempadak but I guess any jackfruit treatment in similar situation should work.

Making this post on request of kh0110 in another thread. This is technique I was taught in India earlier this year. First video is how to remove bud. When you remove actual bud from the wood behind, one should be able to hear barely audible clicking sound at the moment of separation. I did not want to upload conversation, so excuse me for cheesy music I put on top.

! No longer available

I did not make other videos or pictures of the process, so following videos is what I found on the internet. How to make an empty patch to place a bud on top. The people in the videos are a bit slow, but experienced grafter does it with amazing speed. From taking bud out, to finishing entire process process with tape under one minute.

! No longer available

! No longer available

Finished "product" should look something like this. For some reason I was told no parts of bud wood, should touch cambium of the seedling. Tape should be removed after 40 days. Once growth has been pushed from the side, leaves emerged and hardened, one should top off old leader to allow this bud sprout to become new trunk of the tree. The same technique can be used on nearly all species, especially on hard to graft species like rambutan and pulasan.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Passion fruit id please
« on: June 11, 2016, 08:04:05 PM »
Basically, I just want to know if these are suitable for my climate, whether they are tropical or subtropical variety? They were found next to cherimoyas and retails for almost the same price.
These are by far the best passion fruits I have come across. Very pretty, biggest, sweetest and soft seeds. Skin or rather shell is semi hard. Peals kind of like boiled egg before you come to a second very thin white layer.

This is probably readily available in Indonesia. I want seeds from a tree with exceptional genetics that produces a lot more liters per day than other palms in the area.

Early apologizes to administrator if he thinks this is inappropriate, but the topic is about palms producing "liquid fruit" so to speak. Hope this topic stays.

Here is alleged list of all palms that can be used for tapping.
Two species aroused special interest. Caryota cumingii and Arenga tremula. Both native to Philippines.
We use Caryota urens, but one of the drawbacks is very long waiting period till first inflorescence. Caryota cumingii seems to be similar in appearance. I cannot find any information that this palm is actually used for sap production. If anyone knows something, would be nice to find out at what age first inflorescence appears and what is approximate production quantity per tree.

Arenga tremula is also on the list but again cannot find any information that it is actually used for tapping. I'm interested because it's dwarf, you don't need to claim for tapping. Anyone in Philippines knows anything about this species?

Final question to anyone. What are ingredients used in your country to prevent rapid sap fermentation? Placed in containers that is still hanging on the tree.  Some plants used I found are rather exotic, not readily available.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID please
« on: February 20, 2016, 01:25:35 PM »
Anyone has an idea what they are? I suspect it's from Jim West seeds.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Abiu question.
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:42:00 AM »
Do abius improve as tree ages? I tasted my first fruit from one of trees few days back and it was nothing like mother fruit I had 3 years ago. Fruit was about 2.5 times smaller with higher latex content. To be fair, it was hanging on very thin branch, and a small 8 foot tree. I assume a chance needs to be given to get impoved?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fruit ID please
« on: January 14, 2016, 08:30:27 AM »
Anyone has any clue what this is? Big fruit, like smaller unhusked coconut. I was told you have to cook for 2.5 hours, and than nearly every miraculous cure bestowed upon you when you eat it, lol!! Not my words. Hence translation to English: miracle fruit.
Given local name does not appear in any searches. Grows on a tree allegedly. Has hard shell like wood apple.

Have seeds of this unique mangosteen, definitely different from regular variety. Fruits are very dark purple, almost black, and calyx also gets purple.  Inside there is always hollow space between fruit and rind, unlike no space in regular mangosteen. Also I never encountered gamboge inside despite having external signs. It taste slightly better than regular mangosteen by having sharper flavor.  $2 per seed, 5 seeds minimum, $8 shipping.

Durio oxleyanus. I was not very impressed during my last encounters with this species, but this time it's really different. Very good durian (more likely much better strain /parent tree). It has slight bitterness of unique flavor very much desired by durian snobs. "Red durian" describes as hint of lemon peel edge.

$22 for 5 seeds, $10 shipping.

Marang. From good quality creamy  fruit. Like mix of banana pudding and sugar apple. Don't really care about price or money. Make an offer and I'll accept it if you live in real tropical climate where this fruit unknown.  Basically, just cover shipping cost. If I encounter superior quality fruit, can re-send. Just cover shipping.

Scorodocarpus borneensis/Garlic nut  When you crack the shell, actual nut is a nutmeg size. Can be used the same way as nutmeg as well, graded into dishes. Not edible when raw. $3 per seed. Very long germination period, see bottom of the page:


As many of you know most artocarpus family trees grow into very big trees. To make them more compact, I have been experimenting with various pruning techniques. These are not described in any books or manuals. Basically, I just improvise as I go along. So far quite happy with a few early results.

Artocarpus elasticus. Topped at chest height, picture taken after 6 weeks. It developed two sprouts, two future leaders.

10 months later nice two trunks growing sideways. Untopped tree ( not pictured) still reaching for the sky on a single trunk.

Chempedak Topped at chest height with side branching already developed. It did not grow any upwards leader after 6 weeks.

After 10 months still no new upwards leader, but got 3 nice branches taking leading role. Keeping leaders down with rope for a few weeks to establish 45 degree angle growth.

Jackfruit, I thought this would be easiest to control, as it already had few side branches to assume leading roles. I topped, and nothing like happened. First picture, 6 weeks after topping. Just tiny sprout at the top, but 10 months later this tiny sprout gained 8 feet. You can see where the cut was made as trunk shifted to a side a little. Other 2 jackfruits reacted the same way. Strange, but no bushy growth.

Marang  I cut lots of marangs at various heights. I find this species one of the easiest to control as they always develop three side branches at the area of the cut.

Marang nr. 1  Cut at the chest height. This is a picture after 6 weeks. Nice branching developing.

After 10 months side branches gained substantial growth at low level.

Topped, this tree once again. It looks out of shape now, but I believe I"ll get resumed upwards growth, and more energy going to the branches near the cut.

Marang nr. 2

Cut this tree at what might seem crazy level of about 1.5 feet only. About a year ago it still looked tiny but nice crown. Now it has gained growth and looks really good. It's my favorite looking marang tree. Great, low growing crown of three leaders.  It's a bit slower to grow than others, but I believe there is external issue as porcupine took substantial chunk of the trunk. It has healed now.


I had most success with this one out of all pedalai trees. Success seems to come yet again from very yearly radical cuts. Topped this tree at about one and half foot.  Looked like this:

Cut upwards leader once again here:

Basically it developed split into two architecture. Top the trunk, than top both 2 new trunks, now four leaders, and those leaders once again splitting into two with more cuts.  I really like the way this tree looks now. It is wider than taller. 13 feet across.

Note on other artocarpus species. No success yet with A. anisophyllus and A. hirsutus. They develop new leaders and keep going up as if nothing happened. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Monkey proof fruit trees?
« on: January 01, 2016, 04:09:32 AM »
I'm curious what are macaque monkey ( or monkeys in general) proof fruit trees as they make frequent raids from bordering forest. Most annoying thing is that there is plenty of food in forest, but seems like they take sick pleasure when stealing from humans.  Coconut and jackfruit trees suffer especially.  This is from Wikipedia: " Even there are plenty of foods present in natural habitation, toque macaques enjoy to take any food with little effort around human dwellings". 
Are there any fruit trees they won't touch until very ripe?  I used to think that breadfruit would be good candidate, but I'm now getting conflicting info that it's not the case.  Any input is appreciated, especially from Indian members as your subspecies are very similar in behavior.

Just came back from Western Amazon, very fresh seeds available. Taken out of the fruits just two days ago. Everything is also for trade. Next week especially looking for scions in S. FL.  Need top mameys, Bangkok Lemon and Excalibur Red scions, Hasaya sapodilla, San Fernandez custard apple, Bangkok Lemon seeds.

Chupa-chupa. Just like people describe it. A fusion of mango, papaya and cantaloupe flavors. Great fruit.  4 seeds $20, $4 shipping anywhere in the world. [/s] Not available anymore.

Giant Rollinia. I tasted a lot of Rollinias in the Amazon, but this was the best in every aspect. The biggest, most impressive looking, firm when ripe, and most importantly the best taste. Fruit is so big I barely wrap my palm around it Weights as much as medium size durian. Only seeds from the fruit on the left.  $10 for 5 seeds.  $4 shipping anywhere in the world.

Camu-camu As many of you already know this is the fruit with highest vitamin C content in the world.  $15 for 5 seeds.  $4 shipping anywhere in the world.

I also went into jungle looking for a medicinal tree: Sangre de Drago ( croton lechleri) or Blood of the Dragon in English. Unfortunately some trees are only beginning to flower right now, so seeds should be available in about 3 months. If any of you wish to purchase, let me know and I'll know how many to order from a contact person. They should be selling for around $3-4 a seed. The sap is highly potent and medicinal. For example, said to heal a cut or wound 4 times faster than left alone. There are countless other benefit attributed to the sap.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Jackpot!
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:16:21 AM »
Some people eagerly wait for mango season, but I actually just as eagerly wait for persimmon season. Finally feels like hitting a mini jackpot:)  Today I tasted absolutely the best persimmons ever. Rich flavor, zero astringency, very sweet, melts in your mouth texture. This particular brand was superior to those sold by weight. Truly lives up up to premium billing. In my book excellent persimmon is in the same league as good mango (I do differentiate between good and excellent mangoes).  I don't know why it does not enjoy popularity with zone 9 growers. Very few growers in South Eastern US. Should be more widely planted.

Only ate few softest, most saturated exterior color ones.

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