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Hawaii grown ackee!  Savory and filling, with a scrambled egg like taste.  Primary ingredient in Jamaica's national dish, ackee and saltfish.

Seeds:  5 seeds for $20 (includes priority mail within the USA and $10 extra for international).  The seeds will be removed from the fruit the day of shipping in order to help ensure viable seeds.  Surface sterilized and shipped in sphagnum moss.

Plants:  Organically grown 1 to 2 foot tall seedlings.  One gallon pots.  $95 per tree or $75 a tree for two or more trees.  Includes priority mail within the USA and phytosanitary inspection.  Currently not shipping to CA, TX, LA, or AZ. 

PM your order.  Payment via Paypal. 

Currently not shipping the fruit due to liability and agricultural restrictions.

Disclaimer about the plants:  The trees will leave with photos showing green cambium via a scratch test.  We guarantee that the tree will arrive on the date of arrival in good health.  After that, its at the buyer's risk!  Sorry, there are too many factors in the aftercare, for example: how long some people let them sit in the box in the hot sun!  In other words, once the box arrives at your destination with living trees, it's out of our hands.  However, in the unlikely event that the cambium is not green on the date of arrival, we will replace the trees.   

Please note that the unripe fruit is poisonous!  It has to be open, like in the below photos, before you eat it.

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