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Papaya's should be arrested for false advertising.  They look tropical and delicious.  Logic says they should rate with mangoes for flavor, but I have yet to taste a papaya that didn't make want to gag.  Are there any varieties of Papaya that would change my mind?  Thanks.

I know turpentine is probably the most common mango rootstock in Florida, but are there others that are as good or better like Sabre?  My neighbor has a Sabre mango tree that produces hundreds of mangos that just rot on the ground.  Is Sabre as good as turpentine for rootstock?

Yes before you ask they taste bad.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango ID help
« on: July 07, 2018, 06:19:04 PM »
My elderly neighbor has an old badly damaged ugly mango tree absolutely covered with hundreds of these small 4-6 ounce mangoes. The flavor profile is basically mild/bland one note Asian.  No significant fiber but very firm even after they drop from the tree.  I have been trying to ID this mango for awhile.
Closest match I can find is a Sabre mango. Any educated guesses? 

This is my neighbors 10-15 year old mango tree.  First time I've ever seen it flower or fruit.  Only holding one fruit.  Has unusual somewhat narrow and smallish leaves.  Elderly neighbor doesn't know the variety.  Tree has an attractive rounded growth habit.  Thanks.

Is MBBS a problem for certain varieties of mangoes on the Florida WEST Coast yet?  If not is it just a matter of time?  Thanks.

Is John Painter/Pantropic Groves still doing retail fruit and/or tree sales at his home/orchard on Pine Island in Bokeelia?  If so is does he have hours or a preferred protocol before stopping by his place?  Someone said last time they were there it looked like he had taken down his sign.  Thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Citrus Mango Survey Shootout
« on: June 27, 2018, 01:24:22 PM »
Gary Zill just keeps cranking them out.  Lemon Zest though very good wasn't included as it's apparently not recommended for growing in humid climates - Like most of Florida.  PLEASE DON'T VOTE UNLESS YOU'VE ACTUALLY SAMPLED ALL 3.   THANKS!!   8) 8) 8)

If you were to plant a 1000 MONOEMBRYONIC mango seeds of the same variety would each seed produce something that tasted unique & had major or slightly different characteristics...........or would a large number of them be essentially indistinguishable from the parent without genetic DNA testing? 

« on: June 22, 2018, 05:01:41 PM »
Once again my Carrie mango tree got thinned out this year by some moron taking the fruit 30 days too soon.  Carrie here ripens in Mid-July/Early August.  I don't mind people helping themselves to the occasional ripe fruit since I share with neighbors anyway, but what really jerks my chain is mango thieves that are too blithering stupid and steal mangoes that aren't even close to being ready & just waste the fruit.   I suspect it's my neighbors landscapers, workers, etc......since all my neighbors know all they have to do is ask.

Any suggestions on how to booby trap mango trees?  Punji stakes, Malaysian swing, Bear Trap, Claymores, ICE Agents?

Are J-12, Super Julie & Fairchild Ruby all the same thing?

Would grouping mango trees in the orchard according to season (Early, Middle, Late) likely result in any improved pollination, fruit set & yield?

Just wondering about how long it takes for Turpentine seeds to grow to grafting size?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Late Mangoes: Beverly vs. Cotton Candy
« on: June 19, 2018, 10:43:59 PM »
1. Does Cotton Candy suffer from black spot or any other major issues like Kent?

2. Which one of these varieties is later?

3. Which one tastes better & the better tree to plant?


I was hoping to plant a couple LATE season Mango trees. Keitt & Kent along with Beverly were at the top of my list as likely choices.  So I was concerned to see that Tropical Acres now no longer recommends Keitt or Kent for home planting due to newer disease issues. Are the problems really that bad?  We don't have enough good late season varieties now as it is.

I have found great sources for Mangoes (ie Squam), but are there any places in FLORIDA that have a WIDE VARIETY of Avocados for sale & WHO SHIP.  Acquiring avocado trees isn't my problem.  Finding a place to buy/taste the fruit before planting the trees is.  Squam (Tropical Acres) rules for his massive variety of mangoes - who is the avocado fruit king equivalent? Thanks. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Squam - Tropical Acres Farms Order Review
« on: June 08, 2018, 05:49:26 PM »
Hey All

Just finished off a custom variety box of early variety mangoes from Squam/Alex.   The Glenns, Duncans & PPK's stole the show.  Angie, Rosigold & Dupuis Saigon didn't appeal to to my palate, but your mileage may vary.  Avoid the temptation of eating them a day early and you'll be rewarded with a much better eating experience.  Once again thanks Alex for being a wealth of information & providing a valuable resource we can all enjoy.  Keep up the good work sir.

1. PPK'S (8.0 to 8.25) - If you eat them a day early they're a pleasantly tart & lemony (8.0).  Give them just an extra day & they take on an even better orangey sweeter flavor (8.25).  Wait an extra day for fully ripe - it's worth it.  Excellent Mango that anyone could like.  Not the perfect "10" that some people describe, but still VERY good.  Met expectations.

2. Glenns (8.25) - Great breakfast mango.  Still the #1 best heavenly smelling Mango I know of even before you cut into it. First one I ate I didn't let it fully ripen & it was a bit watery & diluted tasting as other people have mentioned about Glenns.  The other one I gave an extra couple of extra days & it was one of the best mild tasting Mango's I've ever had.  It was like a really good juicy garden fresh refreshing ice cold cantaloupe.  Strong pleasant cantaloupe flavor.  Glenn exceeded my expectations.

3. Duncan (8.0) - What a delightful mango.  Very smooth, juicy & refreshing.  Very enjoyable eating experience & under rated/taken for granted Mango.  Smooth & slightly creamy like it Edward ancestor, with a hint of Asian flavor that wasn't objectionable for those who don't care for most "one note" Asian type Mango (like me). Duncan also exceeded my expectations.

All three of these varieties were top tier & I would highly recommend & are deserving of yard space.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Need help completing Squam Mango Order
« on: May 29, 2018, 12:33:53 AM »
I am doing a custom Mango order of untried varieties with Squam soon and have room for a few more varieties to add.  These are some of the varieties that he has in season that I couldn't find much info on in the forum or net & that I've never had before.  Are there any here that are standouts of say "8" or above on this list?  Not a fan of overly "mild" or "one note" mangoes (Nam Doc). I prefer sweet, tart, complex & full flavored mangoes (Maillika/Carrie/Edward/Dot).  Thanks for any input.

Ah Ping
Dupuis Saigon
Hindi Bessenara
Peach (Different than Juicy Peach??)

I ruled out Falan, Florigon, Jean Ellen & Okrung as they didn't sound like exceptional varieties from what I read. 

Hey Guys

Planning on adding a few more mango trees and would like input on what the top 3 EARLY, MID & LATE mangoes are for those that don't have unlimited space.  From other posts this is what I came up with.  Since this is about trees and not just fruit - fruiting reliability & disease/cold resistance are also factors to be considered.  I already have a mature Carrie & Valencia Pride.


1. Edward (Already locked in on planting this one)
2. Glenn  (Already a Lock)
3. Other - PPK, Coconut Cream, Cac, Dot, Rosa, Dwarf Hawaiian, Spirit of '76

MID (Already have Carrie & Valencia Pride so looking to avoid similars)

1. Sweet Tart
2. Lemon Zest??
3. Super Julie, Orange Sherbet, Orange Essence J-12, Mallika, etc. ???


1. Venus  (I believe Alex has said this was the all-round best tasting late mango)
2. Keitt
3. Beverly, Cotton Candy Honey Kiss, etc.????

Thanks for your help & suggestions.

PS -  If anyone is ordering Mangoes from Alex, his Edward, Malika's, PPK, Glenn & Duncan were EXCELLENT. 

Hey guys

I have experimented with trying to grow about 5-6 different common banana varieties over the years here in 9B all with the same results.  They grow fine until the first frost hits and then they are killed outright or at least down to the ground.  Even if they come back there isn't enough time for them grow, flower & mature fruit in the approx. 9 month window between frosts.  Are there any good tasting very fast growing "idiot proof" banana varieties that will reliably produce fruit here in 9B?   I'm sure there probably are, but so far I have had rotten luck with my few attempts with bananas and it's discouraged me from trying again.


I have often been told that Washington Navels don't hold their juice & produce quality fruit in Florida due to our hot summers here, thus the reason for Florida navel varieties like Glen, Varn/Varney, etc.  which while okay don't taste the same or as good as a California/Washington navel IMO.  Despite it not being recommended I planted a Washington Navel (which can be found in Florida nurseries) a few years ago just to see for myself.  The tree has been VERY slow growing (even for a navel), but otherwise healthy.  The few fruit it has produced haven't been very good as expected, but the tree is still small.

Has anyone else grown California/Washington navels in Florida and if so what was your experience with them?  Do they taste like store bought Navels or better?  If Washington's truly don't do well in Florida what is the best tasting standard (non-red) Navel variety for Florida 9B - Glen, Dream, Late, etc.?  I have grown Varn Navels before on recommendation and while they were pretty good they weren't "outstanding".


About 15 years ago my highly experienced citrus guy recommended that I try growing an "Oneco" mandarin.  It's an old variety that was developed in Oneco, Florida in the 1800's.  90% of the fruit the tree has ever produced has been very dry & pithy or watery & flavorless.   HOWEVER, on certain RARE occasions the tree has produced a few fruit that were sweet and excellent and tasted like "Sunny Delight" and were equal to or better than a Dancy.  Also "old" nursery descriptions of the fruit describe it as "the flavor is not surpassed by any other mandarin".

Is there anyone else who has grown "Oneco's" and if so what was your experience with them?


I hear a lot of people complaining that their Mango trees haven't set fruit in several years, or their neighbor's tree has fruit but theirs doesn't, or it was a bad year for "Carrie" or some other variety for unknown reasons.  While there can obviously be more than one reason or a combination of reasons I'd be interested what people believe the biggest factor(s) are. 

A lot of people would love to be able to grow cados (and mangos) 12 months out of the year.  Like Mango's choices for good early spring varieties seems to have few if any good choices.

Are there any good tasting cold hardy (circa 25 degree) Florida avocado varieties that come into season in early spring in 9B, i.e. March/April?  I have yet to find any.  The problem/confusion is complicated by varying ripening times by region, weather or discrepancies in stated ripening times.  i.e. - One well known nursery says Brogdon's ripen Sept-Nov in South Florida on the website, while people who I know with Brogdon's claim it is a summer July-Sept fruit here in 9B.



I have been growing Valencia's for years for fresh juice, but have also heard the Page Orange (mandarin) is excellent for juice as well.  I have never had the chance to taste a Page.  Question:  Does the Page surpass Valencia head to head in a fresh squeezed juice taste test as a dooryard tree?


Seedless Mandarins tho widely grown in CA for awhile, are not as commonly seen in Florida.  Wondering what peoples experience has been with them in South Florida and if they flavor up and stay sweet & juicy in Florida hot summers.  There are some varieties of citrus that perform well in CA, but can be dry & pithy in Florida.

POLL: Best Tasting/Performing SEEDLESS Mandarin for South Florida

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