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I removed a citrus tree the other day and was surprised how deep the roots went-3 feet at the center . Here in Florida often the water table is just 3-7 feet below the surface.  In fact Im hitting moist soil at 2.0-3 feet. Not clumping but definitley moist damp soil.  Supposedly the best citrus in Florida is grown in the Indian River district which also has a high water table.

Over the years Ive been using well water irrigation on my citrus. With such a high water table why would growers even irrigate at all?

Wondering if I should stop entirely.. any one else not watering citrus in these areas?

Citrus General Discussion / No Navel on my Navel
« on: December 21, 2016, 09:12:24 PM »
Ok,  question to the forum-

I have a navel orange tree I purchases from a Nursery three years ago. The tag on the tree said Navel Orange. The fruit have no navel and the skin is fairly thin. Larger than a softball in size.  All the Navel oranges Ive seen have the signature navel oppisite the stem.  There is nothing on these oranges.

 Are there Navels that have no navels or am I growing something else? 

Citrus General Discussion / Storage and shelf life of Citrus Seeds?
« on: December 17, 2016, 10:16:17 PM »
Im collecting citrus seeds and am wondering what if any is the best method to save/store them?. Also curious how long they can remain viable?


Anyone know where I can find one here in Florida to buy online?

For some time I have been looking for a product that I could apply in the fall close to harvest that would act as a fungicide but more importanlty could deter/kill  mites. Every year my fruit becomes scarred and trees infested with mites.  I have used  everything from Neem oil
to Agrimek and nothing seems to work. Then I came across micronized sulfer which says it kills mites and also acts as a fungicide.  tI can be applied up to one day before harvest. Has anyone used this before and how did it work?

product- Bonide Sulfer Plant Fungicide

Citrus General Discussion / Louisiana Sweet Orange
« on: October 31, 2016, 04:53:29 PM »
Ive heard two different stories on this cultivar--

Those folks in Louisiana say it is hardier than a Hamlin orange, is covered in thorns and the fruit size is larger. Seedier but at the same time the fruit juice quality is superior to Hamlin. Many  Louisiana state agriculture sites list Hamlin and Louisiana Sweet separately.

Others say it is a Hamlin orange tree nothing more.

Im curious what the real deal is behind this orange tree. As sweet oranges go- Hamlin are supposedly the most cold hardy. Claims in Louisiana say Louisiana Sweet is much more cold hardy than Hamlin. If so Id like to source one...

Anyone know for sure or have info on this ?

Citrus General Discussion / Anyone growing Hamlin on US-897?
« on: October 26, 2016, 01:36:14 PM »

I planted one a few  feet from the south wall of the house... supposedly field tests limit to 9 feet and thats after 10 years..  Year 3 and its 8 feet now. I can only use the " Honey...its a dwarf " line so many times to my wife . The tree was banded and
showing US-897 from a reputable nursery. Anyone else out there have experience with this rootstock? comparision to flying dragon?

Also, second question. Any danger to a slab foundation - planted 2.5 feet out from the  corner of the foundation? Slab was poured 8 inches thick. Im under the impression citrus root systems are more matted as Ive seen in my other trees...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Question on Barbados Cherry Seeds
« on: October 25, 2016, 08:17:31 PM »

Does anyone know how long Barbados Cherry seeds are good for? Ive been saving the seeds and some are now a little over a year. Iv just been drying them out filling up a cup. Thank you for the information.

Citrus General Discussion / Dekopon Log Zone 8b/9a North Florida
« on: October 21, 2016, 12:36:40 AM »
Hi all.  After reading Millets postings and scant others on the net it became apparent to me the need for more actual information on growing this particular  citrus. Id like to preface this log by saying that Im not a pro citrus grower. Im a backyard citrus student of 15 years. Many of those years spent trolling the net looking for information when I got into a bind.  Hopefully this log will give someone else some new ideas.  Please feel free to add to, correct or nullify any information on this log for the benefit of others.

This post starts recording information on Shiranui/Dekopon performance for others  in North Florida or those in similar grow zones.  There are  2 test plants : First planted last year  in November 2015 to test conventional wisdom and the second in June of this year. Both are in ground. I am  currently building a greenhouse around them and several other citrus trees which will share the space.

Background Information:
Pensacola Florida zone 8b/9a (depending where you live. I happen to be in on 9a by five miles). Water table 3 feet. Sandy soil. Full sun at 8 or more per day. Well water irrigation- ph 5.5 steady.  Climate- hot humid hot then 3 months of winter which have included 8 sub 32 events lowest at 27 degrees. Up two three weeks of constant 38-50  degrees  night lows. Mild winter last year.
The first Dekopon was planted in November  15 at 3 feet tall and was covered in agribon frost cloth  and  one string of Christmas lights when freezing temps were present . Spring brought flower and 39 set fruit. No fruit drop through summer and very little if any leaf drop.  Unusual for fruit set  considering time between transplant and fruit set. Interesting note adjacent Navel orange and blood orange trees suffered rust mite  outbreaks on all fruit which has been controlled but no evidence of mites or  russeting on any Dekopon fruit.  Citrus red mite  outbreak immediatly after application of Mach 2.0 mid summer. Citrus leaf miner damage  through summer to new flushes. Following a photo out of Japan I supported each limb with twine which has been very succesfull now that the fruit are starting to turn color and size up. Current size 5 feet with 4 foot spread.
The second dekopon was transplanted out of pot at 3 feet and has languished. Slight yellowing of leaves, no new growth. Evidencing transplant shock.  Neither growing or dying.

Fertilized Deko1 March May July- 1 cup citrus ferts. No fertilizer on Deko2  other than 1/4 strength fish emulsion foliar to leaves and 1/2 stength fish emulsion to base in August to counter what I initially thought was inadequate nitrogen.

Tomorrow Im going to post pictures of the plants and methods I used to limb support Deko1. See you tomorrow!

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