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Yes I did dare to put grafted mango tree from Florida in Southern California(zone10b) ground.
The first image is when my kesar mango tree arrived from Plant-O-Grams Nursery, Florida on April 12, 2018.FYI I took the first picture after I took out the flower panicle that was without any fruit on branch on right that. (an impulsive part of me on both counts)
I planted the tree on April 18,2018. I added cow manure, organic fertilizer, worm castings, some gypsum(to loosen the clay soil for good drainage) and iron sulphate and elemental sulfur (recommendations through the soil testing results that my yard is very low in iron and has 7.4 ph).After the planting, not only April but almost whole month of May was gray with low cloud cover with temperatures in low 60s and nighttime in 40s. Last week of May it started to get warmer and I noticed buds swelling on my kesar mango. I was happy at first that my mango tree has settled down in its new ground and climate and showing some sign of growth but it also got me to skeptical of bud being vegetative or floral following unexpected low temperatures for long time.
Rest of the pictures are of the progress on my mango tree that I have been seeing past week.
Sorry for being descriptive but I wanted to give as much information out before I ask my questions. Here are some questions that I need answers to so I donít loose my mango tree and help it grow healthy and strong.

   1) Do you think my tree can take fruiting (I donít know the age but came in 3 gallon pot, 1/2 inch in trunk diameter )?
   2) If yes then do you think it will flush out after harvest which will be very late maybe in October?
   3) Or I take out panicles on main branch and leave those on smaller branches and it will flush out leaves and develop fruit at same time? Will it work that way?
   4) Letís say I have to take out all the panicles then when or what stage I should cut them to get some vegetative growth this year? (Temperatures here are in upper 80s and some 90s).
   5) Also some of the leaves at bottom have turned yellow and tips are browning. Is it normal or any disease or nutrient deficiency causing them.
For sure it is challenging to grow mango trees in SC. I would highly appreciate all the inputs and suggestions. Thanks a lot!

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