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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Brazilian rare species
« on: February 27, 2017, 08:10:36 PM »
Dear friends
I have available some very rare species, native to the Amazon region. Most of them are available in very limited quantities.

For more information please send PM

Price in USD, per seed.

Onichopetalum periquino (envira caju) -  Annonaceae  - 4,00

Delicious, highly productive fruits. There is a variety of yellow, and red bark. Size and shape of a plum.

Spondias globosa (Taperibá) - Anacardiaceae - 4,00

Very rare and restricted to small distribution areas.

Spondias testudinis (tortoise's caja) -  Anacardiaceae - 6,00

Very very rare

Annona sp (Ata do mato) Annonaceae - 4,00

Good taste

Chrysophyllum sp (Guapeva branca) - Sapotaceae - 4,00

Very sweet. Excellent flavor

Jacaratia digitata (Mamão do mato) - Caricaceae - 1,50

Sweet, similar to papaya

Garcinia sp (Bacupari riscado) Clusiaceae - 3,00

Nice taste, very productive tree

Plinia inflata?? - (Araça laranja) Myrtaceae - 2,50

Cauliflorous fruiting . Fruits with nice taste

Astrocaryum ulei (murumuru do Acre) Arecaceae - 4,00

Very tasty and attractive

Inga velutina (Inga peludo) Fabaceae - 2,00


Spondias sp (Caja redondo grande) Anacardiaceae - 5,00

Taste similar to other Spondias. Bigger size

Pouteria sp (guapeba) Sapotaceae - 3,00

Taste similar to Canistel

Attalea princeps (Urucuri) Arecaceae - 3,00

Edible fruits and seeds

Garcinia sp (Bacuri da mata) Clusiaceae - 4,00

Large fruits, Sweet/sour

Abuta sp (guaribinha) Menispermaceae - 2,00

Sweet, Vine

Naucleopsis caloneura (Muiratinga) - Moraceae - 3,00

Very rare, Sweet

Attalea butyracea (Jaci) - Arecaceae - 4,00

Edible fruit and seed

Pouteria sp (Guapeva casca dura) Sapotaceae - 3,00

Large tree, sweet taste, Little amount of pulp

Brosimum uleanum (Manite) - Moraceae - 2,00


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