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These are the last two varieties Iím looking to buy. I checked all nurseries near Merritt island and cocoa I could think of and every Loweís and Home Depot in a 25 mile radius of Merritt Island. The only tropic beauty I could find left is in Alachua almost 3 hours away and other than going to every Home Depot or Loweís in Orlando I have no leads on tropic snow. I did find one 15 gallon tropic snow in Loweís Rockledge but it is far too big for me to manage, get home, and plant on my own.  If anyone has any leads in these two varieties preferably without me driving 200 miles each way please let me know. I have already planted Florida prince, Florida belle, and tropic sweet. Thanks.

Iím shedding the ones that werenít the low maintenance or shape or type of fruit I wanted. I have several I want gone. For sure an LSU purple that could honestly be turned into a few trees due to it sprouting from the ground far enough apart you could probably cut it on into separate trees with roots. The Nero 600m is most likely spoken for. A Celeste/TN mountain. Probably want the desert king gone as well and maybe one more I just am not sure about yet. You will need to dig them up and I will not dig and ship. I do have shovels and I will help. I would appreciate a small donation so I can buy some soil/ black cow for what will replace them but if not I wonít complain much either. Trees are all 3-4 feet tall and were started as cuttings in March of 2018. I also have a Brazilian red banana that I would like dug up and taken away also. If possible I would love to trade for a pup from any banana variety I donít have preferably something that makes full size bananas as all mine are minis except for one.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Space coast/Orlando Florida nurseries please!
« on: September 24, 2019, 05:32:17 PM »
I am looking for another low chill peach, a June plum, and any low chill warm weather plum or apple if possible. I was going to make the 2.5 hour drive to Excalibur but would really prefer to find a place closer. Any chance anyone knows a place on the space coast or Orlando area? Thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Zone 9b space coast Florida peaches?
« on: September 13, 2019, 12:44:54 AM »
Rumor has it I can grow peaches here. What varieties and can I still put them in ground now or should I wait?  Thanks so Much!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / What to plant next?
« on: April 26, 2019, 08:09:25 AM »
I had a couple spots open up and now I would like to fill them with something new. I currently have bananas, figs, mangos, Sugar belle citrus, atemoya, wurtz avocado, and a completely unproductive guava. Location is 9b I would like something that is low maintenance and can be kept at a manageable size. I ask now because I donít come to south Florida that often anymore but I will be driving home in a few days and will be going by Excalibur and could bring something home. Thanks!

Citrus General Discussion / Honeybell and HLB
« on: April 04, 2019, 08:18:11 PM »
I have been having a talk with another forum member via messenger about HLB resistant/tolerant citrus and one of the types that came up was the Honeybell. I went out and bought a couple Honeybell fruits the following day and was blown away by how good they are and easy to peel and eat. I would love to grow one of these trees but being unsure of how it is affected by citrus greening I am hesitant. This other member suggested that he/she believes that it has some resistance as Florida growers have started to replace their infected trees with the Honeybell. Can anyone comment on this or know if this is working? I did not ask permission to use this individuals screen name hence the anonymity however feel free to chime in here if you like. I would be excited to grow this variety but I would be hesitant to grow something that would just end up dying or not producing down the road. If anyone has any info on this or any other resistant/tolerant varieties please share. I am excited about the prospect of this type or any for that matter that will do well. Iím in Florida space coast 9b. Thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango grafting/pruning experts please...
« on: March 27, 2019, 10:26:05 AM »
I have a Maha Chanok mango tree I planted a couple years ago. Year one it ended up getting infected with something that almost killed it. Severe damage on one side which resulted in one of the main limbs dying off. I treated it and it didnít look like it would survive but 3 days after spraying the healed damage with pruning seal it took off and put on a lot of growth last year. This year it also looks very healthy but the problem now is that where the one limb died off nothing has grown in its place and one whole side of the tree seems to have almost no growth. I am aware that I could trim back the new growth it has but I want to encourage the tree to grow not cut it back. Is there another way to stimulate growth on the weaker growing side or can I take new growth and graft it on to the main stalk to make it branch out more? I have no experience grafting I just want the tree to balance out. Thanks so much.

Iíve done searches and found mixed results. My NDM died but I have a Peach mango and Thai Everbearing both of which have one fairly tall and one much smaller stem. I would like. To. Trim the not true to type one back and research seems to show most people are of the opinion to trim the smaller one but some disagree. Is there a consensus here? Thanks!

Hello all. From the research I go from all of you here las year I planted a small Sugar Belle tree due to its HLB tolerance and the tree is rowing very well. Finding this tree was very difficult due to the demand. I have some more space in the yard and would like to plant another citrus tree. Are there any other options that have come out as being tolerant of the disease? My understanding is that the sugar belle was a release from UCF research. Perhaps they have had more options released within the last year? I would really love a ruby red grapefruit tree but not willing to risk planting a tree to have it not be able to produce or die if infected. I am on the space coast of Florida in 9b. Thanks everyone for any input possible.

I have been doing a season long tasting with as many varieties of mangos as I can get thanks to Tropical Acres Farms which I will post the results of my tastings at a later date. Spoiler alert. They are incredible! Mango heaven. Anyway... I have decided to plant a Duncan for now maybe another later. If I get a tree in ground this month am I making a mistake? Is it too late? Would the tree be healthier if I waited until spring? Zone 9b space coast FL and the plan would be a largeish tree if I can find one somewhere. Thanks!

Yes this thread is almost identical to another one in regards to avocados but I will likely buy a mango and avocado on the same day due to the driving distance to Excalibur. I planted several fruit trees last year in my yard and as far as mangos go I have a Pickering and Honey Kiss that have fruit on them this year already and are doing very well. My Mahachanok is not doing well and seems to have suffered some serious and possibly irreparable damage which I posted about last week sometime. I will give this tree a month or two to show me that it will stay alive. That being said all these are in the back yard. I have two great spots possibly three for trees I can put in the front yard this year. One will likely go to an avocado while one will likely go to another mango that compliments my others well. I live in zone 9b on the space coast of Florida with very good draining sandy soil. I would prefer to keep a tree pruned to about 12 feet so I can reach all the fruit but a little taller is ok. I would like something that could possibly extend my ripening season of my other mangoes if possible either by being earlier or later than the other varieties or ideally something that ripens fruit multiple times throughout the year. Disease resistance is something that is important to me especially after seeing my Mahachanok take such a beating. Wind tolerance is important since this will be in the front yard not the back and wonít have protections from the house and nearby fence it will be in the open. I would prefer a prolific reliable fruiter and of course something that makes a great tasting mango. I have not tried a lot of mangoes(including the ones I have) but I have tried a Philippine and I loved it. I appreciate any suggestions you all may have on what would work well for me. Thank you!

Last year was a big year of filling most of my yard with several different fruit trees. I currently have at least two prime spots left with which to plant. One of those spots will likely be a mango of some type to compliment the three I already have in the back yard but I would love to do an avocado on the other side of the front yard. Behind the house I already have a Wurtz avocado that I planted last year. It has very little progress last year but so far is really putting on some growth this year. I bought this avocado as I heard that it would maintain a compact growth habit and that was important based on its current location however I have a little more room up front. I would like to grow a tree that can be kept ideally under 12 feet with pruning so I can get to all the fruit but if it got a little taller that would be ok. The Wurtz I understand is an ďAĒ type avocado I believe so in an ideal world I would want one that is a B type if there are good varieties to choose from. I would like a good quality fatty Hasslike fruit and the longer the ripening season the better especially if it ripens at different times than the Wurtz. I am on the Space Coast of Florida in zone 9B very close to salt/brackish water. My soil drains very well but is basically all just sand. Where I am located close to the water I often have milder temperatures than only a few miles inland but I still do hit 30 degrees as a low a couple times a year and high 20s can happen one night every 10 years or so. If anyone could please suggest what varieties I should look at that meet my desires as well as will grow well in my climate and soil type. I originally had considered a Gwen but saw that it is an A type and although self fertile I hear having an A and a B in the same yard(opposite sides of the house unfortunately) can make both produce better. I appreciate any help that you all may have and thank you!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Is my Maha Chanok dead?
« on: April 30, 2018, 12:39:49 PM »
I planted this tree last spring. It seemed to grow very well but toward the end of the summer it developed some scarring and damage around the trunk and some of the limbs. One limb completely died from the damage. I treated it with some 3 in 1 spray which stopped the spreading but it never quite did much after that. The cracked and scarred bark leaked a sap almost constantly and has since the damage occurred. It did not flower this year and also is not showing any new growth. Below the scarring there is a new branch developing almost like the tree is trying to grow below where it has died. If the tree will recover and be ok I donít mind nursing it for a season but if it is damaged beyond repair or will be a headache to heal I will just rip it out of the ground and get another one to put in itís place.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Are these banana pups ready to pull?
« on: April 16, 2018, 04:18:07 PM »
Hello all and thank you again for all of your wisdom. I have two different banana pups I was hoping to remove for a friend and wanted to make sure they are big enough and healthy enough to thrive when removed. What are your thoughts? One is dwarf Namwa the other is some kind of Brazilian red. I apologize the photos arenít in the right order but only two different pups here just one of the photos of each I put my hand in the photo for size reference. Thanks.

So research I did last year led me to the sugar belle that I wanted to plant this March but I have started to second guess and wonder if another variety would be best for me. I want a tree that is low maintenance that will produce a good tasting fruit reliably and preferably for as long of a season as possible.  Of course something that is greening resistant is essential. Also I canít even seem to find a sugar belle anywhere so anything i can buy now preferably locally or online if need be would be helpful as well. I would like something that is a good eating fruit and not a lemon or lime something with some sweetness. Thanks everyone!

Citrus General Discussion / Favorite citrus options...
« on: August 10, 2017, 10:53:58 PM »
So I have bananas, figs, mangos, avocado, guava, even Atemoya but no citrus.  I have a great spot for a citrus but what to grow?  I want prolific, preferably a long season and a fruit that stays on the tree well so I can pick at my leasure. A healthy grower, tolerant of disease and drought if need be. Basically the Toyota of citrus with a long season and a delicious fruit. Brown's select satsuma has been recommended as well as owari.  I'm open to ideas and I appreciate all your help! What do I grow and just as important as that is where do I get it? I'm in brevard county FL.

The title says it. I'm looking for one of each and I'm in Merritt Island FL. I made a trip down to Excalibur a couple weeks ago and they didn't have either one in stock. I have called a couple local places but no luck. If anyone has any leads on where I can get these that would be helpful. I looked at going bananas online but they don't take credit cards which to me is a disqualifier and also I can't always be home to wait for a delivery so I would like to buy local if possible. Thanks everyone!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Best dwarf banana varieties
« on: July 17, 2017, 05:03:38 PM »
I am planning on making a trip down to Excalibur tomorrow for an Atemoya and I figured while I'm there I should pick up a banana as well. I would ideally like a dwarf variety of some kind that can stay under 6-8 feet 10 absolute maximum. I would like something that makes an excellent fruit and preferably one that fruits as often per year as possible. I don't know much about banana plants but all my research points only to the dwarf cavendish variety and Excalibur has several dwarf options so any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am looking for a sweet and juicy grapefruit variety. I am looking for this because I have been eating ruby red grapefruit lately I have bought from the grocery store and they are excellent. I am fine planting this exact variety in my yard but I feel like it is a Home Depot tree and can't help but wonder if there is a better variety out there. I plan to keep the tree relatively small as in under 12 feet tall through pruning. I like a tree that is a reliable grower and isn't high maintenance. Also a long season for the fruit and hopefully fruit that stays on the tree a long time. If you think that something other than a grapefruit is a must have citrus I am open to those ideas also. Thanks in advance for all of your help.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Atemoya help please...
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:51:43 PM »
Tell me about the atemoyas that you all would recommend. I would like to plant a tree that is a reliable producer and preferably has a long growing season or multiple crops. Also of course a good quality fruit is a must. The only variety I have managed to read anything about is the Gefner. If anyone can shed some light on this interesting fruit tree please share or recommend a variety to me. Thanks!

So I plan to make the journey tomorrow to buy a few trees due to the help of everyone here. Just looking to see if anyone has any non mango suggestions for what I could plant in small spaces I have open in the yard. I think I am going to buy a guava also and I already have a few different figs and an avocado now so any other suggestions?

So you all were so kind to offer assistance to me in the process of learning about the mango varieties and those suggestions are very helpful. I have decided to change my tactic a bit to focus on having a longer season of mango harvest if at all possible. I can do 2 different trees and possibly even 3 if one of them is Pickering small and if there are three different options with different ripening times. For me trees need to be pruneable to 8-10 feet and I prefer a tree that is easy to grow and has disease resistance and does well in my region of sandy soil near the ocean in brevard county FL. With smaller trees is it possible to have two or three varieties that are easy to grow, excellent flavor, and all different ripening times? I searched some and found conflicting information so if you all can help that would be wonderful!  Thank you to the wonderful members of this fine forum. 

I have learned that guava grows well in my climate Ana I would like to put one on my property. I have started to research them and learn about them but can't seem to find out much on the different cultivars available. What I like that I have heard is they seem to be very hardy trees and easy to grow. Also I have heard that some varieties can yield ripe fruit many times a year vs all at once thus extending my season significantly. What would be a good variety to grow that does well in my climate that produces good fruit throughout the year that can be kept under 8 feet through pruning? Thanks again to all of you for sharing your expertise!

So at the suggestion of several members of this fine forum I went to Excalibur fruit trees in search of mango expertise and for a Wurtz avocado. The Wurtz was easy to find and they had a selection of several trees to choose from. It was neat how when you get there they drive you around on the golf cart since the place is so massive. I plan to plant the tree today in ground and I am hoping it grows up to be a big strong addition to my fruiting back yard. I was looking to buy at least one mango possibly two when I was there but I found the staff that I worked with seem to not be very motivated at all. My associate did answer any questions I could ask but did not seem to go beyond that. I actually left with the avocado tree and went and had lunch nearby and did further research on what to buy and then returned a second time. This place is 2.5 hours away from me so I wanted to maximize my time there. When I returned with a couple questions it was more of the same and wouldn't even look up from a cell phone while asking questions that were answered with one or two word answers. I felt like I was an inconvenience to them. That being said I have learned what the place is and isn't. Do not go there for expertise or advice. Know EXACTLY what you want and show up, pick the tree or trees you want, pay(in cash since they charge a fee to use a credit card) and leave. I will return to buy mango trees when the season is in so I can buy and taste the fruit before I pick a tree but only because their selection is immense and I haven't found a place closer to me(brevard county) that will allow me to try the mangos before I pick a tree. My interaction was only with one associate so maybe I just was unlucky but it was disappointing when I was there to spend money and they didn't want to take it it seemed. In one sentence; Excalibur's facility is absolutely mesmerizing but the staff needs a vacation.

Now to learn how to plant my Wurtz avocado tree. Thanks again to all the advice on which mango to get but I remain undecided as of yet. Leaning toward a Carrie but would love two different varieties that ripened at different times and could be kept at 8 feet  with pruning.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / What grows without full sun...
« on: May 05, 2017, 10:34:43 AM »
So at the recommendation of several members here I will be making a trip to Excalibur on Monday to buy a wurtz avocado and possibly a mango. In my yard I have space for a couple extra small trees however they are areas that will be shaded for several hours of the day and will not be in the sun the first 4-5 hours of daytime. Are there any fruit trees that do well in this environment? Will mangos still be ok without full sun? Guava maybe? Must be a small tree or one I can keep small. Thanks!

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