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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lychee flower or just stem ?
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:27:10 PM »
Iv got a Mauritius lychee and it's been throwing out new leaf growth for a month or so and seems quite happy, I noticed these on it today and I'm not sure what they are. Is this the beginning of flower pannicles or just more branches growing ?.

Citrus General Discussion / Pomelo strange leaves.
« on: June 19, 2017, 06:36:03 PM »
So I bought this pomelo and it's been like this since I got it about 2-3 weeks ago. Bear in mind it came on a plane from Italy to the U.K. So I wasn't sure if this was cold damage from the plane ?. It came in a poly bag pot so I re potted it into dedicated citrus soil and it's been in a greenhouse at about 20-55c so not sure if it's too hot for it it of its better outside ?, as it's been 33c this week outside.
All the other citrus in there (mandarin, satsuma and pomegranate ) is doing fine in there. The pomelo hasn't got any worse than when it arrived, it's not yet sprouted any new growth either yet. I have it some citrus fertiliser yesterday and have been watering the same as the other citrus. So not sure if it's just yet to be established yet and show new growth or what's up with it. It doesn't appear to be getting any worse, it did drop a few leaves when it first arrived but hasn't got any worse.

Hi, I have some Muntingia calabura / Jamaican Cherry seeds and am having a nightmare trying to germinate them. I have bought 2 different lots of seeds off ebay from two different parts of the world. So far to try and get them to germinate I have tried :

Putting them in a damp piece of toilet roll, wrapping in plastic and putting in a heated propagator
Putting in the soil  in pots in a unheated propagator in a greenhouse
Putting them under a grow lamp in a unheated propagator in a room that is generally 20-25c most of the time with grow light on 247
Putting them in a pot just under the soil sat under a grow lamp turned on 247 in a room 20-24c

None of the above work, so im wondering whether dried seeds are even viable for Muntingia calabura ?. As everything I have read they seem to sow the fruit and seed directly into the soil for the best result. Getting hold of fresh fruit in the UK is impossible from what I have found though.

I have found plenty of places in Australia, USA that sell the live trees but dont ship internationally.

I have  fruiting mango tree, a lychee and a avocado in the same 20-24c grow light area and they are all growing just fine, and will be transplanted to a tropical greenhouse we are building on a farm with 7 metre head height. Its all going to be heated for free by the waste heat from my brothers wood chip heating / wood kiln business that runs 247 365 days a year, so heating isnt going to be a problem in the long run, it will be like the tropics in there.

I have successfully germinated several types of guava, key lime, sugar apple, cheramoya, melon etc but Muntingia calabura is a nightmare.

The issue I have is getting the damn things to germinate in the first place, once they are growing we will have a perfect home for it, but getting hold of a seedling or seeds that actually sprout is proving very difficult.

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