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I'm wanting to compile a list of Banana/Plantain varieties that are notably great for the eating qualities of their FLOWERS. I feel its a damn shame the plant, for all its popularity, does not get more attention for this wonderful aspect of its edibility.

The first time I tried eating the banana flowers was at home, following a Ginataang Puso ng Saging recipe - many tiny flowers with pistils removed, soaked in salt water for around 45 mins to leech out the sap, then cooked with garlic, onion (or shallot), peppers, fresh-ground black peppercorns, a dash of vinegar, and a couple handfuls of leftover roast chicken all together in coconut cream. The scent of the raw flower alone was ensorcelling. I ate it, loved it, and now find myself craving it for years pretty commonly. I was always concerned when sharing the dish with people of typical western palete, not having a clue how they'd respond to its extremely unique, somewhat pungent and very specific taste, but everyone has loved it to date.

Its a massive pain in the ass to track down anyone with the flowers available for sale, as most of the smarter folk around here who are aware of such things keep them for their own home usage. The reason I haven't gone out asking more questions to our local Filipino population is a simple but damning language barrier. I've started working to remedy. But in the meantime, fellow English-speakers, got any suggestions?

I've heard it claimed that Lakatan produces nice flowers with less intensely bitter sap, thus making it a good candidate for dishes employing puso ng saging. But being that I have not personally grown it, harvested it and eaten it to weigh and judge this myself, I haven't a clue.

Does anyone with thorough, from planting-to-eating experience have any info here? Or have any relevant articles somewhere off hiding in nooks and crannies of the internet to share? I've tried asking this on in the past, and there was barely any response. It appears most are so blinded and obsessed by the sugary stuff they forget this wonderful plant's many other virtues!

I've been looking for 4 or so years now for a legit source of the "Clove Bean" seeds for home cultivation as an edible. I'm particularly interested in cultivars that have been bred NOT for ornamental use, but for the size and plumpness of the flowering buds that are eaten. As I understand this is a pretty common find in Kerala.

I am not interested in anything originally acquired under the name "Lavender Moonvine" as this is treated as an ornamental.

Finding a source straight out of India or neighboring countries where it is grown locally would be ideal. If you have some, please contact me with details - how you acquired it, how long have you grown it, how well has your strain produced and the qualities of the flower buds for eating. Mahalo.

I am searching for live rhizome of Krachai, with the Latin name of "Boesenbergia pandurata" (or  "B. rotunda"). Please discuss amounts available in your initial response.
Needs shipping to either Hawai'i or California.

Please respond to  seekingseeds at g mail dot com

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