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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Honeyhart Cherimoya Scions
« on: May 04, 2019, 09:58:33 AM »
I have some fresh honeyhart cherimoya Scions for sale. 4 Scions for $24 + $5 shipping (I have 4 sets left). They have been grown organically at my house. Prefer to ship the next few days. Thank you

I have some plants I have grown myself for sale.
Soil Less Soil to All Products are OMRI Listed Organic.
Shipping is additional cost by item and area, US only.
Tapioca / Cassava $25-$35 Each
Mountain Apple $25 Each
Cassabanana $25 Each
Rose Apple $20 Each
Sapodilla $20 Ea
Inga Edulis $25-$35
Forestero Theobroma Cacao $25 Each

I can send photos to a email.

Selling only a few of each of these seedlings so I can buy some garden stuff I need, seeds were very hard to obtain into CA.
They have been grown 100% Organic.
Shipping to US only!
I'm in California.
Shipping is $8 Each Plant and $4 Each Additional
(Except Dragon Fruit which need quotes).
Size is Full Length, Larger Plants with Larger Orders because of shipping cost.
Forestero Theobroma Cacao 4-12" Tall $25 Each
Trinitaro Theobroma Cacao 4-12" Tall $25 Each
Cherimoya 4-8" Tall $15 Each
Atemoya 4-12" Tall $20 Each
Soursop 4-8" Tall $15 Each
Manilla Tamarind 4-12" Tall $20 Each
Wax Apple 4-12" Tall $25 Each
Mountain Apple 4-12" Tall $25 Each
Inga Feuillei Pacay
4-8" $20 Each
8-12" $25 Each
12-16" $30 Each
16- 20" $35 Each
Wampee 3-6" Tall $15 Each
Jackfruit 6-12" Tall $20 Each
Custard Apple 4-10" Tall $20 Each
Moringa Oliefera PKM1 6-12" Tall $15 Each
Cassabanana 4-8" Tall $15 Each
Inga Edulis Ice Cream Bean 3-6" Tall $20 Each
White Sapote 4-8" Tall $15 Each
Pond Apple 3-6" Tall $15 Each
Rooted Purple Haze Dragon Fruit 14-20" $30
Rooted Physical Graffiti Dragon Fruit Up to 12" Tall $20 Each
Rooted Vietnamese White Dragon Fruit
Up to 8" = $15 Each
Up to 14" = $25 Each
Up to 20" $30 Each
Up to 30" $40 Each
Rooted Sugar Dragon Dragon Fruit Up to 8" $20 Each
Unrooted Valdivia Roja Up to 8" $15 Each

Payment Via PayPal

I have the following plants at the following heights, how long do you think till they fruit?
Inga Edulis ~ 5'
Manilla Mango ~ 4.5'
Kiett Mango ~ 5'
Strawberry Guava ~ 4.5'
Vietnamese Guava ~ 5'
Suebelle White Sapote ~ 5'
Vernon White Sapote ~ 5'
Mexicola Avocado ~ 5'
Halls Avocado ~ 4'
Star Fruit ~ 3'
Jackfruit ~ 3'
Thank you

Hello, I just got in the following seeds how do you recommend germinating each one. Thank you
Theobroma Cacao
Lemon Drop Mangosteen
Green Star Apple
And Annona Glabra.

Thank you!

Hello, if it's not to late in the season I would like to get some named variety scion wood of Jackfruit, Sapodilla, Loquat, and Mamey Sapote.
Thank you!

Hello, I have a bunch of Inga Feuillei Plants I started.
Shipping is $8.00 for up to 4 Plants Under 8" or $12 for up to 10 Plants Up to 14".
Plants are all organic as I use organic soil, fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide, weed killer, etc. and are $20 Each Up to 8" or $25 Each Up to 16".
Discounts >
4 Plants Up to 8" Tall $65 + $8 Shipping
10 Plants Up to 14" Tall $180 + $12 Shipping
Thank you!
P.s. I do have some Moringa Oliefera PKM - 1, Jackfruit, Sugar Apple, and Star Fruit Plants as well.

I have finished harvesting my fruit from one of my Passion Plants. Its called Passiflora Amethyst and it has a beautiful approximately 3-4" Purple flower followed by a Yellow/Orange Fruit about 3" Long.

Seeds are 10 for $10 shipped (only a few available).
I can also do 4-8" Cuttings for $3 each and $5.95 Flat Rate Shipping.

Thank you!

Hello, I am looking for either someone who has grafted plants (would be willing to do other varieties) for a good price and can ship to Sacramento, California or a online nursery that can thats based in CA.

For Grafted Plants I am looking for the following.

Atemoya (Gefner and African Pride)

Cherimoya (Honey Heart, Knight, El Bumpo, and Booth)

Jackfruit (Black Gold and Gold Nugget)

Longan (Biew Kiew, Diamond River, Kohala, and Sri Chompoo)

Lychee (Sweetheart, Mauritius, Kaimana and Brewster)

White Sapote (Suebelle and Vernon)

Black Sapote (Black Beauty and Reinecke)

Mamey Sapote (Pantin and Magana)

Mango (Ctoon Candy, Ice cream, Valencia Pride and Alphanso)

Sapodilla (Silas Wood, Morena, Molix and Alano)

Star Fruit (Kari, Bell, Arkin, Fwang Tung, and Sri Kembangan)

Jujube (Li, Sherwood and Sugar Cane)

Wax Apple (Black Diamond, Black Pearl, Red Rocket and Jumbo Fragrance)

Loquat (Christmas and Bradenton)

Thank you!

Hello, everyone I am new to the forum and I am looking to purchase the following seeds, must be able to ship to California.
I appreciate all of yall's help! Thank you! I look forward to learning more about tropicals!

50 Bilimbi
50 Barbados Cherry
25 Mocambo
25 Durian
50 Inga Edulis
50 Inga Spectabilis
25 Annona Diversifolia
25 Mamey Apple
50 Purple Mangosteen
50 Miracle Fruit
50 Naranjilla
50 Tamarillo
50 Red Rambutan

Thank you everyone for your help!

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