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International shipping cost vary. I will upload some photos in a bit or later tonight, and will add more seeds over time. Send me a direct message to purchase.

Garcinia sp. "Jorco"(SOLD OUT FOR NOW) - looks and taste like a cross between Achachairu and lemondrop mangosteen. It is a unidentified species from a local farm called "Macabucha Farm".

$5 a seed.

Syzygium Malaccense(Giant Red Malay Apple)SEEDS NEED TO BE SHIPPED ASAP, THEY GERMINATE FAST - Larger fruited variety of Red Malay Apple with a longer shelf life.

5 seeds for $7.50 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $13.50 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $30 free priority shipping
otherwise $2.50 per seed + shipping

Achachairu seeds -

5 seeds for $8 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $15 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $40 free priority shipping
Otherwise $3 per seed + shipping

Giant Araza(Eugenia Stipitata) - Came from large fruits that are about the size of grapefruits/small pomelos.
5 seeds for $10 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $15 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $40 free priority shipping
Otherwise $3 per seed + shipping

LemonDrop Mangosteen(Superior large fruit variety)

5 seeds for $7.50 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $13.50 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $35 free priority shipping
Otherwise $3 per seed + shipping

Sundrop seeds

5 seeds for $10 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $15 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $35 free priority shipping
Otherwise $3 per seed + shipping

Pointy Sundrop seeds(the bottom is pointed instead of round)

5 seeds for $13.50 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $17.50 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $45 free priority shipping
Otherwise $3 per seed + shipping

Mountain Soursop(sweet variety)

10 seeds for $10 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $25 free first class shipping
50 seeds for $50 free priority shipping

Otherwise $1.50 a seed + shipping

Syzgium Wilsonii
5 seeds for $7.50 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $17.50 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $40 free priority shipping
Too small to send individual seeds right now...

Jackfruit - many mixed seedling varieties, all high quality.

$3 a seed + shipping
5 seeds for $10 free first class shipping
10 seeds for $17.50 free first class shipping
25 seeds for $45 free priority shipping

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Lemondrop Mangosteen Seeds
« on: August 08, 2019, 09:53:53 AM »
I have about 250ish seeds lemondrop mangosteen seeds.

These seem to be a larger fruited variety and also very sweet, were comparable to achachairu I had with them. However after having 20+ fruit my tongue burned ;D.

Selling 10 seeds for $15 free first class shipping in the US, $3 more for priority. International shipping cost will vary.

Looking to buy any grafted/airlayered garcinias or artocarpus. Already have grafted lemondrop mangosteen and lucs garcinia but not against getting more.

Really looking for grafted/airlayered artocarpus like pedali, marang, chempedak, keledang, etc.

Looking for grafted/airlayered garcinias like garcinia livingstonei, garcinia hombriana, garcinia praiana, garcinia indica etc.

Have access to hundreds of quenepas fruits maybe thousands of quenepa fruits. These are the top variety I can get here, theres no sourness i can detect especially when freshly picked, the sweetness is overpowering.

I have been selling and shipping the fresh fruits in these amounts:

$35 for 3-5 pounds of quenepas free priority shipping.
$75 for 8-10 pounds of quenepas free priority shipping.
Let me know if you want more than those two options.

They do not store long so need to sell the current ones I have in the next couple days otherwise you will need to wait for me to get more which can take a couple days or a week max.

Selling 10 seeds for $15 free shipping in the US, international shipping cost with vary but will be at least $10 so I recommend buying a lot more if you are international.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Annona Sengalensis Spacing
« on: July 30, 2019, 02:59:11 PM »
Anyone have recommendations on spacing for Annona Senegalensis? I have a nice sized plant I want to plant in ground.

Also any recommendation on spacing for Annona Diocia and Annona Vepretorum are appreciated.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia Spacing
« on: July 23, 2019, 01:24:59 PM »
Hey what would the recommended spacing be for Garcinia xanthochymus, garcinia hombriana, and garcinia livingstonei?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Selling Black Gold Jackfruit Seeds
« on: July 22, 2019, 01:56:42 PM »
I have 30 seeds from a black gold jackfruit variety. I can sell 5 seeds for $15 free tracked priority shipping in the US, international varies.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cola Nut Species
« on: July 21, 2019, 09:36:20 PM »
Is anyone growing any cola nuts besides the common Cola Nitidia and cola acuminata?

I am growing cola pachycarpa, cola cauliflora, cola ficifolia, cola lepidota, Cola lateritia, Cola laurifolia, cola subbostifolia, cola chlamydantha, and many more.

I'm interested in anyone else's experiences whose grown these, anymore information on growth habit, and anyone's whose tried the fruits. I was told by someone in Cameroon that the fresh pods at least of cola lepidota can be stored for weeks or even months so they might have some large scale potential.

Anyone growing either of these species? I have 1 large pouteria maco and about 7 large pouteria pilosa plants. Any suggestions on spacing?

Selling fresh quenepa seeds. These are from a very good sweet and larger variety here. Its probably the 2nd best. It's just not as large as the best one here.

$2 a seed + shipping or 10 seeds for $15 free shipping in the US. International varies.

Hey just looking to buy Jaboticaba that are really big, or they can be smaller and close to fruiting/fruiting.

If you have any other large tropical plants I'd probably be interested as well.

Need to be able to ship to Puerto Rico or Connecticut

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia ID
« on: June 12, 2019, 07:30:31 AM »
Pretty sure it's either garcinia hombriana, garcinia xanthochymus or giant leaf madruno.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Selling Sweet Tamarind seeds
« on: June 05, 2019, 11:59:48 PM »
This is the sweet tamarind variety. These fruits were grown in Puerto Rico and were from a tree in my town.

Selling bundles of 5 seeds for $6 + shipping. I can possibly discount shipping or the seeds if a large quantity are bought. I have multiple bags of tamarind.

Hey I am interested in the following, I really only want plants since a few specific ones i have struggled to grow from seed, but I would consider seeds for all of them.

Baccaurea sp.
Salacca sp.
Garcinia parviflora, garcinia forbesii
Duguetia sp.
White fruited Acai berry palm
Amazon Tree Grape - Pouroma cecropefolia
Bacuri - Platonia insignis
Pouteria Torta
Any Chrysophyllum besides the regular caimito
Persea sp. besides the common Avocado
Willughbeia sp.
Plinia sp.
Mouriri sp.
Cola sp.

Hey I was walking around my land and found a bunch of these on the ground. Theres probably 50+ mature fruiting wild Stinking Toe trees on my land. I know there a few species, but I'm assuming this is the common hymenaea courbaril.

I found over 100 so far all in the same spot. I can do $2 + shipping a fruit, or discounts in bulk.

They fall to the ground when ripe and have a very hard shell, so no damage occurs and they store for a while, these all fell a couple days ago or today.

As I find more I will update this post. Theres so many trees here so save this post if interested in these fruits.

I will be traveling to Pennsylvania for a lacrosse tournament. Does anyone know of any nurseries/stores that might have some tropical fruit trees and other edibles? There's a home depot near by, would their plant section be worth exploring?

Looking specifically around Conshohocken

Hey I am looking for seeds or plants of these citrus:

Citrus articulata - West African Cherry Orange
Citrus australasica - Australian Finger Lime(Any variety)
Citrus australis - Australian Round Lime(Any variety)
Citrus garrowayi -  Mount White Lime
Citrus inodora - Russel River Lime
Citrus warburgiana - Kakamadu
citrus maideniana - Maiden's Australian Wild Lime
Citrus Glauca - Desert lime
Citrus gracilis - Kakadu Lime
Citrus wakonai - Kakamadu
Citrus wintersii - Brown River Finger Lime
Citrus sphaerocarpa - Kabosu
Citrus depressa
Black Twig Lime

I recently bought a decent amount of fruit from FLnative which were fantastic, I planted out a few of the seeds but I have a lot left. So I am selling the seeds from the fruit for anyone who wants them. These were NOT grown in PR, they were grown in Florida to clarify.

Red Jaboticaba seeds - $1 each
Lemon Drop mangosteen seeds - $1 each
Superior Lemon Drop Mangosteen seeds - $1 each

They will be shipped in Peat moss. Shipping in the US is $3 for first class, around $7- $10 for priority. International varies, but if you purchase, you will accept the risk that it has a chance of being seized.

DM me if you're interested! I am not sure how to upload photos but I will try to.


Hello I received a lot of seeds recently from Cameroon through Forest House Cameroon, who I highly recommend. They all came individually packed in soil with a lot of seeds already sprouting, with extra seeds included. I would suggest you get EMS shipping since it can take a while getting the regular option.

Here is the list of seeds I got:
Trichoscypha acuminata
Napoleonaea egertoni
Vitellaria paradoxa
Drypetes molunduana
Carapa oreophila
Treculia obovoidea
 Thaumatococcus danielli
 Tetrapleura tetraptera
Telfairia occidentalis
Ricinodendron heudelotii 
Prunus africana
Pouteria edulis
Piper guineensis
Omphalocarpum procerum
Myrianthus arboreus
Monodora angolensis
 Massularia acuminata
 Mammea africana
Maesobotrya barteri
Lavigera macrocarpa 
Irvingia wombolu
Gnetum buchholzianum 
Gnetum africanum
Garcinia cola
Garcinia xanthochymus
 Dacryodes edulis
Dacryodes edulis (giant safou)
Dennettia tripetala
Coula edulis
Cola suboppositifolia
Cola pachycarpa
Cola cauliflora
Cola accuminata
 Borasius palm
Annonidium mannii
Annona stenophylla
Annona senegalensis
Annickia chlorantha
Afrostyrax kamerunensis
Aframomum sp
Aframomum melegueta(hot as pepper)
 Aframomum sp - sweet

 I was wondering if anyone had germination suggestions for them, since not all of them came germinated and I wanna make sure I do it correctly. Also I would be interested if anyone could ID some of them, a decent amount I couldn't find any information online besides photos of the fruit, which got me interested in buying them. The junglesop, shea butter, and a few others I know but the rest are the ones I am having trouble with. Any help is appreciated


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Help Germinating List of Seeds
« on: July 08, 2018, 05:13:40 PM »
Hey I purchased all these seeds from, and I wanted any suggestions on germinating them. Some of the germination info is provided on their website and other places online, but others have limited information. I also wanted to just hear first hand accounts from you guys. Thanks.

1 x Borago officinalis - White Borage
1 x Saponaria officinalis - Soapwort
1 x Salvia hispanica - Chia
1 x Cuminum cyminum - Cumin
1 x Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit
1 x Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry
1 x Rubus niveus - Mysore Raspberry
1 x Cinnamomum camphora - Camphor
1 x Oncoba spinosa - Fried Egg Tree
1 x Marrubium vulgare - White Horehound
1 x Plantago major - Plantain
1 x Valeriana officianalis - Valerian
1 x Monarda citriodora - Lemon Bee Balm
(Quantity Options: Single Pack ($2.00))
1 x Pachyrhizus erosus - Jicama
1 x Sapindus saponaria - Soapberry
1 x Myrtus communis compacta - Dwarf Myrtle
1 x Sesamum indicum - White Sesame
1 x Zanthoxylum simulans - Szechuan Pepper
1 x Sapindus mukorossi - Chinese Soapberry
1 x Cyclanthera pedata var edulis - Acchocha
1 x Ocimum gratissimum - African Tree Basil
1 x Salvia tiliifolia - Tarahumara Chia
1 x Gardenia erubescens - West African Gardenia
1 x Dialium cochinchinense - Velvet Tamarind
1 x Piper peepuloides - Long Pepper
1 x Sesamum indicum - Black Sesame
1 x Arctium lappa - Japanese Burdock, Gobo
1 x Myrica rubra - Yumberry
1 x Lycium ruthenicum - Black Goji Berry
1 x Ocimum sanctum - Basil, Holy Purple and Green
1 x Passiflora auriculata - Black Passion Fruit
1 x Garcinia gerardii - Forest Mangosteen
1 x Carica candicans - Wild Papaya
1 x Randia thurberi - Papache
1 x Jarilla chocola - Chocola
1 x Irvingia gabonensis - Wild African Mango
1 x Parkia timoriana - Tree Bean
1 x Actinidia polygama - Silver Vine Kiwi
1 x Carica cnidoscoloides - Stinging Papaya
1 x Morinda coreia - Wild Forest Noni
1 x Benkara armigera - Randia parvula
1 x Chrysophyllum albidium - White Star Apple

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Where To Buy These Plant Processors
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:17:07 PM »
Hey I know this isn't exactly tropical fruit related, but I was wondering if anyone on here knew where to buy Cold Press Oil machines, the ones that can press nuts, seeds, and other foods to make things like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, etc. I am also interested in a machine that can turn plants into essential oils, that I can then use for personal products like soap, shampoo,etc. I believe they are usually called steam distillers or stills. I have searched google for these products but have barely found anything, and if i do it's not credible at all and from somewhere like india or china. If anyone has any sources for these products or more information that would be extremely helpful. Thanks


Hello I was interested in mostly any grafted Tropical Fruit Trees. I tried to place an order from plantogram since they have a lot, but they cancelled it since they said they don't ship to me. I was really confused since it says on their front page they ship worldwide, and I am in a US territory.

Anyways, I am interested in any website you recommend that sells grafted trees, I would also be interested in buying from anyone on the forum who has any for sale and ships to me. I am most interested in grafted artocarpuses, theobromas, and jaboticaba varietes, however I am open to other species. Comment on this post or message me if you have any.



Hey I recently moved to Puerto Rico, and I am looking to start a food forest I can live off of without buying from the store. So I am preferably looking for foods such as breadfruit that can be used as a vegetable type fruit, or plants that have multiple uses. I won't be able to pick up any plants in Puerto Rico for a while, so I am looking for people who can ship to me from inside of Puerto Rico, or people who can ship to me outside of Puerto Rico.

I am preferably looking for plants/grafted plants so they can start producing sooner, but I am also interested in seeds so they can become naturalized to my environment quicker and increase the amount of diversity. Here is a list of specific of plants and genus I am looking for.

Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuassu,Cupuacu
Theobroma Bicolor - Mocambo
Any other theobroma besides theobroma cacao unless you have a uncommon variety
Elaeis guineensis - African Oil palm
Vitellaria paradoxa - shea butter tree
Baobab varieties(really looking for large trees or grafted trees so they produce quicker)
Citrullus lanatus - egusi
Dacryodes edulis - butterfruit tree
Sclerocarya birrea - marula
Boscia senegalensis - aizen or mukheit
Vitex species - Chocolate Berries
Detarium senegalense, Leguminosae - sweet deter
moringa varieties
Sapindus detergens - soapnut/soapberry

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