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Recipes / Jamming Kit for a Newbie
« on: October 07, 2017, 01:04:11 AM »
Hey everyone, I have lots of mango, mangosteen and snake fruit that I want to turn into jelly as we have just so much of it! I have never made jelly before though, and even thought the internet has lots of guides for it I am a little confused about what I should be getting for my supplies. I don't want to really eb spending a lot of money on different pans, guides and what nots so I would like to buy some supplies that will last for a long time and I will be able to use every time I make jams or preserves. I was looking at copper jam pans since they seem to be some of the highest quality and also easier to use, is this correct? The ones I was looking at were used as well, and the seller was including a bunch of other jam making supplies as well so it might be worth the purchase. If anyone can link me a quality set that is being sold online so I can compare or possibly get that one instead, that would be amazing. Thank you :)

Someone was very kind and sent me this link that had people selling their copper jamming pans and I talked with a lovely old lady who sold me all her equipment since she was moving to a home. We had a really great discussion and seeing that the home she moved to is quite close to me, I might even ask is she wants to come and do some canning/jamming with me in a couple months. Thanks everyone, I cannot wait to make me some mangosteen jam!

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