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I am selling a large, 7 gallon grafted ESALQ Jabuticaba (Plinia Phitrantha). The scion used to graft was from a mature, fruiting tree. The scion branch itself had fruits on it when it was clipped and was specifically chosen for grafting due to its thickness.
Pick up only in San Diego. $450 firm.

I have several seedlings available and shipping via priority mail is included. $25.99. Payment can be made through Paypal and Venmo.

You will be receiving 2 small Passion Fruit Granadilla vine seedlings planted in the same pot. Plants now are few inches taller than when the pictures were taken last week. The size of the pot is 2.5X3.5 inches.

This vigorous Passion Flower vine is one that is grown for its edible fruit, sweet granadilla.

The fruit is 3” long. It is ripe when the color is orange-yellow & has white dots on the rind.

The fruit can be eaten right out of the shell or the juice can be strained & sipped as a refreshing drink.

The vine will grow to about 14’, maybe more & has very large, green leaves.

The flowers are very ornamental. They have whitish green petals & many, many purple and white filaments.

They have a sweet & musky scent. Native to Central & South America.

Plinia Sp. Jabuticaba Grimal Seedlings planted in a 1 gallon pot Shipping to CA

Small Jabuticaba Paulista seedlings could be shipped in the same box with no cost.

Hi all!
I have a mature Plinia Jabuticaba Sabará flowering for sale. Tree is about 7ft tall planted in a 40 gallon smart pot. There are 3 grafts there from a Red Jabuticaba that I made about 2 weeks ago. Price is $500 firm. SOLD!!!

Flowering Eugenia involucrata, Cherry of the Rio Grande, about 7ft tall planted in a 30 gallon pot. Price is $250 firm  SOLD

Plinia Sp. jabuticaba Grimal Seedlings planted in a 1 gallon pot $25


I have few extra seeds of Plinia Cauliflora, Jabuticaba Paulista for sale. Huge fruits as you can see.
Some of the seeds have already started to germinate, so you will be receiving some with roots.

5 seeds $20
10 seeds $35

Free shipping in the USA ONLY!

Hi all!
I have an almost 8 year old Jabuticaba Sabará for sale. The plant is growing in a 30 gallon fabric pot. It is very bushy and approximately 5ft tall. I have another one just one year older and it has just started to flower, so I believe that this one could start to produce next year or so.
Price is $250. It will take 2 people to carry and load it. Since the plant is growing in a fabric pot I don't think that it can be placed on its side, it can only be transported upright.

Flowering at the moment.

Sabará. Not fruiting tree SOLD

I also have many pitanga seedlings, only $5 for each. If you want them to be shipped, minimum $50 for 10 seedlings and I pay the shipping.

Seedlings in a 3X3 pots


Hi guys!
I have been harvesting a lot of Pitanga fruits this week and I would like to sell some of the seeds for those interested in something different.
I acquired the seeds in 2011 from a Brazilian friend who lives South of Brazil, in Santa Catarina. The tree produces big fruits, sometimes small too depending of the season. Fruits are very juice and sweet if picked ripe, otherwise the fruit will be a little tart.
Price is $9.99 for 15 seeds including shipping to US ONLY! Sorry but I will not be sending it overseas.
Here are some pictures and I'll upload some videos later.
Thank you.

Greetings to all!
I want to share something with you guys which I believe to be very interesting.
I have few Jaboticabas growing in pots (20-25G) in the backyard. A month ago, I noticed that one of the thick branches of my Sabará (8-9 years old) was growing towards another one and I tried to stop it placing a small piece of wood between them, as you can see below.

That caused the main trunk to split just a little bit, I didn't even worried about it.

Few weeks later I was surprised to see that the plant started flowering for the first time, So I was wondering, was this coincidence or the injure stressed out the plant? There are no many flowers being developed, but what I think to be very intriguing is that the flowers are coming out on only one of the branches.
The plant is super healthy and growing so beautifully. I built a vortex brewer and I feed all my garden plants with compost tea every 15 days, also foliar spray (Nitrozime).

February 1

February 6

February 12

(SOLD) I have a 2,5ft tall Grumichama tree that is growing in a 15 gallon organic potting soil for sale.
Price is $40
I’ll post some pics later.

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