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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Florida Super Hass Avocado review
« on: December 03, 2018, 07:52:53 PM »
A local forum member gave me a FL Super Hass (fruit not a tree).  I ate it and think it may be the best avocado I've ever eaten.  The tree he had was healthy and productive. 

I had to run out and get a tree.  The fruit was much larger than a CA Hass, maybe 30% to 50% larger.  I found it to be creamier and butterier (is that a word?) and better than a CA Hass IMHO.  The fruit also had excellent shelf life, it took a full 2 weeks to ripen on the counter. 

If it continues to do well, I may plant several to sell.

I know the same forum member gave Cookiemonster one also, curious as to what he thinks. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Where can I get a Tice Mulberry?
« on: December 03, 2018, 02:51:42 PM »
Never been a Mulberry fan at all, until a local member gave me some tice berries. Wow,those are excellent. He gave me a tree but its in very poor health so Id like to have a healthy backup. Preferably a larger tree.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mexican mangosteen flood tolerance?
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:53:02 AM »
I have searched, I have found some info, but nothing terribly definitive.  Does anyone know the flood tolerance of the Mexican Mangosteen?  Trying to figure out where to put it in my yard.  Also, I understand they prefer full sun, true?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Sigatoka treatments??
« on: October 03, 2018, 06:15:26 PM »
My bananas are getting devastated by what I believe is sigatoka fungus.  Once the plant fruits, it of course stops making leaves, then the leaves are dying before the bananas can mature. 

Anyone had good results with a fungicide?  I'd prefer no harsh chemicals of course. 

Copper fungicides?

I'm not opposed to replanting with a more resistant plant.  So far, my apple bananas seem to be doing well.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cheap banana brace ideas?
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:43:57 PM »
Well, a year after Irma wiped out all of my mature banana plants, it suddenly seems that ALL of my remaining plants are getting ready to bare fruit.  I suddenly find myself in need of several banana braces and don't want to spend a fortune.

Anyone have any good ideas for cheap, effective banana braces?

One idea I had was to get 2 2X2's and tie them together with rope in an X pattern, this would be easy to adjust and pretty cheap.

Any other ideas appreciated!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cleaning cacao seeds?
« on: September 20, 2018, 07:04:08 PM »
Anyone have any tips on the best way to clean these gooey little suckers?  Just got a pod and the seeds are soaking.

EDIT:  I want to clean them so I can sprout and plant them.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Excalibur or PIN for fruit trees?
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:41:19 PM »
I'm in Naples, both are almost exactly 2 hours from me, so all else excluded, which is better?  I love Fruitscapes for the typical stuff, but they don't often have a great selection of some of the less common stuff.

Looking for:
Purple Caimito, Sapodilla (Alano, Hasya), Abiu, and Vietnamese Sugar Apple.  And maybe an early or late peach if possible. 


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Soursop - flower to ripe fruit time?
« on: September 05, 2018, 11:13:57 PM »
Well, I went out in TS Gordon the other day to better brace my soursop tree, it's about 7' tall and seems very happy, growing surprisingly well for a soursop. 

I had a pleasant surprise, it has about 10 large, immature flowers.  It makes me a bit nervous letting it fruit this late, as I know they can lose their leaves and go dormant in the winter. 

The tree was planted to replace a tree killed by Irma, so it's maybe been in the ground for 6 months or so. 

Should I let it fruit based on the fact that it's almost fall?  I would love to get one or two off of my tree, but if it won't make it to maturity since it's fall, I prefer to remove the flowers now.

Also, do you pollinate these just as you do an atemoya?  The flowers are quite different for sure. 


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Seed ID help please
« on: September 01, 2018, 10:57:46 AM »
Well, I bought what was advertised as 50 purple mangosteen seeds off of Amazon, in hopes of improving on a grafting experiment done in the 1960's that seemed to have good success.

Well, I'm not sure what I got, but it sure doesn't look like purple mangosteen seeds, more like lentils of some type???

I'll take pics of the seedlings in a day or two, the seedlings are very vigorous, this is after just 3 days, the first day being a 24 hour soak in water.

I'm hoping they're something at least worth growing..... 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Avocado suggestions needed for SWFL
« on: August 26, 2018, 09:30:28 PM »
Hey all, I need to get some more avocados.  Any suggestions appreciated.  I would also like early and late varieties to extend harvest.

I currently have a

1. Marcus Pumpkin
2. Loretta
3. What I believe is a Mexicola, but ripens in July.  Healthy tree, but fruit is small and fairly tasteless.  Wouldn't mind replacing it.
4. Haas, but this is to be replaced, it isn't very happy in SW Florida.

I want to buy several avocado trees, some day I'd like to sell them.  But I want good quality eating fruits, as well as early and late varieties. 

Is the Florida Haas any good?


Any suggestions appreciated.  I would also like early and late varieties to extend harvest.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / When to harvest Geffner?
« on: August 24, 2018, 07:50:20 AM »
My Geffners are getting decent sized, when do we typically harvest them in south FL?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tobago red custard apple worth keeping?
« on: August 10, 2018, 10:45:47 PM »
I have a tobago red custard apple, the tree is in ground, young, but healthy.  Has anyone eaten one?  Are they worth growing?  If not, I'll swap it out, or use it as root stock. 


Tropical Fruit Discussion / My fruit tree list to date...
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:59:59 PM »
I wanted to take inventory, thought I'd post it here.  Suggestions are welcome, get rid of this, add this, whatever.

Fruit tree list:

Avocados to date:
Mexican avocado
Marcus Pumpkin
Want - 1-2 more avocado trees.

Cotton candy
Coconut cream
Ice cream
Valencia pride
Edward not doing well, probably will replace
Peach cobbler
Nam Doc Mai
On the list to get Orange Sherbet and Lemon Zest of course. 

Pineapples - several
Cinnamon tree
Star apple white literally has thousands of flower buds right now.
Star apple purple no flower buds??
3 Custard apples
Red custard apple Tobago Pink
Jackfruit 3 types
3 Soursop, Sunrise, I need to get the other two types.  (Im becoming addicted to soursops.)
Ross Canistel
Macadamia nut
Cashew nut
Yellow dragon fruit
Red dragon fruit - I believe it's American Beauty, not sure.
Apple Golden Dorsett
Apple - Anna

Peanut butter fruit
Two types of Mulberry
Mayme Sapote
Black Sapote
Silus Woods Sapodilla
Jabotacaba type unknown will hopefully fruit soon
Geffner Atemoya unbelievably productive, I had to cull numerous fruits.
Lisa Atemoya
Russian pomegranate
Rollinia deliciosa seems very happy, grown almost a foot in a month.
Ice cream bean (Tripled in size in about 4-5 months)
Blueberry patch all highbush (Mounded pine bark fines) About 7 plants.
Hog plum (Its tripled in size in about 3 months)
Kohala Longan
Mauritius Lyche
Red lady papaya
Fig tree type unknown - not great, to be removed.

Tangerine trees - 3 unknown types 2 are great, 1 to be replaced.
Kumquat tree HUGE kumquats, biggest Ive ever seen.
2 navel oranges
Meyer lemon
2 Valencia oranges
2 Honeybell
2 satsuma tangerines
2 Mandarin oranges
2 Cara Cara orange trees
Key lime
Blood orange
Star Ruby grapefruit (not doing well, getting impatient)
2 Ruby red grapefruit
Large white grapefruit type unknown but EXCELLENT

Banana patches, 8 types:
Ice cream banana
NamWah banana
Red banana
Cavandish (I know why?)
Apple Banana
Gold Finger
2 other types of bananas

2 UF best peach trees (If you dont have these GET THEM, these are freaking to die for!!)
Yellow dragon fruit
Red dragon fruit
White dragon fruit (not sure why I bought this)
Barbados cherry (I love this tree!!  It never complains, all it does is grow and produce thousands of cherries all year!  3rd year in the ground and the fruit just gets better and better)
Three coconut trees
Five cocoa trees

A while back my lawn guy severely girdled a young sugar apple tree.  It had been severely neglected when I got it, thrown behind a storage shed at the Naples Botanical Garden and was supposed to be thrown out.  It was rescued by an employee and given to me along with a few other neglected trees.  I nursed them all back to health. 

This sugar apple just will NOT be killed I swear.  I originally put some grafts over the girdled area, but then had a better idea.  Since the tree wasn't grafted, I decided to coat the girdled area with rooting powder, then raise the dirt about 2" above the girdled area.

Well it worked, it's actually had a couple of growth flushes.  I thought I pulled all the flowers, but yesterday I found this on it.

The older growth is a bit chlorotic, but the new growth looks pretty healthy.  If this apple is any good, I swear I'm gonna air layer this thing, it just can't be killed. 

OH - I did pull back some soil and look, there are new roots growing out from the trunk above the girdled area. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango ID?
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:07:12 AM »
My son brought these home from a friends house, his friend knew nothing about the tree, but my son raved about the fruit.  They are not nearly ripe so I can't cut one open to show the inside yet.  I have not seen the tree or anything, but he says it produces tons of fruit.

I'm thinking Kent??  Some of you mango snobs care to give an opinion?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Loretta and Bacon Avocados in SWFL
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:02:24 AM »
Hello all!

I was in a huge rush out of a Walmart that often gets in some odds and ends goodies like soursop, sugar apples, etc.  I saw 2 avocado trees there, normally I wouldn't buy them without researching them, but I didn't have time.

So - I bought them both knowing I could return if needed. 

1 is a Bacon, it seems to be a CA avo, not a FL one, correct?  So I assume it wouldn't do very well here, fruit quality gets very mixed reviews
2. is a Loretta.  I can't find much at all on the Loretta.

Anyone know anything about growing these in SWFL? 

On the better news side, I got another sugar apple there, it was a 6' healthy looking tree for $36.00 and a red lady papaya 5' tall for $23.00.  I wasn't in the market for either, but hey, I'm a fruit tree whore, what can I say?

Citrus General Discussion / Is this iron deficiency?
« on: July 24, 2018, 05:44:06 PM »
Hello, I'm still trying to help my trees recover from Irma, and the 2 weeks of being underwater, followed by 2 weeks of soaked ground.   Does this look like iron deficiency?  It is new growth, still soft.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mexican cream guava taste?
« on: July 22, 2018, 06:11:43 PM »
Hello, anyone here tasted a Mexican Cream Guava?  I do NOT generally like guava, I think they smell terrible and don't taste much better.  But I have a tree in a prime spot that I'm considering ripping up to put a more desirable tree in its spot.

Does this particular guava taste any better than a "typical" guava?  Like I said, I really do not like guava, but although the tree is new, it is loving its new spot and growing rapidly.  I MIGHT get one guava off of it this year, but I'm betting the lone guava on the tree gets stolen by a raccoon or whatever. 

Can anyone comment on the taste / smell of this particular guava?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Citrus leaf pic - iron deficiency?
« on: July 18, 2018, 09:33:37 PM »
Here is a pic of new leaf growth on a grapefruit tree that has been in the ground for 2 years.  I do use a good grade of citrus fertilizer with micro nutrients, but the last batch I bought I think only had 1% iron. 

To me, this looks like iron deficiency, please let me know if you have an educated opinion.  I also think it could use a touch more nitrogen, just a touch - agree??

Here are the pics.  The second pic is slightly out of focus, but has light coming through from the back. 

This is what I bought for an iron drench.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cocoa have to be hand pollinated?
« on: June 25, 2018, 12:19:45 PM »
I have one cocoa tree flowering. Surprised at how tiny the flowers are. Do they have to be hand polinated?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Refrigerate Wax Jambu??
« on: May 30, 2018, 06:06:31 PM »
Hey all, I just got a box of wax jambu apples.  I've been reading and find articles literally all over the map.  An L.A. Times article said it makes them go bad faster, other articles say it makes them last 3 days, another says 7 days???

Has anyone refrigerated them, and what was the result??


Considering switching to manure as a fertilizer replacement, having a hard time finding good guidelines for it. How much, how often,etc.?

Anyone using it successfully?  Comments?


To refresh everyones memory, I have a young badly girdled custard apple tree that I want to save.   I had originally tried a bridge graft but I have no idea if it will take. I had another idea and that is to treat the girdled area as an air later and just get new roots to form from the top of the girdled area. Curious as to if anyone had any comments on this.    To me this makes more sense than relying on the bridge graft to carry the tree for the next 20 or 30 years. Does anyone disagree?

Hey all, my citrus trees are DECIMATED by leaf miners.  What the deer don't eat, they do.  I have some trees that literally don't have a single leaf not seriously damaged by leaf miners.  Today I switched from neem oil and organic stuff to malathion, temporarily.

Next week I should get in an order of wasps to control the leaf miners, wasps for the white flies, and lacewigs for the aphids I get from time to time.

It wasn't cheap, about $280 with shipping.  We are getting rain right now so hopefully the malathion will be washed off by the time they arrive.  I may even delay it a week, any thoughts are appreciated, I just had to get some kind of knock down!

Has anyone had success with these insects?  I guess UF imported these wasps and are releasing them across the state, but I doubt they have here.


Been looking for some time on the SW coast of FL. and I can't find one.  I'd prefer not to mail order and Amazon rips you off on the one they offer.  I'm willing to drive to the other coast for the right tree.  Any leads appreciated, I'd prefer one in excess of 3' tall.


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