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New batch of plinia coronata seeds. Different source. Sweet and delicious. Small seeds. 4$ per seed.
3$ each if over 50 seeds.

Very fresh seeds harvested this week. Even have a sip of liquid in the nut. The fruit flesh is edible like butia fruit as well the inner nut. Known to be the most cold tolerant feather palm and coconut. Down to 7F degrees. I have seen them growing outdoors in germany also. Very abundant producers with 500+ coquitos from a single cluster.  The plants are emensely valuable at 1000 dollers per foot value.  These seeds are  3$ each seed. 2$ each if you buy over 100 seeds.

Cylicomorpha solmsii is one of 2 native african caricaceae or papaya relatives. This species is only found on the volcano of mt cameroon. The trees are long lived and fast growing reaching 40 meters (120feet!). Very little known and researched, i dont believe this species has ever been available outside its native country of Cameroon. My wish is get this species growing in many tropical conservatories around the world. It is a treasure at risk. Hope you get a chance to grow it.
Seeds are 1 $ each

This is an ultra rare coconut species native to south africa. This golden form is less common then the green Its endangered in its natural habitat. With a cold hardiness to 22-26F. Taste exactly like common coconuts. These are relatively fast growing compared to other cold hardy palm nuts like jubea chilensis. they are not smuggled out of Africa. Also the leaves looks just like a Coconut palm. So they are the most Coconut looking Palm you can grow in California and similar climates. The difference is that they form a cluster of stems. 50$ for 10 seeds.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Seeds sale plinia coronata
« on: August 25, 2020, 03:19:17 AM »
Plinia coronata fresh seeds.
Sweet fruit with nuances of yogurt and rollinia.
This species has a notable crown forming on the fruit giving it its name.
4$ per seed. Minimum 5 seeds. 5$ shipping
Or fresh fruit for 5$ a piece. Fruits have 1-3 seeds each. 7$ for priority shipping

Chilean pitangas. Extra large extra sweet variety. Sweeter then most grumixamas. Hardy to far below freezing. Beautiful upright trees with myrtaceous peeling bark. I really dont understand why its not more commonly grown. 1$ per seed.

Gaultheria shallon (salal) sweet berries with good taste  in the blueberry family (ericaceae). Bright pigment with high antioxydent content. 5$ seed pack (tiny seeds)

Vaccinium ovatum. California huckleberry. Very productive wild blueberry relatives. Much more flavor and color then comercial blueberries 5$ seed pack

Prunus serotina. Capulin cherry. Very sweet fruits. Fruits well in tropical areas 1 perseed

Very rare and delicious myrtaceae.  large fruit with excellent seed to pulp ratio. Extremely juicy fruit. Like a faucet of juice when bitten. Hardy to at least 25F when sizable. Can fruit from seed in 3 or 4 years. Sweet and frangrant. Comparable to mango and guava but very unique. Extremely abundant in some years the entire ground will be solid yellow. 10 large seeds for 25$

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / rare seeds
« on: July 08, 2020, 03:45:22 AM »
Mod edit: removed for lack of prices.

Feel free to edit this post with your items for sale as long as your prices are listed.

New harvest of SD cherimoyas. Limited supply. Extremely delicious fruits. Very sweet varieties.. like smooth vanilla custard. With notes of pinapple.  But better. Shipped directly to you. 15$ per lb. Pm me for details.

. White sapote. Zapote blanco. Casimiroa edulis. Seductively sweet. Creamy and fiberless fruits. Native to mountains of mexico. Will grow anywhere citrus does. Shipped fresh to you. One of the sweetest fruits i know. Up to 24% sugar content. I cant eat all these by myself.

Deliciously sweet high grade cherimoyas picked at the peak of ripeness. harvested today to be shipped tomorrow. Grown in san diego county. 22$ per pound plus shipping.

Native to the north east coast of brazil.
Seeds harvested in last 2 weeks. Known to have a high germination rate of over 90% when fresh. Known to fruit in 4 years. Likes to grow in sandy soil. Hardier then soursop. Out of all the annonas i tried all over brazil this was by far the best. With a thick and creamy texture reminding one of bananas pinapple and cherimoya. The perfect fruit. Very sweet but not too much like squamosa. We worked very hard to find these rarities. Securing only 3 fruit in a week of searching.  Exceedingly rare and unearthenly delicious. So good it was hard to finish eating half a fruit without being overwhelmed. 10$ per seed. 5 seed. Minimum. Araticu in the native language means 'fruit of heaven' . They werent kidding.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Iboga plant
« on: January 16, 2020, 02:13:01 AM »
Iboga seedling 25$ very rare.

Achocha (small horny wild)

Big achocha sp.

Jaltomata cajamarcensis (mandarin taste)

Jaltomata sinuosa

Solanum muricatum (pepiņo dulce)---ex---
varieties for cutting: *kens gold, vista, purple. Long thin purple. Dark purp.

Solanum aviculare (kangaroo apple)

Solanum quitoense (naranjilla, lulo)

Physalis peruviana (golden berry)

Rhus integrafolia (lemonade berry)

West indian bur gherkin(Cucumis anguria)

Maiz morado. World's most pigmented purple corn. Usa addapted

Capsicum pubescens cold hardy mt. Pepper yellow orange and red types.

New seeds:
dialium sp. Velvet tamarind 2$

Monodora angolensis (spice) 2$

Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) 1$

Afromomum. Sweet and sour sp. 1$

Cyphomandra coymbiflora (hardy tamarillo)1$

Xylopia aethiopica (annonaceae, spice) 2$

Nauclea xythoxylon (yellow, like creamy pinapple) 1$

Nauclea latifolia (red like strawberries) 1$

Uvaria chamae (orange banana like hands. Taste like mild rolinia.) 3$

Iboga seeds 2$

Sour sop 10 for 3$

African cecropia. Musanga cecropioides Delicious like fig jam 1$

Solanum macrocarpon (eaten for its large leaves as a cooked vegetable)1$

Luma apiculata. Chilean myrtle ( extra sweet type) 1$

Cyphomandra beataceae. 10 for 3$ Tamarillo (sweet ecuador orange.) Sweet red. No stone cells)

Musa velutina. pink bananas 1$

Cornus kousa (kousa dogwood) red soft sweet and slight bitter fruits

Psidium. Sp. Strawberry guava. Extra large. low resin fruit. Best taste 1$

Stachys affinis. Crosne or chinese artichoke. A delicious veggie 1$ per root

two wild persimmon species harvested this week from the deserts and mountains of baja mexico

still have plenty
 diospyros intricata (desert honey persimmon) very sweet and syrupy fruits. suprisingly juicy and sugary like honey or caramel. fruits 3/4 of an inch wide. very drought tolerant. diecious shrubs fruit at 2 feet. prefers sandy soil. and hot sun. zone 9b.   2$ per seed or 10 for 15$

out of stock right now. maybe more soon
. diospyros californica. mountain growing sweet rich chocolate flavor. cold hardy and drought tolerant black sapote species.  most likely diecious. fruit is up to 2 inches wide. trees to 25 feet. zone 8b-9a. maybe colder.

aka eugenia edulis. common names: ubajay or pessego do mato. tree 4-8 meters. native to argentina, brazil, bolivia and paraguey. fruits 2-3 inches, delicious when immature similar to hard guavas, crisp and juicy. when ripe very soft like a peach and tastes sweet slightly tart with a mango peach and slight allium flavor. extremely juicy, like a faucet of juice! drought tolerant when established and very productive. most likely the best specimen in the state. 2$ per seed. 10 for 15$. 20 for 30$


rare and tasty little papaya berries as i call them. taste like a tropical papaya, only there are thousands on one tree . said to be one of the most cold resistant papaya species. drought tolerant. found growing in southern california but native to south america. beautiful trees. with a large bulbous trunk for storing water. commonly trees  are male and female but i saw an example of a solo fruiting female.
seeds 1 per seed or 20 for 15$

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Rolinia exsucca. Jacartia digitata
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:47:27 AM »
2 very rare fruits from the peruvian amazon. Both very delicious.
Jacartia digitata. 25 to 30 ft spiny tree in caricaceae family. tastes like an extremely good papaya with a rich coffee cake flavor. 3$ each or 10 for 25$.
Rolinia exsucca. Medium height. Taste like succulent morsels of lemon custard. Food of howler monkeys. 3$ per seed or 10 for 25$.

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