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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Avocados in containers?
« on: August 04, 2019, 03:31:56 AM »
I've read over a dozen threads via search but they all deal with the idea of avocados in containers tangentially.  I also read Dr John Yoshimi Yonemoto's presentations.  So I want to make things explicit.

What's the smallest container Wurtz would fruit in?  What's the smallest container Reed would fruit in?  I have a lot of LED panel light in the winter so I'm not worried about that.


Anyone shipping mangoes?

I may be able to get a Crimson Red finger lime.  If so is there anything that would complement it?  Is there any extra benefit from also getting a Jali Red or other variety?  Anything else that tastes different but top quality, has larger pods or whatever?  Will yields of the CT increase with another variety?  Has anyone tasted Red Champagne, Jali Red and Crimson Tide and can comment on how they compare?

Anyone know how to contact @starling1 ?


How do you like the Cherry of the Rio Grande, E aggregata?  Are they reliably self fertile?  Are there Eugenia species that taste a lot better that will fruit in a pot?  Thanks.

Hi!  I found a sale and had to pull the trigger without my usual research.  I was able to get the mangoes and guavas I wanted and picked up a few other things as well.  You know how that goes.  :)    One of the others was a starfruit that said it would fruit in containers while young.  I was like Ewan McGregor on an eclair.  ( )

It arrived with more blooms than I can count.  I don't know if it's long style or short, if it needs a pollinator or if I can use a paintbrush.  Any help would be appreciated!

Hi!  I have an opportunity to get Angie, Carrie, Mallika and Nam Doc Mai mango trees.  How similar or different in flavor are they?  Are there better dwarf choices with flavor being the primary concern?  Would Maha Chanok be a lot different or too similar to that group?  I prefer fiberless fruit with rich, sweet flavors without resinous or strong acid tastes although sweet-tart is fine.  I'd love to have different ripening times but almost all the dwarfs seem to have similar times.

Rosigold fruits twice but I've heard bad things about the flavor.  Is it as bad as Choc Anon?  Any input on that would be appreciated as well. 

For bonus points:

Here's a description of Ice Cream - do you agree with the flavor description?  How does it compare with the ones above?  Pine Island rates flavor as 4/5 with Carrie as 5/5.

'Ice Cream' is far and away the most popular of the condo mangoes. Dwarf tree, small green fruit w/ yellow flesh. Flavored like name. The tree can easily be maintained at a height of just six feet making it ideal for container growing. Although the fruit is not exactly dessert to the eyes the flavor is sweet, rich, and reminiscent of mango sorbet.

Thanks for all input!

I've ordered some jaboticabas and I'd really like to avoid killing these plants.  🙂  Has anyone written anything on Jabo care?  I guess they like lots of water.  Do their roots need air as well or do you use a heavy soil?  How deep do you plant the tree?  Which espoma or other fertilizer do you use?  How much of that, how much chelated Fe?  How much triple super phosphate do people use?  Is there an upper limit on salt PPM?  Can they take tap water?  Would pine bark be a good growing medium? (pH around 4.5)  Any compost or only vegetable compost?  How many hours sun per day or should they only be in light shade or what?  What temps are best in summer, and what temps are best in winter?  Do they need an insect or other pollinator (me?) to set fruit? Anything else I need to know?
Also, Should I up pot 1 gal plants to 7 gal right away or is it better to let it grow into a smaller pot first?


Hi!  I grow citrus and figs under a 1000W HID in a room that faces SW and gets some afternoon sun.  In the Spring, summer and part of the fall they go outside.  I'd like to add other tropical fruit, especially Mango.  I've looked at Pine Island's selection but I'm interested in getting some unbiased recommendations.  It's OK if you're recommendation is to see a shrink  ;)  I'm interested in growing up to 3 mangos and would like as long a season as possible.

I've heard about a turpentine taste and of course that doesn't sound appealing to me.  I like sweet only, sweet-tart and rich complex flavors.

I grow in containers of up to 20 gallons but prefer 10 if the plant will still fruit well.  I can adjust the soil mix and fertilizer to what the plant would like.  I need to know basic mango care and if anyone has a link to a good site I'd appreciate it. 

If there are any other fruits that will do well in containers please let me know.

Edited to add:   I want to avoid fiber as much as possible  :)  If you know of good web-order sources for the plants you recommend please let me know.

Those of you in FL probably don't understand how bad the fruit situation has gotten for the North.  It used to be that they picked fruit so early it was tasteless.  Pears were ok since they'd ripen a bit off the tree but of course never as good as tree ripened.  Now they pick fruit so early that they go bad before they ever ripen.  Pears and Mangos go from hard to fermented without ever getting to just OK.

Any help is appreciated.

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