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Tropical Fruit Discussion / White sapote seed doesnít sprout
« on: September 14, 2020, 07:23:04 AM »
In April Iíve ordered ten white sapote seeds on  Ebay from USA. Because of pandemic they came only after month and partially rotted. Just for experiment I wrapped they in wet paper and put in plastic bag. Then changed the paper every second day. When they appeared completely rotted threw them out. Eventually when only two left I noticed small outgrowth in the middle of one, carefully cleaned the rotted soft part( about half of seed) and put again in bag. After one week it sprouted small root. When it reached 2 inches I put it in  pot with soil mixture. Now 3 months left but thereís no changes above the surface. The seed is greenish and I can see the origin of the roots, white and quiet thick, so itís obviously isnít dead. You can see on picture second seed, which I cleaned too, it made root a week later, was also put in pot and now about 15  inches tall. Did someone see something like that ? What do you think, will it eventually sprout or thereís no chances and I loose my time?

In spring Iíve bought some seeds on Ebay, labeled as ę eucalyptus deglupta Ľ. Month later after sprouting I understood that itís something obviously not eucalyptus but decided for interest continue to grow it. Seller didnít respond to request to explain this. Could someone help me?

3 weeks after sprouting

3 months later

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