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I propagated the following  cultivars in South Florida conditions and almost each and every variety failed to retain their exotic flavor,complexity, spiciness and °brix, compared to their country of origin. I came up with an inference for each variety I tried in Florida in percentages, close to their native conditions. And of course, this is my own assessment for these cultivars growing in Florida. It is worth to make mention that I tried all of them in both parts of the world. Except, for my Alphonso scion which was collected from Pine Island Nursery(Homestead, Miami) in late 90's and others were obtained from their country of origin.

‌Imam pasand-70%
‌Anwar Ratool-40%
‌Fazli-expecting bloom in 2021
‌Himsagar-expecting bloom in 2021
‌Langra and it's phenotypes-expecting bloom in 2021
‌Malda-expecting bloom in 2021
‌Sindhri-not yet bloomed

They definitely, could show way better results where the conditions match or close to their original environment in most southern part of continental USA or in latin America. Those who have propagated these cultivars they can chime in to share their first hand experience.

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