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Matt from Wanderlust Nursery here! We have tons of Chilean Guava plants available for sale right now, in one gallon pots. Some are even fruiting! If you're specifically looking for seeds, we're just getting some fruit to ripen now, so we can throw some up onto the website.

Wanderlust Nursery has Chilean Guava seeds listed but they're currently out of stock. One Green World lists named varieties, but no seeds.

Pitangatuba is common among collectors here. Someone should be able to help you with this one.

Achacha is uncommon. A local specialty fruit market in Houston, TX - Linda's Tropical Fruits - got a limited quantity shipment of the fruit (six bags of 2lbs or so) during the summer of 2019. I was lucky to get a hold of a bag, but regret not saving the seeds. No telling if they were viable or not. I know of someone else who found an international market carrying them in New England, but do not know the details. So know they make it stateside once in a blue moon if you can't get a hold of seeds or seedling from a collector.

Olosapo is rare to show up in trades. I'd like a seedling myself.

Thanks for the shoutout D-Grower!  If anyone's curious about the nursery, the website is  We'll be adding all sorts of few new offerings in March, so check us out.  In addition to what I've seen posted here so far, here are some other fun plants we grow in zone 8b:

- Ficus carica (Common Fig, many varieties)
- Ficus johannis ssp. Afghanistanica (Afghan Fig)
- Ficus palmata (Punjab Fig)
- Aristotelia chilensis (Chilean Wineberry, Maqui)
- Aristotelia serrata (Mountain Wineberry)
- Allagoptera arenaria (Seashore Palm)
- Parajubaea torralyi (Bolivian Mountain Coconut)
- Luma apiculata (Luma, Arrayan)
- Luma chequen
- Myrceugenia ovata var. nanophylla
- Myrceugenia exsucca (Petra)
- Amomyrtus luma
- Amomyrtus meli
- Myrteola nummularia (Cranberry Myrtle)
- Myrtus communis (True Myrtle)
- Hexachlamys edulis (Ubajay)
- Myrcianthes pungens (Guabiju)
- Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson's Stopper, Twinberry)
- Psidium longipetiolatum
Blueberry Relatives
- Vaccinium padifolium (Madeiran Blueberry)
- Agapetes serpens
- Agapetes hosseana
- Leycesteria formosa (Himalayan Honeysuckle)
- Lonicera caerulea (Honeyberry, Haskap)
- Camellia sinensis (Tea)
- Tasmannia lanceolata (Tasmanian Mountain Pepper)
- Billardiera longiflora (Tasmanian Apple Berry)
- Maihuenia poeppigii (really cool cactus)
- Ullucus tuberosus (Ulluco)
- Smallanthus sonchifolius (Yacón)
- Dahlia imperialis (Tree Dahlia)
- Lardizabala biternata (Zabala)
- Lapageria rosea (Chilean Bellflower)
- Elaeagnus latifolia (Indian Olive, Bastar Oleander)
- Zanthoxylum simulans (Sichuan Pepper)
- Zanthoxylum piperitum (Sansho Pepper)
- Zingiber mioga (Japanese Ginger, Myoga)
- Rubus calycinoides (Creeping Raspberry, Emerald Carpet)
- Ilex paraguariensis (Yerba Mate)

Carpathian is another name for the English walnut right? Want to be sure but seems so. Definitely would be interested in butternut too especially if they mature quickly and are of better edibility. The big walnut is totally awesome and I'd surly love to get my hands on that! If anyone can ID pay something pretty decent for some seeds. Either way would buy seeds or seedlings of the Carpathian or butternut too if anyone has them that sees this.

Kaki persimmons would be cool. Totally would buy some seeds of that. Already have a handful of native American persimmons going and had got seeds of Texas persimmons a bit ago that are currently stratifying in my refrigerator now.

Got loquat covered already here. Ate many as a child from neighborhood trees so definitely had to grow it. My largest tree is mature and has smallish fruits but decent flavor. Gonna attempt grafting Big Jim on a few branches right before spring from a member here when the time comes. Wouldn't mind putting Christmas on there too.

Chilean guava is on the radar for sure. Had gotten seeds from a member on here from Germany last year and had several sprouts but the darned chickens ruined that... Another member here has plants and I'll buy one or two here soon for sure as well as some other awesome stuff he has. Wanderlust nursery is his company. If you see this great selection man!

Got plums and cherries covered. Wild forms but will graft on later some good types. Don't mind wild stuff at all though. My palate is not picky and I want production at all above quality in my view of things.

Definitely want almonds, peaches, apricot, etc too. Had many nice seedling peaches going but deer grazed them so much they eventually died due to the reoccurring damage. I'll protect better next time.

Thanks for your reply!


I sell Chilean Guava, Ugni molinae, plants in my nursery here in the USA. I have standard plants in 5 inch pots and 1 gallon. I also offer 'Flambeau', but am out of stock. If you're interested shoot me a message, or check out my nursery at

I've got 1 gallon plants available of the variety 'Teabreeze' available.  I ship, you can buy online at

If you don't have any luck, I sell plants of the cultivar 'Teabreeze' at my online nursery, I have plenty in stock now.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Diospyros texana seeds for trade
« on: September 21, 2019, 11:40:59 AM »
Hi directrepeat,

Any chance you have any more Diospyros texana seeds available? I collect rare Myrtales too, so I probably have something you'd be interested in.



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