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Self hand pollination


Constance Elliot

Hi shaneatwell,

When you wrote Frederick, you meant you used Frederick pollen for P. ligularis; didn't you?  Any update of your fruits?  My p. ligularis is also fruiting too in San Jose, CA.  They are changing the color to yellow.


This will be first purchase. Please bare with me. I will send you ¥24 for both passiflora’s you have.
What is the way to pay you? PayPal?
You will send to NYC. I leave to Puerto Rico early December. Hope they won’t die. 
Emir Lopez

Please check your PM

Thank you, my friends, for letting me know the cuttings I sent out are rooted.  I cut the cuttings the same day I shipped out.  I assume other people who got cuttings from me had no issue of rooting their cuttings.  to keep them through winter, you have to keep the lowest temp above 50F since the cuttings don't have many roots yet.

Hoang’s Passiflora decaisneana is really delicious!

Thank you for the comment.  I hope you can grow it and get the fruits.

We are selling passiflora quadrangularis and passiflora decaisneana cuttings (only in U.S)
Passiflora quadrangularis: $3 per cutting (3 nodes) + shipping (minimun 3 cuttings)
Passiflora decaisneana : $2 per cutting (3 nodes) + shipping (minimun 5 cuttings)

First class mail shipping charge = $5.00
Flat rate Priority mail shipping charge = $8.00

The vines are growing in San Jose, CA (9b).  If you are below 9b, you have to have a greenhouse; otherwise, they will die in winter.  For pollination, use its own pollen.  You can cross these two passilforas

Passiflora quadrangularis pictures (flower and fruits)

Passiflora decaisneana pictures (flower, fruits)

Hi Luis,

I have the vine. 

Hi Hoang, can I buy a cutting? I ordered one from Thailand. It made it to me, but was all dried up, and dead.

Hi Sosamo,
Maybe I am think about selling the passiflora quadrangularis cuttings.  I know shipping from Thailan to U.S takes about 21 days to 30 days.  Please send me a PM.

Hi Luis,

I have the vine. 

Hey Hoang! Wanted to see if you have any cuttings available. I used to live in San Jose, now in Santa Barbara growing different tropical fruits. Do you have 10 for purchase? Look forward to hearing back from you,


Hi Julian,

Please check your PM.


I'm curious if your cultivar is "Purple Tiger" or if it's a different P. x decaisneana variety.

I don't know purple tiger.  Mine is called P. decaisneana.

I received the fruits and cuttings. The fruits are very sweet for passion fruits with excellent flavor. The cuttings are heathy too. Thanks Hoang!

The only drawback seems to be relatively small amount of juice for its large size. The rind is very thick and the juice doesn’t occupy the entire internal space (based on three fruits I sampled). I will try the rest to find out if they are the same. But its superior taste more than makes up for it.

I got some purple possum passion fruit from my container vine before it died. Though the fruits were not fully ripe (still mostly green before the vine died), after sitting on counter for a week the flavor is also excellent. With right balance of sweetness and slight tartness, as well as a strong fragrant taste, it’s also a top variety for me. Fortunately I saved some cuttings before the mother plant died and I am growing the cuttings now.

Thank you for honest feedback.  The rind of this fruit is edible.  The rind is similar of the rind passiflora quadrangularis.  There are several videos on YouTube that show how to eat passiflora quadrangularis.

Thanks Hoang! The fruit is really tasty and different. Lotsa cuttings, healthy too. Much appreciated!!

Thank you for the feedback.  Every people  who bought my fruits like the fruit very much.  I hope you can fruit next year from cuttings.

Thanks Hoang, the fruit were excellent! I was surprised how good they taste. The cuttings are in great shape too! Very excited to grow these, thanks for the quality packaging.

Hi Brian,

The fruit is combination of the two good passiflora types (fragrant granadilla and giant granadilla).  Just for reference, In order to get the fruit, we have to hand-pollinate (HP) its flowers.  I am not sure you need to HP in your area.


The cuttings arrived this afternoon and are in fine shape... well packaged... they look very healthy.
Very generous portion too!
I will get them planted this evening and let you know how it goes.
Thanks for the quick turn-around!

Kevin Jones

Hi Kevin,

I PMed you before I read your response here.  I am happy that you like the cuttings.  I hope you can root them.  I believe I gave you instruction how to root in PM.


The fruits were sold out.  Now I am only selling cuttings.  $2 per cutting.  Minimum is 5 cuttings.  I will ship in U.S only by small flat rate box.

$2 * 5 = $10 plus $7.90 (small flat rate box).  The total is $17.90

If you decide to ship at all I'm very interested in fruits, plants or cuttings.

Hi Ertdude,

Please PM me.



Thank you for the healthy cuttings. The fruit tastes very sweet, and it has no sour taste like most passion fruits I have eaten. Very different taste, never had one like these. I would say it's the best tasting passion fruit that I have had.


Hi Kaz,

Thank you very much for the review.  I am glad that you like the fruits.


Price on cuttings?

$2 per cutting.  Minimum is 5 cuttings plus shipping.

I just added the picture of fruit cut.  We are also selling cuttings.  PM me if you are interested.

I would like to buy some cuttings from you if you have an interest.


Hi Kevin,

I am thinking about selling cuttings.  Please wait or send PM to me if you have any questions.

We are selling passiflora decaisneana fruits.  Minimum is 2lbs.  We ship with medium flat rate box. The Vine is located in San Jose (9b).  Passiflora decaisneana is the hybrid of passiflora quadrangularis (giant granadilla) and passiflora alata.  Its rind is edible.  The arils are sweet (a little sour), excellent taste.  PM me if you are interested.  Price: $8/lb.

(Update "Pending") we are home growers.  The fruits may run out.  Those people already paid me.  I will ship on Monday or Tuesday.  For those people who PMed and ordered,  I will go by order "First come first serverd".  We only ship in U.S.  Thank you very much.

Fruits are sold out. 

The group of granadilla such as Sweet Granadilla (passiflora ligularis) , Fragrant Granadilla (passiflora alata), and Giant Granadilla (passiflora quadrangularis)  taste much better than passiflora edulis.

Hi folks

I have been away for the last six months and I came back to find my Granadilla was fruiting for the first time. ;D

My questions are two.

When do I harvest it.

What is the best way to eat it?

Thank you everyone!

Yours is giant granadilla.  The fruit will gain 2lbs to 3lbs.  The skin will change to light orange color.  You pick it when it gets soft. 

My tree has tons of flowers as well, but no fruit set..:-(. Not sure why

Your sapodilla is big.  Sapodilla grows very slow.  I guess yours must be at least 15 yrs old.  Do you know if it is grafted or seedling?  Did you plant it or previous owner did?  Did you protect it when it was young?  What part of San Jose do you live?

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