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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Successfull zone pushing examples
« on: October 22, 2019, 03:55:33 PM »
you think it likes the cold? i keep bringing it in during the 50's nights trying to squeak one last crop out of them.

theres a good point to remember about tropics. they arent always hot, they are just the same temp all year.  as an example, i tried to grow Yoco once, and it was more cold delicate than theobroma.. but, it didnt like anything but 80's. Thats not hot at all to me.

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Asiminaholics Anonymous
« on: October 22, 2019, 03:51:37 PM »

 id never considered that a graft could have a shorter life span. certainly as short as 15 years. But at the same time.. in random conditions 8 years to fruit, kinda makes it worthwhile.

my seedlings are like 5 inches tall at best.. and raised in spring :(  kinda stunted.

Have you ever gotten scion wood to root? (instead of grafting)

(i also have them confused with sugar apples.. they damn near look identical.  one has silvery underleaf. and one has a brown stem, the other green. i dont know which)


 Theres a much better way. Firstly, new wood is still living, alot of mushroom growers plug them and the spawn are still alive in the dowels while the tree dies. Then its so dense it can take a year to colonize the log.
If you get wood already dead, it may already have several fungi and molds. Then you have island colonies and you wont get the return you want.

Go buy some wood stove pellets.. 40 pounds for dollars.  Mix water with it, break it down into mush.. put it in some ziplock bags. (with some airholes melted in, covered with paper medical tape)  then steam the bag for a couple hours.. then put your Turkey tail spawn in.  when the whole bag is colonized.. cut it open.


Are those both Eugenias?  They do look great! Theres a eugenia called RioGrande.. thats basically where im from so. Thats a really good idea.

that Acerola looks amazing too.. great story behind it. yeah.. thats the one <3
how long does it take Barbados to fruit?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Successfull zone pushing examples
« on: October 22, 2019, 01:29:41 PM »
Im growing a Miracle Berry in Texas.. and it grows like crazy. 

im having problems with it..  but not from its desire to grow. we are having nights that are dipping into the 50's and its still making berry buds.
the leaves are too lime green though. and the baby fruits are dropping.

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Loquat from seed
« on: October 22, 2019, 11:25:48 AM »
how well do loquat take graft?  i have a handle full of seedlings too.. would love to graft some scion

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Greenhouse heating invention
« on: October 22, 2019, 11:17:06 AM »
There are some really neat examples of sub surface heaters used to keep greenhouses warm.

Just a foot or two underground and the dirt is warm in the winter and its cool in the summer. People pipe a coolant though the line up to a standard car radiator with a fan attached.
Its circulates like any other heat exchanger (called venturi i think).  It makes an impact and its passive.

Heat is a little harder to accomplish just from its nature.  Theres a 1000 clever ways to cool things. But heat, you have to subject these atoms to direct contact.

Youre basically doing all you can, be recirculating. Beyond that, all you can do is add more exposure. subject more of the duct to heat,  reduce length NOT subjected to heat. Pipe your furnace exhaust back over the duct. Place the radiant assemblies in or on the house perimeter.

ps the lens you are talking about are called Fresnel lenses.  Which could make a neat passive system perhaps.  If you could mount a fresnel lens in a air tight frame that focused on the back of a heatsink. You could mount the heatsink inside the green house as an element. The truth of the matter is, that sunlight was going to hit the greenhouse anyway. the more apparatus you create the less efficient it becomes.


  Hey Guys,

  Im in Texas, and ive been trying to focus on Heavy Fruiting, Sour Fruits, Quick Bearing (around 2 years), or Usually Ignored Fruits (or even flat out avoided)

  As an example.. here is a list of similar ideas. 

im trying to grow Peanut Butter fruit,
Black berry jam fruits,

Im looking for..
Tree Tomato, real Tamarillo,
other Solanums. 
Soh Shang, or bastard oleaster called silver berry.. Elaeagnus.
Pink Wampee

Thanks for your input

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Asiminaholics Anonymous
« on: October 22, 2019, 08:53:29 AM »
Do PawPaw graft well?  I started my KSU seeds this year.. i wouldnt call them vigorous. But, theres no place to get fruit around here. 9a Texas.

i know this goes against the Fruiting Tree prime directive.. but it breaks my heart having to wait a decade to eat my own fruits.

While on the subject.. i just wanted to say im a tropical and fruiting tree 13th stepper......... (<--- joke)

Are Black Sapote not self fertile?

i always wanted to grow a Mamey or a Wild Cali Black here in SE Texas. How long to fruit bearing age?

Is this actual clove?  common clove is an Ipomoea?

Get you some rockwool, while you wait on buyers. You could bump up the price another few dollars because they are rooted, and still undersell these Kratom Headhunters who beleaguer the community


Hey D, 60f would mean a good fifth of my year in Texas 9a (at least at night)  Does it winter over well? indoors?

I grow Valerian, Klip Dagga (working on my wild Dagga sprouts now), Mitragyna Speciosa (at least what ive been told is), Hibiscus, Cha-om, Miracleberry.. i love medicinals. Never came across anyone willing to sell any Kava cuttings.

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Florida grown kratom?
« on: October 22, 2019, 08:10:38 AM »
 I have several growing in 5 gallon pots that manage Texas winters in a garage. 

At first i treated them like babies. The more i learned about the community the less interested i became and the less care i gave them. Its very hard to cut through nonsense in the Kratom community.

Ive been told American Kratom has never tested positive for key alkaloids. Ive been told they wont until they are XXX years old. No one truly knows what they are growing. Or if its actually Mitragyna Speciosa. Its seems like the driving factor of trade isnt pure specimens but kitschy names like Pink Indo, Bumblebee or Rifat. What color the veins are. This has made proper trade anywhere impossible.

i ran across an article a decade before Kratom even gained fringe status that the seed being sold as M.Speciosa was actually M.Parviflora.  Every seller ive spoke to has wildly contradictory information.. and they are all 'right'.

Ive made tea with my leaves and it did make a difference. I probably prune back 10% of the 3 that are largest, and it affords me 2 days worth of tea. For a while i felt tea made with green leaves right off the tree worked better. But these experiences differ from month to month. I dont take processed Kratom regularly and to be honest ive never been very impressed with it. But i still dont think my home made tea compared with processed product.  Unfortunately, theres no way to get at the truth, how to grow your own processed quality Speciosa. Due to the community itself.

The Kratom community is secretive and deceptive. They spread anecdotal, baseless info worse than the Marijuana community (and thats saying alot).

Which is sad, because it really is an important tree that saves lives. Not to mention how fast it grows and how gorgeous it is pruned into a bush

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mites? and MIracleberry
« on: October 07, 2019, 07:15:02 PM »
overnight water infusion?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mites? and MIracleberry
« on: October 07, 2019, 03:32:05 PM »
 ihave tiny white balls of webbing on the tips of my miracle berry leaves.

would i be able to wipe down the leaves with alcohol? or will alcohol kill miracle berry?

How Big do the Mahogany Family get?

Hey man! I finally got those Parkia Speciosa.  At least they really look like it this time. Pretty damn stinky too.  Thats also a Noni sprout. From Spring.. totally forgot about it.. it just showed. Now to get it through winter. Did your noni ever drop their fruits?

Thanks Guys.  Sounds like they have about the same references as most places. I will give them a shot and see what i can pick up.  MUCH APPRECIATED!

Hey Guys,

I was perusing and came across several postings there. And it seems a little too good to be true. They have some seeds, in bulk amounts, that are so rare the world cant even agree what Latin Name to use on them.  They have seeds that are available no where else.  And i was just wondering if anyone has done any business with them.

If so.. what did you order, and what was the quality?

In addition, if you have a good story about ordering seeds from another vendor.. please tell us about it below. Who, and what it was.. and what your successes were with it.

thanks guys,

I only have a couple and they are no where near several feet tall. To me, Cha-Om dont seem to omit an odor until disturbed, and the ones i have that are neglected arent very strong.
But when they are green, and the leaves are soft to the touch, i can smell a pinch between my thumb and finger at arms length.  I didnt have room in my garden so mine have stayed in small pots.
I havent had the chance to use them yet.

I certainly would be interested in some Noni. Keep us updated. Im guess they are hard to germinate because the seed is old? IDK. Fresh Noni, might draw some interest certainly.

Hey, what do you think about that Chicle?

i was thinking a itsy bitsy tiny little rack and tiny little generator with miniature slug sized battery cables..    but bait and poison does sound easier.

do you know where to find either of these plant seeds?


Rare Palm Seeds..  But i dont trust them, because ive never bought from them. Hell they dont even have a description for it.
But at least they Differentiate between Nitta. "TreeBean" which is what i have.  Which smell pretty damn stinky when the seeds rot, and i think the roots has a sulphur scent too.

But i want that STINK BEAN.. those gorgeous.. huge.. funky.. big ol' green beans . That grow in a the big long pods.  We might need to find someone from Asia, thats willing to do scion wood. If it takes a long time to develop.

If you find out about  let me know too..   I have mixed results with Tradewindsfruit viability.  I ordered from 2 things from but the Yoco arrived rotten and only 1 of the 5 Lembah sprouted. So im not sure how i feel about fruitlovers just yet.  eBAY is a freaking disaster. (except for Uncle Chans Garden on eBAY)  everything that guy has sent me sprouted. everything. Though it was Uncle Chans Garden that sold me Parkia Timoriana as Parkia Speciosa.  And dwarf betel nut palm, who knows what the true Areca palm is.

on the note of Climbing Wattle, that i got from Uncle Chans Garden  Cha-Om..  its a short, acacia looking plant.  Its smells like Garlic and Eggs, richly.. not quite to the Burnt Rubber level of sulphur, but strong.  It tastes a little like Broccoli rabe.. Broccoli greens.   They use it in omeletes.  If youre into stinky stuff. 
which reminds me.. id like a Noni bush, but i cant get those to sprout either.

Stinking Toe Fruits?!  What is this?

i bought some Stink Bean Seeds.. but they ended being Tree-Bean.. (thanks EBAY..)  But i also got some Climbing Wattle which is nice and stinky

Are these good and stinky?  and does anyone know where to score StinkBean seeds?

Hey, where did you get them.. the one i was talking about was eaten by slugs i think. it was taken down to the nub. Never recovered.
HOWEVER! i did have one sprout now.. and like the man said it was in some pretty mixed mulched soil.  So id like to know how to care for palm grasses especially over winter.

Now that i have a little more confidence seeing one sprout (came from Trade Winds Fruit)  I want more. But i cannot find a source.
And at their price, id like to find some fresh.

I also managed to get a single Curculigo Latifolia sprouted.. but some ate on it too.. but im hoping it survives. any advice on that would be appreciated too.

I planted about 50 seeds 1 started germinating recently after only a few weeks after planting. I'll try to post a photo today.

Sounds about right. Fresh seeds takes about 4 weeks to germinate.

I ordered some Thaumatococcus Danilli ~ Katemfe..  Miracle Plant, African Sweet Prayer Plant etc.

ive put a half dozen of these seeds in dirt. its going on 6 months.  Id forgotten id planted one and start tearing at this pot with my fingernail.

this knot in the center of the pic came up with about 5 half inch roots coming from it and an apparently green knob from one side. 

however, it still hasnt sprouted after  i put it back.  Im concerned ive broken off a taproot.. if they have tap roots.
and im concerned a slug or bug has chewed it off at ground level.

 please, any ideas?

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