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How cold does it get by you?

I got a bunch of plants and trees in fabric pots of various sizes. They're fine for now until I get permanent irrigation put in, just got to water a little more frequently.

I have orange granadilla, yellow passionfruit, and Hawaiian likikoi in going in pots right now. They are not as rigorous as the typical passionfruit varieties, but they are growing. I want to see how they hold up during the hotter summer months coming up.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Looking for Pots
« on: May 10, 2020, 02:43:54 PM »
Local hydroponic stores sell big pots for a decent price. Even cheaper, you can order fabric pots online.

Looks good. I want to plant a bunch of passion fruits and am still contemplating which trellis system I want to use.

I'll be ready. Looking forward to march!

I plan on using moringa trees for a hedge, since they have a really fast growth rate. I'm starting them from seeds right now indoor, and am aiming for a few feet growth this next year.

Ceramic metal halides last quite a long time. Not like an led of course, but they should last 20,000 hours or so before they start to dim a bit.

The Amazon link comes with the bulb, but bulbs typically are 50-65 dollars.

I'm a big fan of these 315w ceramic metal halide lights.

Great for vegetative growth and low power draw.

I believe which sell all sorts of dragon fruit plants is in Louisiana. Either way you can order from them online.

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