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Thank you for your reply Millet.

How do you know I have or had a mite problem? I'm trying to learn how to identify the signs. I ended up getting scale insects this summer unfortunately. May have even bought the trees that way. I bought them last Spring/Summer.

Hello, I'm having issues with my citrus trees. The key lime is having the worse time of the bunch. It looks like a nutritional deficiency.

I had issues using potting soil so I made my own potting mix which is similar to 5-1-1 mix. I was using all organic fertilizer but I'm giving up being all organic and starting to use Dyna-Grow Foilage-Pro. The trees have only received two mild doses of this fertilizer. I was hoping it would get rid of the issue I am having but so far I have the same issue.

I'm in Zone 5a. The plants have been inside since the very beginning of October. They started showing signs of a nutritional deficiency in late summer. I sprayed them with a citrus foliage spray and they seemed to do better but haven't grown much since. Since the plants have been inside I was giving them organic citrus fertilizer and using seaweed extract as a foliage spray and sometimes in the water the plants received.

My water is hard and the PH is at least 6.5 if not above 7. The organic fertilizer contains calcium so it's not helping. Would putting PH Down in my water, making it about a PH of 5.5 help lower the PH of my soil?

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