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might need to give it some shade

in short Longan is easier.....isnt picky about fertilizer and takes less water

Simon and Andrew which water filters do you guys recommend?

thanks simon and that's an awesome looking tree Sir! short but already have full shade canopy!

Try to find one with a thick trunk and one that already has good branching. Many of the Lychee trees have scale on them so inspect the trees carefully. Lychees will naturally fill out into a dense rounded canopy, some varieties like Sweetheart can be a little more lanky.

Watch out for soil and water quality. If the pH of the soil is around 6.5, your Lychee will be pretty happy as long as it also gets good water. They love rain or RO water. If you can get good water, a garden water hose filter works wonders.

Mulch heavily and the Lychee will be happy. Lychees also love Iron.

Hereís a small Fei Zhi Siu air layer that I grew out in a pot for one year before planting at my mother in laws house a few months ago. 


Simon if you had to chose one with thick trunk but bad branching vs thinner trunk with good branching which one would you pick? some of the ones that I saw that had thick trunk was just a a stick with only couple leaves on them.  Also from your experience does most sweethearts want to weep?  I have an older one and that's all it wants to do and I gave up and let it do its thing....

Prune it right. I have had issues growing lychee, lost over 4 plants and $500 total. finally figured out, its water and sulfur. need both these optimum at all times. now my plants are thriving and growing well. After I pruned it got excellent shape and forced vigorous growth. The plant is Hakip, it also has graft of Sweetheart and No Mai Tze that took.

glad to hear you figured it out behl....behl do you wait until the tree is a little older to prune or do you try to correct it early on?

Assuming general health of the tree is good what else do you look at?  For any other type of fruit tree I would look at trunk size over form of the tree.  But it seems to me for lychee form of tree is a lot harder to correct.  You cant prune too heavily in fear they might not bounce back and new growth seems to grow pretty erratic and unpredictable.  So I find myself looking  for a tree that is straight and looks like a tree vs. a branch that is heavy on one side.  Am I doing this wrong?  if so how do you correct the form of lychee trees? 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Industrial garden hoses
« on: June 15, 2018, 11:35:03 PM »
if you talking about regular garden hoses i like the craftsman black hoses.  they 're going to be harder to replace warranty since tjey dont have that many sears around anymore but I had mine for 5 years now and they look brand new

don't waste your time at mimosa in anahiem.....way over priced two must go is mimosa in  L.A.  and champa.....champa is smaller but trees are better taken care of in my opinion

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Are mature lychee trees less fincky?
« on: June 10, 2018, 07:34:54 PM »
they hold fruit better as the airlayered tree mature, 3year and on.  I think it takes that long for them to grow a root system that can sustain fruit.   some would fruit early but its at a high cost a young tree.  They are sensitive to wind I think at any age of course damage is magnify when they are younger.  in my experience they are pretty resistant to disease.  I have mine for over 3 years and not once I have to treat it with anything.   they are picky eaters.  Mine likes oscomete, compost, worm casting and fish/seaweed emulsion.  Anything else burns their leaves even the generic oscomete

thanks frank wow that troop looks kool!

In the ground although Iíve had equally great tasting moyas in pots. Talking about cherimoyas my last of a long season

Helmet and Trompo

Best of both worlds - bottomless RootBuilder pots.  Roots root into native soil and reap the nutrients and water you applied to this "raised bed" top down.  You have more control, no root spin out or girdling, can expand the pot at any time creating a very fibrous efficient root system in a smaller "pot".

Mark the area I have available for containers is on a cement slab If not they would already be in ground :)

In my experience, my in ground Cherimoya and Mango have been better tasting than the potted fruit. Iím sure if youíre really on top of your fertilization schedule, you probably wouldnít notice a difference. Iím just guessing but I believe this is caused by the washing away of minerals/fertilizers from the soil of potted plants due to frequent watering. My Cherimoya in a pot still tasted good but if I recall correctly, it was 1-2% Brix lower than what I get compared to my in ground tree. The variety was HoneyHart.

Potted Mangos Iíve tried are Sweet Tart and Mallika. Mallika is inconsistent anyways but the potted Sweet Tart was still good, from memory.

Itís a toss up, Iíd go with the fruit you want to eat more.


Thank you big was the container for your sweet tart and mallika?

so my lemon tree finally died....when we moved in it was already in bad shape.  I tried to save it but it finally croaked.  So mango or cherimoya?  I already have two mango trees in ground but wouldn't mind another.  No cherimoya in ground yet but I have lots of room for container trees and only one spot in ground.  And I feel cherimoya fruits better in pot vs. mangos.  Does being in a container effect the quality of fruit for cherimoya?  I  don't mind a couple fruit a tree but is the quality of the fruit is the same? What's your thought?

Anyone in SoCal have anything like this for sale?  Ill buy them....

hehe you can't even get rootstock for that price :p

moral of story don't let them chew on the seeds especially unripe ones....that being said me being an adult I ate 2lbs last night....survived and went back and bought another 3lbs this afternoon hahahhaha

Tropical Fruit Discussion / vans nursery in Westminster .ca. review
« on: May 31, 2018, 11:22:57 PM »
great little nursery popped up I'm my neighborhood so had to drop by.  The owner is super nice and pretty knowledgeable.  good assortment of annonas lychee and Longan.  I was able to pick up a nice 7gallon sweetheart for my uncle for 120. 

heads up lychee lovers I even found a store was on sale for 1.39lb. 50%of it was mehhhh 10% was top notch fragrant and very yummy the other 40% was yummy....all in all for 1.99lb it's a steal. I'm pretty sure it's Brewster=big seed very juicy and has that rosy fragrance to it

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: avocado reed problem what is it?
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:32:52 AM »
thanks brad good thing I asked I thought it was spots at some soap insecticide  and it looks like it stopped spreading

ask for their nursery manager and they can special order it for you.....mine does it all the time

stofoam box and ice gel packs....which variety do you have pm me if you have extra I'm interested in buying some

you can get manilla seedling from lowes or home depot once settled you can graft any variety on....plenty of post on it especially a pretty in depth one by simon

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: lychee
« on: May 28, 2018, 02:07:29 AM »
I haven't seen any market that sells sweetheart

also what variety and how much?

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