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Bakuri (Platonia insignis) and Chrysophyllum argenteum added

Hello everybody,

Some orders are late at this time.
This is mainly due to the COVID19 crisis, shops are almost all closed here, it is difficult to find envelopes for example. Post offices open randomly and only for a few hours a day. Movement is restricted due to confinement and it is therefore difficult to go to the forest to collect fruit. As always, all orders will be shipped.
However, some seeds can not be sent immediately, the fruits are not ripe or must be sent sprouted like cupuassu for example, this can take time, 1 to 3 weeks.
Growing rare seeds that will take many years to bear fruit should be a school of patience ;)

Best regards and take care,


Duguetia sp, Anaxagorea dolichocarpa & Lecythis corrugata added

Tabernaemontana heterophylla added

Brosinum guianense added

May I ask what's the deference in taste between "Redondo" cultivar and other Capuassu vars?
Redondo is the best producer, best seeds/pulp ratio. Taste is somewhat similar to other cultivars but i found it a bit more acid and perfect for juice or dessert.

Theobroma grandiflorum var. Redondo added

Posoqueria longifolia added.

Guatteria richardii added. Pouteria guianensis available again (few seeds)

Cupuassu - Theobroma grandiflorum added

Quassia amara & Virola surinamensis added

Hi Richard, PM sent, please advise. Thank you kindly.

Hi Nate,

I don't see any PM from you, please resent it.

Best regards,


Pouteria macrophylla added

Seeds added : Caryocar glabrum and Curatella americana

Can't find much info on Caryocar Glabrum.
Do you know if it is self pollinating? Years to start to fruit?
Any chance it can take light frosts?


Yes, self pollinating. Should fruit after 6-7 years. Not sure about frost, probably not but who knows.

Seeds added : Eugenia patrisii

Seeds added : Caryocar glabrum and Curatella americana

Hi everyone,

After several months out of seeds chasing, i'm back with the end of dry season and first interesting fruits.
Sorry for lot of PM without reply, i will try to check it all and reply to everybody.
Here are the current fruits seeds available. I will add seeds according to trips in the forest.

Mamey Apple (Mammea americana)
100% freestone variety. Taste is excellent, average size is small to medium.
5 euros/seed Available Limited quantity

Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa)
1.5 euros/seed available

Socratea exorrhiza - walking palm
Hansome palm.
2 euros/seed Sold out

Pouteria macrophylla - Taturuba
Great taste and flavor
2 euros / seed. available

Pouteria guianensis - Zolive
Closely related to Abiu. Smaller fruits.
Nice taste. Latex free. Single seeded
3 euros / seed. Sold out - end of season

Quassia amara
Highly ornamental.
Impressive medicinal capacities
2 euros / seed. limited quantity

Virola surinamensis
Several medicinal and shamanic uses by natives.
2 euros / seed. Available

Theobroma grandiflorum - early cultivars
Cupuassu - First variety to fruit after a dry spell.
Up to 2kg, great taste.
5 euros / seed Available
Due to highly perishable seeds i only send sprouted seeds (shipping delay up to 3 weeks).

Theobroma grandiflorum "Redondo"
Cupuassu. Best cultivar.
5 euros / seed Available
Due to highly perishable seeds i only send sprouted seeds (shipping delay up to 3 weeks).

Guatteria richardii
Very rare Annonaceae.
Bittersweet fruits.
3 euros/seed Sold out

Talisia carinata - Turu (Sapindaceae)
Small shrub, reach 2 meters max.
Great for container growing.
Up to 1" fruits, nice aromatic pulp.
Very rare and unknown outside its range.
10 euros for a 5 seeds pack. Available but limited quantity

Pourouma sp. (Cecropiaceae)
Tree up to 8 meters, with multiple lower branches making fruits easy to pick.
1" sweet and juicy fruits.
Dioecious, need both male and female trees to set fruits.
2,5 euros/seed (Minimum order : x 4) Available - limited quantity

Posoqueria longiflora
Small tree up to 7m
Amazing fragrant flowers. Very ornamental.
5 cm fleshy fruits. Taste appreciated by some.
8 euros / 10 seeds pack. Available

Annona paludosa
Very rare wild fruit of the Guianas.
Small shrub up to 1m50, dwarf habit. Great for container.
Loaded of fruits when 50cm tall.
5 cm sweet and refreshing fruits.
3 euros/seed (minimum order : x 3) Available - limited quantity

Bactris gasipaes - Peach palm
Superior cultivar, big fruits, most are seedless.
2,5 euros/seed Available

Paullinia pinnata - Tie tie
Climbing shrub
Leaves and arils surrounding the seeds are edible.
Lot of medicinal uses. Used by natives for fishing.
8 euros for a 10 seeds pack Season is over

Brosimum guianense (Moraceae)
Very rare wild fruit of the Guianas.
Up to 1"1/2 fruit, looking like a strawberry. Nice taste.
Seeds are difficult to obtain as most fruits are seedless.
Wood is higly prized.
Very limited quantities.
5 euros/seed Available - limited quantity

Cecropia peltata
Very fast growing tree.
Fruits taste somewhat like raspberry.
Tiny seeds, need full sun growing conditions.
7 euros for a 20 seeds pack. Available

Tabernaemontana heterophylla
Orange aril surrounding the seeds is edible but main uses are medicinal and ornamental.
2,50 euros/seed Available - limited quantity

Duguetia sp. (Annonaceae)
Rare fruit. Tree up to 4m.
Fruits are edible and aromatic.
4 euros / seed. Sold out

Anaxagorea dolichocarpa (Annonaceae)
Lot of medicinal purposes.
10 euros for a 10 seeds pack. Sold out

Lecythis corrugata
Used by natives for many medicinal purposes.
Seed is large.
5 euros / seed.Available - very limited quantity

Bakuri - Platonia insignis (Clusiaceae)
Seed is large.
7 euros / seed.Available - limited quantity

Chrysophyllum argenteum - Caimitillo (Sapotaceae)
Tasty and juicy fruits.
8 euros for a 5 seeds pack.Available - limited quantity

Due to Covid19 crisis, seeds will be shipped with some late. Wordwide postal services appear to still working but delayed delivery should be expected.

Ship worldwide.
PM for inquiries (Please apologize for reply delay, not often at home, so feel free to harcelate me if no reply ;D )

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Fruits ID
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:01:23 AM »
Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
I always ask advice to indigenous people prior to taste a doubtful fruit. They know all fruits with a extremely high level of confidence.
But as you can imagine, they have no idea of the botanical names we use.

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