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Hesperomeles ferruginea

Banisteriopsis caapi ---- fresh seeds just harvested! ---- (very limited) 2 dollars each!

They are just so small and painful to deal with. Also, I think I wore out my welcome at the zoo with the first batch.

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: covid 19 and herbs ect
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:18:13 PM »
Nothing has been proven to be effective as of yet so just make sure that whatever you are taking does not interfere with medications that you are already on. There is a fine line between medicine and poison. Chemicals can be just as dangerous from nature as the ones from a pharmacy.

Nobody here is an idiot, but I felt it should be said just in case someone who doesn't know better stumbles upon this thread and finds "the Cure", then proceeds to poison themselves with too much of it out of fear.

Pm sent

Sorry, I just noticed you sent a message to my email and not a PM on the TFF. I apologize, it is not the first thing I check.

Thank you!!

It may be because they are container bound that I have not seen fruit or flowers. I will remedy this and see!

I am hoping to use the fruits to feed turtles since it has a high calcium to phosphorous ratio and small enough seeds that will not harm them.

For now at least local Central Florida pick up only. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
Paypal is preferred.

I will cross them off when they are sold out.

(3 gallon)        Junglesop -------------------  35.00 ea (only one that I will let go) "Anonidium mannii"
***This has the largest fruit of any Annonaceae in the world! RARE and seeds are very expensive IF you are lucky enough to find them.
(1 gallon)     Duguetia peruviana ------ 30.00 ea (only 2 left) Exceedingly RARE Annonaceae with edible and beautiful red fruits. Fruit eaten like you would a sugar apple fruit.
(3 gallon)        Kratom tree ------------------ 40.00 (only one) "Mitragyna speciosa"
***Used traditionally to treat pain and found as a tea or in brownies, ect sold at Kava bars in Central Florida.
(1 gallon)     Baccaurea angulata ------ 28.00 ea. (only 2)
(3 gallon)      Durio graveolens -------- 35.00 ea (only 2)
***Orange - red sweet flesh with very little smell associated with common Durian.
(3 gallon)      Hovenia acerba ---------- 35.00 ea. "Chinese Raisin Tree"
(1 gallon)     Plinia rivlaris ------------- 30.00 (only one) Very RARE!!!
***Related to Jabuticaba
(1 gallon)     Myrciaria vexator -------- 20.00 (only selling one) "Blue Grape Tree"
***Related to Jabuticaba.
(1 gallon)     Eugenia myrcianthes --- 30.00 ea. "Sweet Ubajay" (only 2 left)
******from Huertasurbanas on this forum.
(1 gallon)     Malvaviscus aborescens ------------- 15.00 "Mexican Apple" Fruiting hibiscus relative
***Grown from seed from, Fruit and leaves edible
(1 gallon)     Jaboticaba var. "sabará" -30.00 ea. (only one to sell)
***from Huertasurbanas on this forum.
(1 gallon)     Lansium domesticum --- 25.00 ea. "Langsat" (only 2)
(1 gallon)     Treculia africana --------- 25.00 "African Breadnut" (only one that I will sell)
***African tree with Basketball (or larger) sized fruit that is filled with edible nuts.
(1 gallon)     Garcinia humilis --------- 30.00 ea. "Achacha" (selling only 2)
*** Oe of the BEST tasting garcinia out there. I like them more than Mangosteen personally.
(1 gallon)     Picralima nitida ---------- 20.00 ea. "Akuamma" Ethnobotanical
(1 gallon)     Artocarpus nitida -------- 18.00 ea. "Kwai muk"
***Sweet variety of this species that is related to Jackfruit and produces fruit in Central Florida.
(Small pot)   Musanga cecropioides --- 20.00 ea. (They will grow VERY fast)
***Can produce half a bucket of potable sweetish sap that is traditionally drank during periods of drought in its native range.
(Small pot)   Murraya koenigii ---------  9.99 ea. "Curry Leaf Tree"
***Leaves used to make the spice Curry.
(small pot)    Curculigo latifolia -------- 15.00 ea. 
***The edible white fruit contains taste modifying proteins similar to those of Miracle Fruit, but stronger in effectiveness. Seeds were from Oscar at
(Small pot)   Muntingia calibura -------  15.00 ea. "Cotton Candy fruit" aka "Strawberry Tree"
***Produces flowers and fruit throughout the year that is very sweet and tastes just like cotton candy!
These will grow fast and fruit this year if taken care of.
(1 gallon)     Saurauia sp. --------------  15.00 ea. Saurauia omichlophila and Saurauia madrensis
(Small pot)   Natal Plum sprout  -------------  9.99 (3 available) "Carissa macrocarpa"
***Make great bonsai with edible fruit. Does well once established with little care or water.
(1 gallon)     Syzygium oleosum ----- 15.00 "Blue Lilly Pilly"
(Small pot)   Syzygium oleosum ----- 10.00 "Blue Lilly Pilly
***Many edible fruits from a mature tree that are similar in taste and texture to the Water Apple.
(Small Pot)   Hesperaloe parviflora --- 12.00 ea. "Texas Red Yucca" (5 plants per small pot) Beautiful in flower!
(1 gallon)     Belize Blackberry -------- 20.00 (only 2 available) "Eugenia sp."
***tastes similar to common blackberries and fruits earlier than most Eugenia spp.
(1 gallon)     Eugenia selloi ------------ 25.00 "Pitangatuba" fruit
*** one of the tastiest fruits in this genus! Taste is combination of Mango/Kiwi/Lychee to me.
(1 gallon)     Eugenia pitanga --------- 18.00 "Pitanga" fruit
(1 gallon)     Eugenia brasiliensis ----- 18.00  "Grumichama" fuit
(1 gallon)     "Lemon Scented Eucalyptus" -- 20.00 ea (only 3 small trees)  "Corymbia citriodora"
*** This species has the most Citronella present in it's leaves of all eucalyptus species and gives off a wonderful smell when a breeze hits it or after a rain. It also keeps Mosquitoes away!!!

Banisteriopsis caapi ---- fresh seeds just harvested days ago. ---- (very limited) $2 each.

Photos coming soon!

PM me if interested.

*** I understand if you are self-distancing and/or at high risk from Coronavirus (COVID19) so message me and I may be able to drop them off. I am trying to be responsible as well as not catch this! Case by case basis for drop offs so PM me first please. ***

Live long and prosper!

How many years till fruiting for Byrsonima crassifolia is considered average? My tallest is now about 6 feet tall and I have found little substantial information on the average year for fruiting from a germinated seed.

Any info would be appreciated.

For now at least local Central Florida pick up only. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
Paypal only at this time please.

African Peach (Nauclea latifolia)

I have 6 trees that I will let go. They are almost a foot tall now and & fruit fairly quickly.

African Peach 1 gal. pots are 25.00 ea. (bc they are rare and a real pain to grow from seed)


"Nauclea Latifolia: Biological Activity and Alkaloid Phytochemistry of a West African Tree"

"Occurrence of the Synthetic Analgesic Tramadol in an African Medicinal Plant"


Yellow Mulberry, Dyers Mulberry (Maclura tinctoria)

I have a number of Yellow Mulberry trees Maclura tinctoria most more than a foot tall and rapidly growing!

1 gallon pots $20.00 ea.


In small pots 15.00 ea. (I will do better if you want more than one)


"Prenylated flavonoids from Maclura tinctoria fruits"

"Antifungal Chalcones From Maclura Tinctoria"

HIV-Inhibitory Prenylated Xanthones and Flavones From Maclura Tinctoria

*** I understand if you are self-isolating and/or at high risk from Coronavirus (COVID19) so message me and I may be able to drop them off. I am also self-isolating so that I do not catch this or spread it. We have to be responsible for ourselves and all the at risk individuals in our local communities. Case by case basis for drop offs so PM me first please. ***

Live long and prosper!

Great seeds at a great price as always.

Last order was perfect with zero contamination. I even left a few of the seeds that needed extra time to germinate in the bag they were sent in just to see...a month later with opening every so often to keep them aerated there was still no fungus or bacterial rot at all! Excellent seller!


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB: Dacryodes edulis
« on: March 01, 2020, 02:09:15 PM »
I may know of another place or two if Oscar does not have them. Let me know if you need further assistance. He is the better of the sources for this.

I am looking for Dacryodes puberula & Dacryodes villiersiana if you come across any.


I am looking for the following:

Justicia gendarussa
Homolanthus nutans
Bellucia spp.
Guiapira macrocarpa


I have some Musanga cecropioides, an edible Cecropiaceae member from Africa. I will be selling them soon if anyone is interested just PM me on the forum. 15.00 each


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: How difficult to grow Borojo
« on: February 26, 2020, 08:22:19 AM »


He may still be recovering from the hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico, unfortunately his farm was hit hard.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: How difficult to grow Borojo
« on: February 24, 2020, 10:30:52 AM »
I only had luck with fresh seeds that I surface sterilized with 3% Bleach ( OR a 1.5% Ca[CLO-]2 ) for about 10 min and had sown in well draining sterilized soil. Also, only the ones I had kept in 90 to 100 % humidity survived. Leave them that way till they are large enough to harden off to less desirable climate for them. I never used any on them, but an environmentally friendly fungicide may also help you.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: How do I get my money back
« on: January 23, 2020, 01:38:06 PM »
You have to have patience in the tropical fruit game...24 hrs is not patient enough. Give them much more time to respond. People have lives outside of this forum with travel, family, etc.. When you plant a seed, you don’t get fruit overnight...patience is a virtue.



This looks like it would be fun to propagate! Have you reached out to anyone in this group?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Looking to buy Swartzia sp
« on: January 17, 2020, 01:13:22 PM »
Sent you a PM

Wish I had the funds at the moment. Everything you had sent in the past arrived in excellent shape! Best of luck!


Or is it this species?

Premna oblongifolia Merr


Here the species is... now lets see if I can find it for sale.

I'll have access to a large mature tree soon. Plan on making airlayers if possible and selling them along with seeds

Please do!

Fruitlovers i know has them occasioally

Everything arrived in excellent shape very quickly! Thank you!


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