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Hello friends

Sorry but I just runned out of seeds of Eugenia florida and Sweet-Uvaia... thanks again to all those friends that bought seeds from me!

I still have some fresh seeds of the following species:

Campomanesia xantocarpa var. Littoralis
Eugenia selloi (Pitangatuba elongated fruits variety)
Eugenia calycina "Nelita"

Both Sweet Uvaia and Campomanesia xantocarpa var. Littoralis are growing and producing well outside here (climate 9a)

Hello folks

After some years with no fruits due to a huge pruning, my Eugenia florida is back in business again.
My Eugenia florida was previously discussed here:

I also have some fresh seeds of Campomanesia xantocarpa var. Littoralis (Beach Guabiroba), Sweet-Uvaia, and some other mirtaceas... here are the list of species/seeds available and prices:

Eugenia florida = 5 €uros each seed
Sweet Uvaia = 5 €uros each seed
Campomanesia xantocarpa var. Littoralis = 3 €uros each seed
Eugenia selloi (Pitangatuba elongated fruits) = 3 €uros each seed
Eugenia calycina "Nelita" = 5 €uros each seed

Postage fees are 5 €uros worldwide by registered air mail
Thanks in advance

I received my Nelita, grumixama, and dwarf pitanga seeds this week...Great looking seeds Miguel! Very well packaged with vermiculite and very fresh.
Thank you for the good news Mr. Nate!
Good luck and happy gardening!

Hi again folks!

Harvested today a decent crop of another variety of Dwarf-Pitanga (Eugenia pitanga) from my personal colection.
This variety produces dark-red ribbed fruits that are also very tasty and sweet... check the photos please.

Prices and conditions are the same as the other dwarf-Pitangas offered before.
Thanks in advance and happy gardenning!

Just realised that my grumixama was discussed here on TFF before... check this out please:

Here'a a picture of Nelita fruits to complement my offer

Hi Folks

I have now very fresh seeds of Dwarf-Pitanga a.k.a Cerrado Pitanga.
the species is Eugenia pitanga (not Eugenia uniflora) and I am growing several varieties of this dwarf species on my myrtaceae colection; the variety I am offering here produces dark red, almost round fruits, that are very sweet and tasty, much tastier than regular tree pitangas fruits. These are bushes, not trees, that can grow forever in pots and produce abundantly.
I have just 3 pots with this particular variety but I have such an abundance of fruits now that I am offering some seeds for sale here.
Also have very fresh seeds of Red Grumixama (Eugenia brasiliensis var. Erythrocarpa)
Prices are:
Eugenia brasiliensis var. Erytrhocarpa ... 4 €uros each seed
Eugenia pitanga (Dark red fruits variety)... 10 €uros each seed if you want just a few, or 5 €uros each seed if you buy more than 10 seeds
Postage fees worlswide by registered air mail with tracking-number... 5 €uros
Payment by PayPal
I also still have fresh seeds of Eugenia calycina "Nelita"... 5 €uros each
Please check photos... thanks in advance!

Hello all
Nelita keeps pushing out fruits this season... check this out!

I'm offering discounts for bigger orders now!
Please PM for negotiations.
Thanks in advance!

Do you keep them outside in the ground or do you give them some winter protection?

The Regina mother tree is planted in a 50 liter pot inside my GH, but now I also have seedlings growing outside in the open and they grow well on my 9a climate.
I believe Regina has Dasyblasta genes, because the other confirmed Eugenia uniflora Dasyblasta I have also produce a lot of seedless fruits and fruits have a very long stalk, like Regina do.

Check this out:

Hello fruit fanatics!

Pitanga "Regina" is in full fruit season now, so I'm offering very fresh seeds from this special selection of mine.
I've been taking many different fruits to my work place for my coleagues to try and they all agree that "Regina" is the best tasting of all fruits on my colection.

I'm keeping same prices as last year (2 €uros each seed and 5 €uros for postage fees)
Anyone interested please PM for order.
Thanks in advance and good gardening!

Hi folks

"Nelita" is back in business again!
This year it has less fruits than usual because due to some work travels I unded up keeping my GH closed for too long and bees missed the strong flower season.

I'm keeping same price as last year ( 5 € each seed ) for minimum orders of 10 seeds.
For smaller orders price will be 6 € each seed.
Postage fee is 5 €uros
Please contact by PM if interested.
Thanks in advance!

Hi folks

I have a very limited suply of this rare myrtaceae that is not yet fully identified.

More info about this species here:

I'm asking 5 €uros each seed.... postage fees are 5 €uros by registererd air mail with tracking number.
Payment by PayPal.
Please PM for orders
Thanks in advance

After the weekend harvest (68 fruits) today I harvested more 30 fruits... all from one single tree arround 10 years old

Hi folks
My Pitangatuba tree is producing hundreds of fruits this year... this weekend harvest was 68 fruits all at once.
My Pitangatuba is the "elongated fruit variety" that produces bigger and tastier fruits.

I am offering these fresh seeds for sale... asking 3 €uros each seed... postage fees are 5 €uros by registered air mail with tracking-number

here are some photos... interested please PM... thanks in advance

Hi friends

Have a few fresh seeds available of this rare tree-Pitanga endemic from south Brasil.
Due to his origin this species is suposed to be cold-hardy down to minus 10º Celsius, so making it the perfect Pitanga for those living on a 9a climate, like me ;D ;D ;D

I'm asking 5 €uros for each seed and numbers are very limited.
Postage fees are 5 €uros worldwide by registered air mail with tracking-number.
Orders by PM please

Here some pics of my fruits... my tree is planted on a 25 liter pot and produces decent size fruits that are very sweet and tasty

Hi folks
I have some 2 year old seedlings of Dwarf Pitanga (Eugenia pitanga) for sale.
I'm asking 20 €uros for each 2 year old seedling and I prefer to sell inside EU borders to prevent custom issues.

In case someone's interested in these seedlings please hurry as I do not have many... thanks in advance

For the rest of the world I can offer seeds but quantities are very limited as I am using most of my fresh seeds to raise new seedlings that I intend to offer here again in 2 years time.

For those that are not familiar with this species let me just say that these fruits are much sweeter and tastier than normal tree-pitangas (Eugenia uniflora), and I never found any of these fruits with that strange resinous aftertaste that some tree-pitangas have.

IMHO this is the perfect pitanga to grow in pots and it produces big and tasty fruits over a long fruiting season.
As you can see in some of the followings pics this one can have ripe fruits, green fruits, and flowers at the same time.
Here's some photos of my fruits

For the myrtaceae collectors please be aware that there are diferents varieties of Dwarf Pitangas, and I have at least 4 diferent varieties on my colection ( Black fruits + Red Ribbed Fruits + Round red Fruits + Red Anthers fruits)

Those interested please contact by PM. Thanks in advance

Hi folks

Fresh seeds of "Regina" are available... 2 €uros each seed
Postage fees are 5 €uros by registered mail with tracking-number.
Please PM if interested... Thanks in advance

Plase check this out for more info:


Hi again folks!
Just harvested another batch of fruits this weekend, so fresh seeds are available again.
Anyone interested in fresh "Nelita" seeds please PM
Thanks again

Do you remember?
Scions you said best pitanga.
Is the best pitanga then "Regina"?
Here is a picture attached.
First fruits.
Uvaia and the best pitanga?

Congratulations Mr. Gue Soo Lee
Yes I confirm "Regina" is the one I used to call "My best Pitanga"... so you're the proud owner of the second bearing pitanga "Regina" in the world!... and it is growing in South Korea!... Fantastic!

Did you got any seedless fruits too?
And do those Uvaias came from the scion I sent you of my Sweet Uvaia?

All the best for you my friend!

Looks neat! Never heard of these before, oddly enough.

Is this a variety you created yourself? What does the fruit taste like? Based on the color it makes me think of cherries.

This one is the result of my personal selection... I 've never counted but during the last 10 years I've grown more than 20 different Pitangas trees... this one is the best!... so far!... I just keep growing and selecting so who knows what I can find in the future?!..
The taste of "Regina" is just fantastic!... just like Bing cherries but with pitanga notes... you just want to carry on eating more and more... no resinous aftertaste at all!... the BEST!

Miguel, I got some seeds from you a couple years ago. Would regina be the mother of those?

Yes, this is the one I used to call "My best pitanga" so if you got seeds from me with this label now you have pitanga "Regina" too.
Good luck and thanks

Hi folks

I think it was our mate Luc that sometime ago said that Pitangas are greatly underrated amongst Myrtaceae collectors, just because they are relatively common, and some strains have an odd resinous aftertaste.
IMHO this is a big injustice that needs to be urgently corrected!...
In fact, after years collecting and growing myrtaceae species I’m realizing that Pitangas rank very high on the best fruits list.
For me nothing beats the flavor of a very good Pitanga, and even its looks are appetizing!...
Have you ever looked closely to a perfect Pitanga fruit?... just look at it again and think!... I’ve always heard that women who have those cute little dimples on both cheeks are amongst the prettiest of them all, so why not think the same about fruits!...
Well, for me the Pitanga fruits are the “girls with dimples on their cheeks” on the group that include Grumichamas, Calycinas, Cherries of Rio Grande, Jaboticabas, Uvaias, etc…
But let me present to you folks the best cultivar of Pitanga (Eugenia uniflora cv.) on my personal colection: the name that I chose for this cultivar is "Regina"

"Regina" is a dark/purple fruit variety, that consistently produces huge crops, with the curious fact that it produces a lot of seedless fruits.
In fact, I have the idea that this variety produces fruits in most of the flowers, and just that on it's own is an achievement because me too I've grown a lot of Pitanga trees that flower profusely but do never gave me fruits or produce very low crops.
But let me tell you about another interesting observation I made regarding this cultivar:
During the years that I had my GH open, and so the fruits were accessible to the birds, I've realized that birds seemed to prefer the smaller seedless fruits, leaving behind the bigger fruits (with seeds) for me... maybe those smaller fruits were just perfect "bite size" for the birds, but really who cares!... a tree that can fool birds is just fantastic!

My "Nelita" seeds germinated 100% and were already sprouting roots when they arrived.

Kevin Jones

Hi Kevin
Many thanks for your positive feedback!
Best regards my friend

Hi Miguel!

My Neilita seed I got from you last year is doing well and just under 1' tall.

If you still have some available, I would like to order a few more.  Please let me know!

Hi Tang Tonic
Yes I still have fresh seeds available... please PM for more info... thanks!

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