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Mango: Keitt, Fairchild, Alphonso, Lancetilla, Tebow, Edward, Rosy Gold, Chok-Anon; Lychee: Mauritius, Hak-Ip, Brewster; Sugar-Apple; Hog-Plum: Red and Yellow; Dragon-Fruit: David-Bowie; Coconut; Pineapple; Jakfruit: Black-Gold, Sweet-Fairchild; Mamey-Sapote: Pantin; Citrus: Valencia-Orange, Grapefruit, Limes & Lemon; Banana: My-Sore, Goldfinger, Fia#3, Nam-Wa; Guava: Ruby Supreme, Giant White; Longan: Kohala; Bamboo: Dendrocalamus-Gigantus (Quail-Clone); Star-Fruit: Arkin; Canistel: Oro; Chocolate-Persimmon; Ross-Sapote; Spanish-Lime; Mulberry: Everbearing, Tiger-Tail; Muscadine-Grape; Atemoya; Papaya; Soursop; Chirimoya; Tamarind: Sweet; Sapodilla: Tikal, Hasya
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