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Just curious
are you using these ?
Do you find they work ?

i grow lots of stuff,, often from seed
including papaya which is actually an herb
i know these stimulants are big in the marijuana growing community
but, they also spend tons of $ on that stuff
i have to be much more frugal.

What i would like is  a stimulant for small growing plants and roots.
Stronger plants when small are critical for papaya.

Also, something to induce, or speed flowering would be nice as well.

i am looking at Atonic and IBA-K (water soluble)

any ideas ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / mango varieties - from seed - taste?
« on: December 24, 2014, 01:37:06 PM »
Hi all
i am in New Orleans (zone 9b),
and am a bit worried about spending lots of $ for a mango tree, when there is a possibility of it
either freezing, or , never bearing fruit, because the flowers fall off
or the fruiting is interrupted due to freezes here.
i have heard of people growing mango in 9b however.
I do plan on buying  a couple of 3 gallon plants in spring
but, want to grow some from seed as well.

So, this brings me to growing some from seed
which costs me nothing really, since i love to eat mango from the store.
i do get good tasting Ataulfos here, and have been growing the seeds out
i have at least 5 seedlings, and a few more seeds in hand.

I have a Florigon in a container, but, only room in the greenhouse
for 1 mango, and this will be it.
So, i want to end up, with 3-5 in my yard as well.

So, the question is, how would an Ataulfo taste grown from seed ?

any help in determining what variety would grow best here.
Obviously, my first problem is cold weather
the second (i think) is humidity, and high rainfall
(New Orleans has high rainfall all year long)

Would maybe a variety that flowers in the spring be best
 to hedge against frost hurting the small fruit ?

all responses appreciated.

so forgive the name of the post
maybe " frost protection ideas for sensitive and subtropical plants" ?

i grow and LOVE papaya , and, in New Orleans, they often get killed by freezes
before i can get fruit.
in milder winters they pull through with just leaf loss.

i came up with a couple of tricks though.
perhaps some of you know these
but it was a learning experience for me.

First, i started planting the ones i really wanted on the South facing wall of my house
since i had to be a few feet away from the wall, i decided to start watering
ONLY on that side of the plant.
NOT watering near the trunk, and NOT watering on the side away from the house.

This made the roots grow toward the house where it is warmer.
I also have a hibiscus on one side,, and a evergreen boxwood on the other
they provide a lot of protection from the wind.
Wind is something i didnt realize was so important.
it not only dries out the plant, increasing water stress,
but, it takes away the heat around the plant.
minimizing ANY air movement around the plant is essential.

27F degrees a week before the photo.


Next, i added mulch.
Im sure most of you know this, but i underestimated how important it is.
The area between the plant and the house now has 2ft of mulch
and i am working on more !!
since the house keeps the ground warm for a few feet around it
adding 2ft of mulch makes a world of difference.
With the plants on each side, it creates a micro-environment which is quite warm.


i have several other papaya
on this one, i had built up an area of the yard a few inches.
this part of my yard is low, and not really the best area for papaya
but, i am limited on higher ground that gets sun.
i should have built up the soil level a bit more
 - project for next time, when i have to re-plant.

a neighbor was throwing away a banana tree he had chopped down.
i added other yard waste and mulch on top
of a plastic tarp.
When i know the weather will be warm for a week
i stick a hose under the tarp and water it.
but, now, it seems fairly moist, and it hasnt got water in a month.


chopping the top off makes the plant grow shorter
(ive got dwarf seedlings growing now)
which reduces the heat loss from the wind.

I was torn  to do this on the other plant near the house
i didnt want to loose all my fruit.

questions ?
Ideas ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / how much sun - Mango greenhouse
« on: November 26, 2014, 04:24:45 PM »
i LOVE mango
I am in New Orleans, and am trying to grow them.
i have several seedlings, and a Florigon thats about 2 1/2 ft in a large container.
(i plan on planting it in-ground in a protected area)

In the spring i think i will buy 2 container mango's from Pine Island, or similar nursery.

It would only get about 4 hours sun in my greenhouse all winter though
since a large container would be hard to take in and out every time there is a freeze.

Also, if anyone has suggestions to growing Mango in New Orleans
please let me know.
I do have a few seedlings in the ground, that just survived 26F last week.
they did loose a couple of leaves, and it isnt Jan yet, so...


Citrus General Discussion / Satsuma New Orleans (cold stress - damage ?)
« on: November 26, 2014, 12:49:27 PM »
Hi all
i have had a satsuma in my yard for about 20 years.
I rarely do anything to it, inluding fertilize, it always seemed healthy.
For a few years i did throw a lot of water hyacinth underneath it.
sometimes some other mulch, thats about it.

It normally produces LOTS of fruit, sometimes taking a year off

Last winter was abnormally cold, very cold.
3 freeze snaps about 25F, 2 of them lasting for days
(it would warm into the upper 30s in the day)

the tree looked bad in the spring.
i gave it a little fertilizer NPK
(it may have been high N, i think thats all i had at the time)
and it just looked worse.
it produced small, thin, yellowish shoots.
it also seemed to get a host of bugs
i know another plant i had, had white fly
i think the satsuma had it also.
i now have "soot" on the leaves.
but, also had what someone said was "leaf miners"
it had some yellowing of the leaves in between the veins (veins stayed green)

Im not sure if the cold killed some roots ?
or, what to do to help it ?
i have now put lots of compost under it
i foliar sprayed it
with urine and micronutes several times
and gave it some worm tea with humic acid.

it is giving me lots of nice fruit this year

the chlorosis seems to be improving
but, i still have soot and white-fly.

any suggestions ?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / suggestions needed for New Orleans
« on: November 06, 2014, 02:22:10 PM »
Hi all
i love tropical fruit.
i am turning my front and backyard into a food-forest (trying anyway)

i need suggestions as to what to grow in zone 9b
that will be tasty, survive an occasional freeze
(i can offer some small protections, and have a greenhouse for saplings)
i have been growing papaya for several years.
They usually last over-winter. They loose leaves and look like hell
but they normally survive and come back.
(this last year was abnormally cold and i lost most)

Summers get hot and humid here.
it also rains a LOT at times.
Sometimes raining hard for several days in a row.

what i currently have...

* papaya * - several

 * Mango  * - a Florigon about 3ft tall (large pot) i plan on planing in-ground in spring.
3 seedlings in-ground (in the wild hope that 1 survives the winter)
and 5 in pots.

 * Choc Sapote * -3 in pots abut 1ft tall

 * strawberry Guava about 10inches tall
hasnt been growing very fast ?

 * Mex Cream Guava  * 1 tree, 3 small in pots

 * Starfruit *  1 -4ft tall, has 3 fruits on it now.

 * Jaboticaba *  1 -3ft tall in large pot

 * Mulberry *  1 Red 20ft tall - only produces fruit a few weeks in spring
One Black about 10 inches tall

 * Loquat *  2 in-ground about 1ft tall - 5 in pots

 * Passionflower *  Incarnata - comes back every year, but rarely produces more than 2 fruit
(also 2 Edulis. did not produce fruit, but their first year)

 * Lychee *  4 in pots, 2 in-ground - all 1 or 2yrs ? about 8-10 inches tall
have been growing pretty slow. last winter they survived with little protection.

 *  jackfruit *  4 - about 2-3 ft tall. One in-ground.

Any suggestions as to adding to my list ?
Also, suggestions as to, what to plant next to each other,
how close etc...i have a general idea of how much sun they need,
but comments are welcome


Have: Papaya, guava, lychee (1yr), black sapote seedlings
Mulberry rooted cutting, or regular cuttings
+Guava + Satsuma cuttings

and 4 variety of papaya seeds

guava is Mex Cream. very aromatic and very productive

Inga ice cream bean
Autumn olive

other tropical fruit


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Best Mango to buy ?
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:54:40 PM »
I am looking to purchase a mango
I have a couple already.
1 got a seed someone sent me in a trade, and is supposedly Nam Doc Mai
its in a large container and is about 2-3 ft tall. -7 gallon

I have 2 more Atufulo that are less than 1ft tall
one is in the ground.

I am no stranger to growing tropicals , but not very knowledgeable on Mango...
i have several papaya, guava, jackfruit, lychee, POM, Mamey etc...

I have never had real mago, just store bought stuff.
As far as they go, i much prefer Atufulo / yellow mango with no fiber.
growing from seed takes forever, so what should i get ?
I hear they have some nice Thai varieties.
So, i would like to get one like 3-5 gallon or so -

Any advice on varieties, or nursery ?
I just bought a Jaboticaba and a starfruit from Pine Island, and am very happy with them

meant to ask...
how long is the fruiting season ?
and how long can i keep it in a pot ?

a variety with a long fruiting season would be nice.

thanks in advance :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / container size - Jackfruit
« on: July 07, 2014, 11:41:58 AM »

I am wondering what size container i need for this Jackfruit

The grey container on the left is a 5-gallon bucket
the black one on the right is a mop bucket.
The empty black one is the largest container i have.

Are jackfruit roots deep, or, are the long-lateral ?
Which container is best, or do i need to buy a much larger one ?

Will it inhibit the growth of the plant if i let the taproot hit the bottom of the container ?
( i thought i read that somewhere about a different fruit tree)

looking for Ice Cream Bean seeds  Inga edulis or or other Inga
i heard there is one which is a bit more cold tolerant.
I am in New Orleans (Zone 9b) so it rarely freezes here,
but this last winter we had 2-3 days at 28F

Also looking for Jaboticaba.
Would much rather the one that has multiple fruiting
(is that Grimal?)
i am also interested in the blue one, how does that taste ?

can pay, but would rather a trade.

i have papaya, lyche and loquat seedlings
moringa seeds,
- mulberry, guava and satsuma orange cuttings
i am rooting and air-layering now.
lots of other stuff...



So i did some reading, but it seems a lot of people have different opinions
on what to use as far as soil and amendments in containers

I bought some glacial rock dust, but its pretty early to see what difference it may make.
Also, im not sure if i should add it to everything ?
like Caci and

I am also bought Mycorrhizae last year and added it to the soil on my papaya trees.
We had a much colder year than normal, and i lost all my big trees, but some of the roots still seemed OK
(the tops turned to mush at about 27F)
which is incredible, since the year before i had lost 1 tree, and the roots were mush.

As for the stuff in pots, it was hard to tell if the fungi helped or not,
i didnt do any experiments to really test it.

diatomaceous earth ?

i just planted several papaya seeds in sand, sand with DE, sand with rock dust,
peat, peat with DE, and MG potting soil.
a little mini test i have going with extra seeds i had.

What amendments do you use ?
and in pots, do you go soil-less ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID egss on guava plant ?
« on: September 03, 2013, 01:42:29 PM »

have lots of these on my guava seedling
just want to make sure they are not helpful critters
i need all of those i can get. i am having problems with aphids and white fly

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Marang, Jackfruit and Papaya in Zone 9
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:05:53 AM »
Thanks, i heard about the TR Hovey, i may have to try and grow it one day.
how does it taste compared to Maradol, Red Lady etc... ?

I have seeds from someone in Malaysia who said they had 2 types.
One was a giant fruit,and the other was very sweet.
He didnt know the variety, but ive got both type seeds
i will be growing in early spring.

Do you know if Marang or jackfruit is cold hardy compared to Papaya ?
Since i know i can grow Papaya, i wanted a Marang (or Cheena or Jack) , but i am hearing
it may not work

Ive been looking to purchase a 1 or 3 gallon Marang / Terap.
I live near New Orleans and heard its fairly hardy.We have mild winters
but on occasion it gets below freezing for a night.
(think i am in zone 9a or 9b ?)

If i cant find that, i would like to get a Jackfruit or something similar.
If anyone has ideas of what and where to get it i would appreciate any input.
I am looking for the best tasting variety as well.
Can purchase if its not too much (or trade)

also looking for black Chilean Guava, Cacao and Lucuma
still trying to figure out if i can grow them here though

    trees i can take cuttings from... (just a few)
    Satsuma cutting
    Guava Cutting or 1ft plant
    Mulberry cutting
    dwarf POM
    Aloe Vera
    Moringa Olifera 1- 3 gal
justicia pectoralis var. stenophylla

or something from the yard...

    should have cuttings in a couple of months
    of these
    Calea (dream herb)

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