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Tropical Fruit Discussion / New Orleans freeze 2017
« on: January 07, 2017, 10:54:00 AM »
this happened to me 3 years ago.
the weather report last week said we would get temps in the mid to upper 30s this weekend.
Then, yesterday, they revised it to 31.

OK, 31 stil isnt terrible, especially, since most of my plants have some kind of micro-climate
lots of mulch, and , also the fact that the sun should come out today
and warm things up right away, should be of comfort.

add to that, some matters keeping me quite busy
and that it rained continuously the last 2 days straight
i did little to nothing to protect my plants.

Last night i got another "revised" weather update to 29F for a low.
it was getting dark, and i had only time to bring in 2 plants and my seedlings

i just checked the weather service, saying it is CURRENTLY 27F.
which means it may well have been 25 or so a couple of hours ago.

i just looked, and all my papaya leaves are frozen SOLID...
crinkle, crackle...
im used to that, all but the smaller seedlings should grow back.

cherimoya, guava, mango do not look affected, but, its early to tell.
last year we had just the very slightest frost, and my jackfruit lost leaves
but, it looked perfectly fine for a week before they dropped.

Mamey looks like it will probably lose its leaves
which isnt the end of the world, its happened before.

what im worried about is an eggfruit in a raised bed.
its been raining so much , everything is soaked.
im hoping the raised bed didnt expose the root-ball so that it froze ?

also a few guava and mango container seedlings
 that are  from 6 inches to 4ft...   hoping the roots didnt freeze

glad i harvested the naners anyway...

Black Sapote and Dragonfruit
Black sapote will likely loose all its leaves. hopefully, not the tree.
Dragonfruit looks like some of the new growth was affected
but most, especially, the sections on the wall, seem OK...

Eugenia Florida and some fig cuttings
E. Florida may have had the roots freeze... i hope not
i have 3 from seed like this.

White Guava and Ice Cream Bean
Guava seems OK, may not even loose all the leaves.
ICB looks like a few leaves were frost bit. but, doesnt appear to be major damage.

Mango's and Naranjilla
I think all my Mango are OK. 1 had some leaf damage
Hard to tell about the Naranjilla ? Not sure if these leaves will come back
or if the fruit was damaged... still havent tasted them, and they are not far from being ripe...

Papaya... probably leaf loss, maybe fruit loss and new growth.

Poha /Cape Gooseberry  and Starfruit
Poha leaves froze... had fruit on it, but hadnt ripened yet
damn, i wanted to taste them too...
Starfruit looks real shabby... probably will loose its leaves
and come back in Spring.

Surinam Cherry and Tomato
the cherry had just put out new growth and lost of flowers too.
the leaves dont appear badly damaged ??
Tomato... LOL... just the idea of growing tomato in New Orleans in January
well, i actually think the plant itself will come back, even if i loose some fruit and leaves.

subir gif

Tropical Fruit Discussion / mango flowering now ?
« on: November 28, 2016, 05:58:16 PM »
I have a mango i grew from seed
someone told me it was Florigon, but i am pretty sure its not
from comments on this forum etc...
also, it gave me 1 fruit last year, and that was in the middle of July.

i have no idea when its supposed to flower ?
we do not get a lot of hard freezes here in New Orleans
but we do get 28F temps every few years for a night or 2.
normally, that only lasts a couple of hours before dawn
and , it has a bit of a micro-climate, but im still worried
small fruit will drop during the winter...

no pics of it flowering now
but, it certainly is.
is that normal ? when should it ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / planting a Jabo - is depth really a problem ?
« on: November 14, 2016, 04:54:44 PM »
So i planted out a Jabo several months ago
due to the heat i was piling lots of mulch on it.
Even though i tried to keep the base/trunk free, in time leaves and debris fell in
and now its about 2 inches deep.

I know certain plants dont have a problem with planting them several inches deeper
than the root-crown.
Fig is usually OK with it from what i understand
and tomato and some other herbs dont mind either.

So i am wondering if this is really an issue or not ?
i actually already dug up and corrected/re-planted the Jabo in question
but i am curious all the same

can you plant the Jabo too deep ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mucuna and Naranjilla questions
« on: October 26, 2016, 12:40:32 PM »
Anyone growing Mucuna or Naranjilla ?

My Naranjillas are flowering, and have been for weeks
but i dot see any fruit.
the look pretty healthy. but i dont know how long fruit takes after it flowers ?

Also, i have a Mucuna Monosperma
related to Mucuna pruriens (Velvet Bean)
has been shown to have anti-parkinson and neuroprotective effects,  anti-oxidant activity.
and considered a viable source of dietary proteins

i am wordering if M Monospera is edible, medicinal
and how to go about using / cooking it ?


Mucuna Monosperma

mucuna vine base - the base of the vine is huge.
it seems to be splittings also
probably due to it raining every day for 10 days straight.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / couple of ID ?
« on: September 27, 2016, 05:27:50 PM »

i just noticed this guy had popped up.
i have no idea what it is
i plant seeds as often as i pee,
so, it could be anything from 6 months
or even a year ago...

eeggfruit maybe ?
does it look like this as a seedling ?

i know i had some nitrogen fixing type trees i had planted recently.
the leaf structure is wrong for honey locust, and for guamachil/Pithecellobium dulce
right ?
but, maybe a regular tamarind ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Jatropha curcas - edible type ? seed source ?
« on: September 17, 2016, 12:29:45 PM »
I was watching a video of a guy in Florida with a food-forest
lots of great stuff by the way...

He mentions there is a variety of Jatropha that is edible ?
"selected form brought back from Mexico by Julia Morton"

i would like to grow it if i can
does anyone know the cold tolerance ?
i read male and female flowers are born on the same plant.
so, i  dont need multiple plants, which is often the case with several nut trees,
and one reason i want to grow this.

If anyone knows where i can get seed for the edible type, please let me know.
also, this brings up a question as to how variable the seed is per toxic substances ?

From Wiki...

    The seeds in the zone around Misantla, Veracruz are very appreciated by the population as food once they have been boiled and roasted. It is unclear if this is due to the existence of a non-toxic variety of Jatropha in Mexico and Central America, or if the seeds become edible once processed by cooking.[48]
    It is also similarly reported that Jatropha seeds are edible once the embryo has been removed.[49] Again it may be so because of these seeds coming from a local non-toxic variety. HCN is present.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / iron, soils, and various tropicals
« on: September 12, 2016, 11:38:37 AM »
I bought some DTPA %11 iron
and it made several of my plants pop with green leaves !

Some of them didnt appear to be sick, or unhealthy
they just look greener and more healthy than before.

I guess i was iron deficient, at least to some extent.
my house is built on old swamp land
and they trucked in lots of river sand from the Mississippi
(its a fine sand with some silt)
so, the top couple of feet of soil, is river sand, with some clayish loam beneath
but the water table is very high, especially when we get a lot of rain.
in the last 3 weeks, i think we had 3 days of no-rain.

i am wondering if the high rainfall washes iron out of the soil ?
and if it washes any other minerals out either ?

actually, i think its the container plants that saw the most benefit though.
my jackfruit had hardly put on any leaves since it lost them over winter.
a few, but they were chlorotic.

the black sapote was healthy, but, just looks greener !

Tropical Fruit Discussion / mango cultivation Japanese greenhouse
« on: August 25, 2016, 09:40:52 AM »
mango cultivation Japanese greenhouse

no, i cant speak japanese.
but, its an interesting look at how its done.
maybe i should try and find Japanese mango seed ?
small fruiting plants!

They had Eggfruit on sale at Toptrops
i had got it delivered and my contractor was out of town
it sat in the shipping bag for a week before i was able to plant it.
it seems no worse for wear. its been planted now for a week
and looks pretty happy.

the dog chases lizards
often knocking down plants and fruit in the process
i gotta live with it, shes too cute.
she eats fallen fruit too

Now, i am not sure what to put in those front planters  ??
there is another one on the other side of the driveway

i am thinking ...

 Jambul/Java Plum
 Ice Cream Bean

i wouldn't mind putting in mango, but its pretty exposed,
no plants close by for protection.
The Java plum is already pretty big, im just worried it will
become a huge tree in just a few years, i hear they grow fast.


Jambul/Java Plum

Ice Cream Bean


heres my nana with its first fruit


red jaboticaba, blood orange, guava, mulberry, autumn olive

and backyard

starfruit, jujube, Feijoa, acerola, lemon guava, passioflower


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lychee - New Growth... too fast ?
« on: August 11, 2016, 05:44:26 PM »
a few months ago
it was putting out new growth constantly, but, they all shriveled up and died.

i repotted it, now its keeping most of the new leaves
but, the growth rate is stunning, and i have to keep it watered every day.

i also pick a few sprouts of new growth and pinch them off.
about %25
if i let them all grow, they will shrivel up
even if i water daily.



June 20th

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID seedlings ?
« on: August 04, 2016, 02:40:56 PM »
Can anyone help me ID these ?

they could be just about anything
i have about 200 seed packs
and re-use soil all the time.



PLANT #2 -same plant as pic above

PLANT #3 - different plant, but, i suspect the same species as plant #2

PLANT #4 - also a different plant, but, i suspect the same species as plant #2
i have seen the red coloring come and go from these plants.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / COLD-HARDY GOMERA-1 MANGO TREE
« on: July 16, 2016, 01:53:12 PM »

so has anyone grown one of these
or tasted the fruit ?
sounds like it has  a lot of fiber, but if it tastes OK
it may be worth it for certain climates ?
anyone know how much cold they really take ?


Gomera-1 is a hardy variety of Mango suited to a coastal Mediterranean climate. It is used as a rootstock for grafting other cultivars of mango, because the roots of Gomera-1 grow better in colder or dryer areas and improve the cold-hardiness of the plant.

This variety of mango is well adapted to the environment of the Canary Islands. It can be seen thriving in windy areas with rocky soils. It is unscathed by cool and wet winters and fruits very well and regularly. It is found on many islands and it was probably, initially brought from Cuba. The name Gomera refers to the island of La Gomera, one of the seven islands of our archipelago. This is where Canarian agronomists collected the first samples to study this mango which is quite common in the rural areas of the islands.  Fruits are yellow, small to average size (250 g average), with  very good flavour, sweet, aromatic, with a high content in fibres.

It needs just the same conditions of any other mango trees. It is reproduced from seed. As a polyembrionic Mango, 90% of the seedlings are true to type. Adult trees are able to flower up to 3 times a year. If it is too cold or wet, they will loose the inflorescences and flower again, about 2 months later, until the right season for fruit set is matched. In order to achieve larger fruits sizes, it is good to remove by hand 1/3 of the fruits from the bunch. Gomera-1 fruits outdoors in coastal Mediterranean climates and it needs little or no protection in coastal Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece and also in the French Riviera.

Use as Root Stock for Grafting
Mango Gomera is regularly used as a rootstock for grafting throughout the Canary Islands and also in Andalusia. The use of the Canarian Hardy Mango as a rootstock permitted to push the commercial production of Mango in the Mediterranean basin, because the roots are hardier to cold and wet soil. All the different varieties of mango trees that we offer for sale are grafted on Gomera-1 rootstocks, so our customers in Europe will get the benefit of some added cold resistance from the roots.

Fruit yield, growth and leaf-nutrient status of mangoes grafted on two
rootstocks in a marginal growing area (South-East Spain).

. The height, trunk cross-sectional area, and canopy volume and diameter proved to be the greatest
with Gomera 3, reflecting the vigour of this rootstock. The combinations G1-Ost and G3-Kt registered
the highest fruit yield, offering promising possibilities for boosting subtropical productivity in mango.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / what mango variety is this ?
« on: July 16, 2016, 01:42:00 PM »
picked these up at the mexican store.
the PLU code is 4959
i found a site that said its either Tommy, Haden, or Kent

the yellow one looks like  Ataulfo, but, its larger than any  Ataulfo ive seen.
if it is the same one i bought a couple of months ago, it was absolutely delicious.
it had just a tiny bit of fiber near the skin, yellow flsh and sweet.
it was very ripe, but firm, not mushy.

i have 2 seeds and think i will plant them to go with my collection

Tropical Fruit Discussion / anyone know Neea ?
« on: July 12, 2016, 05:21:05 PM »
i bought a seedling months ago from  gardino nursery.
its now producing fruit.
i have no idea what to expect, except from pics
no idea of the taste...

i had read something somewhere stating it needed a male and Female to produce fruit
this does not appear to be the case.


Rare in cultivation, this small tree or bush should get more attention from tropical plant collectors.
The plant is very nice, easy growing and make those "jelly beans" like berries at least twice/year. The flowers are almost unnoticeable. The berries are very showy and come right after. It fruits for several months non stop. Mature fruit is edible.
In native countries, this plant is widely used medicinally. From book "Messages from the Gods. A Guide to the useful plants of Belize": "To treat fever in an infant, fresh leaf is used as a bath or rubbed over the body... To treat babies who can not sleep, often accompanied with crying, especially when they have been frightened by chickens, leaves are mashed, fried and rubbed all over the body..."
Very useful plant especially for those who are afraid of chickens!
It looks sort like an Ardisia, but it not even related.

A new plant/shrub on the market for tropical plant collectors. It produces berries on and off through out the year that resemble jelly beans! We cannot yet confirm if the berries are edible, but they are quite showy. This is an ornamental plant for bright shade that can grow in containers.

male + female ?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / here come the rain
« on: July 12, 2016, 05:20:15 PM »
a couple of years ago, we had 1 month where it seemed to ain every day.
i remember we had 22 inches of rain that month.

it has rained the last 6 days in a row.
its about to pour down now.
and the next few days do not look promising.
worst of all, i have an order to receive 2 yards of soil
its been on hold for days now.

are cacti and drought tolerant species going to explode ?


With an average annual rainfall of 64 inches and an average of 56 rainy days a year, New Orleans ranked third among U.S. locations, the website said. Baton Rouge, which also got hit by thunderstorms Tuesday, comes in fifth on the list, with 62 inches of rain a year and 56 rainy days.


So, i finally have my first mango
i grudgingly pruned off most of the flowers a couple of months ago
i left 2 small fruit.
1 stayed very small, and it was aborted/dropped by the tree.
the other looks fine.

do i wait till its soft ?
when do i pick it ?
the pics are about 2 weeks old.
the tree seems healthy and just put out more growth.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / cold hardy Artocarpus ?
« on: June 25, 2016, 06:13:12 PM »
I have 2 jackfruit i grew from seed
neither did very well last winter, and it was a mild one.
ive been doing pretty good with Jabo, mango, and a host of other fruit trees
but the jacks loose all thier leaves, and take forever to grow new ones in the spring.
the first year one froze to the ground level, i was amazed it came back.

Anyway, what is a better option ?
Is thee a cold-hardy Jackfruit variety ?

i seem to remember hearing Lakoocha
and 1 or 2 other Artocarpus were more cold hardy than Jackfruit ?
Cempedak or Kwai Muk ?

i wasnt sure if my carambrola was chlorotic, or if this was normal with new leaves
it had completely defoliated in spring and just sprouted new leaves.

the pic is a month old, and it has greened up a bit
but not a whole lot.
the tree gets ample green mulch and some leaves
i had put wood chips around it when i planted it over a year ago.

also, it had started producing flowers about 2 months ago with the leaves
but lost all of them.
last fall/winter it flowered at a bad time,
the fruit never got ripe before the cold weather hit.
they actually got ripe in January, the  taste was not great
of the handful of fruit, only 1 i think was edible.
the others i think had rotted on the tree ?
or the cold weather affected the taste ?
(very short frost 32F for a couple of hours)

i am wondering if it is just trying to find the right time to flower and fruit
seeing that its only been in ground for a little over a year ?

or, if this variety (Kari) just has bad timing for my climate ?

May 18 2016

March 12 2016

Jan 30 2016

Jan 30 2016

a small sampling of plants in the yard.



mini corn :)

Cherimoya and Black Sapote


Sysgium cummini /jambolan /java plum

Psidium Angulatum (pretty sure LOL)

stephania (Japonica ?)


White sapote (thanks Adam !) after i broke a large limb by accident
it re-spouted from the base, and really took off !

i had added used coffee grounds (aged) and a handful of compost worms in the container.
i move the mulch back, and they are having a party :)
i have loads of compost worms in there, and its growing really fast.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / backyard pics, and some ID ?
« on: June 08, 2016, 04:41:36 PM »
some pics of the yard.

2 Feijoa, starfruit, barbados cherry, Autumn olive (or close relative)
seedling mango, sorghum, papaya, guava, strawberry guava, jujube

i have seeds for several nitrogen fixing plants.
pigeon pea is one of them
not sure what is what ?

ID ?

ID ?

ID ?

ID ? (same plant as above)

ID ?

found these from the Latino store nearby.
the real small ones were not great.
lots of fiber, not a lot of flavor or sweetness
but i only tried one so far, and it may not have been completely ripe.

The bright orange one was fantastic !
i have had some really good ataulfo mango before
some very flavorful, some very sweet...
THis was not overpowering at all, and not overly sweet
but hit the mark on being absolutely smooth, buttery, creamy etc...
it seemed to fall apart as soon as my tongue hit it.
i could eat these all day.

i dont know if this is ataulfo or not ? the taste and texture seemed like it
but, the fruit was larger than any ataulfo ive seen in the past
and they are all like that...
it had a lot of meat on it, and a really good ratio
even though the seed was a little thicker than most ataulfo seed ive seen.

i hadnt tried the large one. i only bought one. hope its good.

and does anyone know what this other thing is ??
in Louisiana, we dont get much Annona in these parts...

I got this from Top Tropicals
about a year ago i think.

When i put it in-ground, i didnt think it would get this top heavy,
and thought that the trunk would thicken and strengthen.

This is its 2nd flush of fruits.the first one was only a handful
( i only had 1 ripe fruit to taste. i was pretty pleased. i really like the taste.)

Anyway, when it had just a few fruit, i could tell this might become a problem,
and i tried to strengthen the trunk by letting it lean over about 30 degrees,
and then letting it lean the opposite way...
 Ive let it lean like this for a day or 2, at least 7 or 8 times.

i tie string to the fence to keep it from going farther than the 30ish degrees..

now i have a 2nd flush with a LOT more fruit.
and its a LOT heavier.

any ideas ?



Yes, ,it is bent over almost parallel to the ground.
unless i tie it up, or support it somehow, it does this naturally.

no, the trunk has not cracked.

i have a large satsuma tree that ripens starting in early Jan and goes through early March.
i just bought a blood orange. i have no idea when it ripens
but i really would like some citrus in late spring and summer ?
I like my satsuma, its sweet and tart, but i really prefer a sweet orange taste

in New Orleans - 9a / 9b border

So i have like 200 seed packs
tags often fall or fade when i bother.
soil gets re-used and 6 months later i get unknowns :)

how fun...

no idea what this could be... Anyone ???


I thought these were Jabo seedlings.
i have several of them, and cant think of what else i had planted more than 5 of.

this has 1 really large leaf.
and the leaves look longer and pointier than my Jabo
(it was a Sabra from from PIN)

still having problems uploading images (admin ?)
the first few upload OK,
 then the pop-up page goes to the topic page when i try to upload.

using photobucket...

looking for
Black Turmeric /Curcuma caesia
, mango ginger, and other rare - medicinal gingers

can pay for the black turmeric if needed
have lots to trade

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