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@Maryoto: Did they finish the new road from West to East Kalimantan? That would be a reason for me to go there.
Okay dude.
There's also many Durian in Sarawak and Brunei.
Road from west kalimantan to east kalimantan are not finish yet.

More fresh dwarf jackfruit seeds available

Every Borneo (Part of Indonesia or Kalimantan) fruiting season starting on about January until March, i'm always departed to Borneo (Kalimantan) since 2014 to explore, hunting and searching wild fruits to collect the seeds.
I'm collecting wild fruit seeds for my customers, and it's my main occupation and always doing it every year.
And by the way i'm living in Central Java, Indonesia.

In hunting wild fruits, i have visited Pontianak/Sanggau/Sekadau/Putussibau (West Kalimantan), Banjarmasin/Tanjung (South Kalimantan), Pangkalan Bun/Palangkaraya/Sanggau/Murung Raya (Central Kalimantan).

If someone want to search wild fruits in Kalimantan, i'm able and offering a service as a guide.
Rate negotiable, i'm not bringing a car but using public transportations, i suggest you to rent a car or motorcycle.
All you need is following me moving around Kalimantan, cause some species only grows in specific places (For example Willughbeia elmerii, only grows in West Kalimantan and can't be found in East, Central or South Kalimantan).

Planning to depart to Kalimantan island on about middle January from Solo city, Central Java but the flight are from Yogyakarta Airport.

Anyone interested, can contact me.

just finished uploading my playlists Of about 500 fruit species i ate in Borneo and Java during four months.

Fruit in Borneo/Kalimantan:

Fruit in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) only:

Fruit in Sarawak (in Malaysian Borneo):

Fruit in Java:

Over 150 videos are still private because i have not yet identified lots of the wild jungle fruit i ate. Is there somebody willing to help me id lots of Garcinia, Baccaurea, Ficus, Xanthophyllum, Willughbeia and other fruit species, some very tasty, mostly from the Borneo jungle? I would be very grateful for that.
If you able to send photos of the fruit to my Whatsapp +62 812 3688 1182, i will try to help identify the fruits.
Except for ficus, i don't know ficus species at all.
Even maybe i couldn't help much in identify, but maybe i know some species.

Unknown fruit species with sweet tastes added

Few seeds available again

Mesta added, only 20 seeds available

Syzygium polyanthum addded

New species added, Syzygium zeylanicum

Syzygium polycephalum - big variety added

Will have theobroma bicolor seeds soon, waiting for the fruit getting ripe

Found Dracontomelon costatum and nephelium melliferum, only 5 seeds left

Unbelievable fast mail service, great packaging/labeling, and 100% sprouting.

Thanks Maryoto
You're welcome, mate

Found few seeds of Artocarpus brevipedunculatus again.

Red, green and yellow Pometia pinnata available

Matoa (Pometia pinnata) coming soon

Limited seeds quantities, musa ingen price reduced

Musa ingens seeds price reduced

hi maryoto
seeds arrived qik and healthy
great work ;)

next order
3 x angulata globulus
4 x tampirik
4 x renguan
3 x manilkara kauki
which willughbeia are the most hardy....they easily suicide
can u send me tips on growing them....hi attrition rate
Hi dude,
I'm happy the package reached you safely.

Yes young willughbeia seedlings are easy dying.
First, never let the soil dry, should keep the soil wet for young seedlings.
Second, put them under the shade/under big tree.
Third, no chemical fertilizer etc, they are wild species.
Fourth, make sure the soil friable/loose.
From what i read in, USDA hardiness of Willughbeia is 10-12, should be easy to grow in Australia.

Send me pm for your next order.

RARE BORNEO FRUIT SEEDS AVAILABLE, i found some trees fruiting out of season but not much seeds

1. Artocarpus brevipedunculatus
Extremly rare.
Common name: Bondon.
Tastes: Sweet and tasty, the tastiest fruit of Artocarpus.
Price: $4.00 USD each seed.

wow, what do the seeds look like? is it still available ?
Yes the seeds still available.

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