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Don't be a douche Tropical66. It's not about where you're from, it's your location. Has nothing to do with national pride. Get a grip. Chris
Thanks Chris.
Appreciate your support.

Got a fairly large order from Maryoto and almost everything came germinated, and in great condition. Each packet of seeds were labeled with the scientific name, common name, type, etc. Very helpful. I will definitely get more in the future, thank you!

I am Tre btw I need to see if I can fix my name  ;D
Thanks mate.
I'm happy the package reached your hands safely.
Take them good care.

Durio hybrid and Durio oxleyanus added

Durio dulcis available again

Mangifera casturi and Bouea macrophylla added

I just purchased a couple days ago so did you mean to reply to someone else? I am located in PR so I don't know anyone from Thailand where I think that facility is located. And no problem on the wait I understand the holidays will affect shipping.

Tre, is that you???

Sorry friend, i was answering Mr. Prachya message but didn't realized that i'm quoting your message in this page.

Sorry bro.

messaged you about the ones I was interested in purchasing  ;D

Purple and Green of Pometia pinnata (Matoa) are available

Hi Mr., now could you found garcinia forbesii?, I would like to 3 limpato and 3 mundu seeds, pls pm to me, thanks
Pm sent

Hi Mr., my email, could you found new or fresh Limpato seeds?, thanks
Okay, send you the photos.
Yes i still can get new limpato seeds, let me know if you need it

What could be your lowest charges for 5 kesusu seeds including shipping to india.pls gv me a lowest rate
Chat me to my whatsapp

Hello, do you have fruit or flesh of Tekalong and Tamron for comparison?, thanks
Hi Prachya,
I have fruit photos, give me your email or whatsapp i'll send it the photos

let me clarify why I mentioned sawdust, fresh milled sawdust usually will have a water content drier than the air, it will hungry for water, it will want to stabilize to the air it is in, so if you moisten it and seal it in a bag, after a week inside the bag it will be dry.  Try throw some sawdust in some water and see how long it takes to completely saturate with water.

Sawdust is the opposite of a good packing substrate, use paper towels, coco coir, peat moss, or even paper or cardboard, anything is better.  Sawdust will suck out all the moisture, so when you shipped me those seeds they started moist, started sprouting, then dried out and died.  $30 is equivalent to my monthly water bill here.
What i mean is i gave it double plastic bag to prevent loss of moisture, i don't now if the bag opened.
Usually shipping to Thailand is fast.
By the way, i'll refund your money back as my apology, send me a message of your paypal account.

I have made multiple purchases from Maryoto over the years and he has always delivered
quality products and services have been exemplary. I could care less what country is listed
in his avatar.
Thanks mate

You are not from Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia. You are from Central Java, Indonesia. Please use your own nationality!
PM replied.
Nationality is not a big problem, true nationality is humanity.
The most important is i try my best to serve my customers

Nationality and humanity is two defferent word and meaning. You can try your best serving your customer by stating your true country/origin you're from. You better be more transparent and not hiding your true nationality.
You can talk anything you like.
I'm not hiding anything, i writed my nationality when i was visiting my brother in sarawak and i haven't change it cause i think it's not important where i stay.
For me, where i stay is not important as long as i treat people with good.
Even foreign people who came to my country and write his home and nationality as an indonesian, that's not a big deal for me at all, i will respect them.
This forum is about tropical fruit, i don't have time debating nationality, i'm not interesting talking things related to racism.
You can talk here or where ever you want, you can talk as much as you want, i'm not gonna pay attention with all of your words.

do have this available ? Dimocarpus malesianus - Wild longan
Dimocarpus malesianus is available

You are not from Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia. You are from Central Java, Indonesia. Please use your own nationality!
PM replied.
Nationality is not a big problem, true nationality is humanity.
The most important is i try my best to serve my customers

mine arrived in an unsealed bag packed with sawdust that had dried out, they had started to germinate on the way, but then started to dry out, one survived, so not a total loss.
Sorry about the bag.
I gave double bags for the seeds anyway

Received lots of healthy seeds today from Maryoto. Some of them had already sprouted, one even has a small leaf.
Thank you Maryoto and thank you for the gifts! I will order again!
You're welcome mate

Limited stock, the season almost over.

Baccaurea angulata added, 2 varieties available

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