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I know you're supposed to list the genus and species here but some of the places I bought trees from (especially Logees) are not the best about providing species/specific cultivar information. My collection is mainly citrus but I do have a handful of other tropicals aside from citrus. That said I'll begin with the citrus: Calamondin, Gold Nugget Mandarin, Limequat, Sunquat, Fukushu Kumquat, Valentine Pomello, Key Lime, Persian (seedless) Lime, Navel Orange, Sanguinelli Blood Orange, Variegated Pink Lemon, Meyer Lemon. As for other containerized fruits I have a Coffee plant, Dwarf Mulberry, Dwarf Maher Starfruit, Logees Red Dragon Fruit (they don't know the cultivar/species), Pineapple Guava (feijoa), Goji Berry, Hardy Kiwis, Chicago Hardy Figs, Olive (not sure of the cultivar/species), Super Dwarf Banana (not sure of the species/cultivar, again from Logees).
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